Journey to the Etheric Grid

Tys, Bill

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Tys, Bill

Journey to the Etheric Grid

Traditional Didjeridu

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Mabuhay Records - number not known , Mabuhay Records. P.O. Box 208 NEWPORT Vic, Australia. 61 (0)3 9399 2354

The Nagual has returned! The guardian of the etheric grid - the creative fabric from where everything in the universe is born - has returned to the Earth to take the clan on a voyage of understanding...

Wow! Here's something out of the bag for you. This is a creation story with a twist. Sound effects combined with the dulcet tones of Bill Tys' manly voice telling the story of cosmic creation. The Didj playing is strong, rhythmical and heartfelt as those familiar with Bill's performance would expect. The storyline is graphic and involved and requires solid listening to be fully appreciated. You can't treat this one like a normal CD - it would be hard to do the housework to!

The Didj plays a strong role in the story which is an explanation of the etheric grid and its importance in the integrity of the planet.

The cover art on the CD is a bit limp. It looks rushed and there are quite a few typographical errors in it - some of it sounds as if it has been translated to English from another language but I've never bought a CD because I liked the cover!! The product is innovative and bold with good intent and good heart driving it. A spirited production.
Reviewer: Scot Gardner

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