Birrkuta - Wild Honey

Yothu Yindi

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Yothu Yindi

Birrkuta - Wild Honey

Non-traditional Didjeridu

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Track List:

  1. Tears for Law - --:--
  2. Superhighway - --:--
  3. Djatpa - --:--
  4. Timor - --:--
  5. Ngirrk - --:--
  6. Spirit - --:--
  7. Honey - --:--
  8. Cora - --:--

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Birrkuta-Wild Honey, featuring the single Superhighway, is Yothu Yindi's latest smash album. Currently on a world tour, Yothu Yindi is traveling through Europe, Brazil, New Zealand and Africa to promote this long anticipated release. This disc continues in the Yothu Yindi tradition, combining fantastic recordings of ancient ceremonial songs with other tracks of cutting edge rock. The influences of the Papua New Guinea band members can be heard on several tracks on Birrkuta-Wild Honey.
Reviewer: Yothu Yindi

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