Cusco 2002


Island Turtles (62k bytes)


Cusco 2002


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Track List:

  1. Seaplanet - 3:47
  2. Australia - 6:07
  3. Island Turtles - 3:59
  4. Erosion - 5:39
  5. Ancient People - 4:25
  6. Unknown Paradise - 3:50
  7. Didjeridoo - 3:35
  8. From a Higher Point - 5:13
  9. Earth Waltz - 3:16

Publisher No.:
Higher Octave Music - number not known

"As the founder of Cusco, it has always been my philosophy that we, as human beings, must understand, respect and rejoice in the natural world. The responsibility for the environment and the creatures of this planet is in our hands. With this in mind, it was a great pleasure for Cusco to compose the music for "Sielmann 2000." Heinz Seilmann, the world renowned naturalist, created a series of television specials on the plight of wild animals throughout the world with special emphasis on the changes in nature over the last 30 years. "Cusco 2002" features 9 themes from this series. I hope that you enjoy our music, you will remember the animals and places that inspired us...and that our music will inspire you to become involved in preserving our natural world."
Reviewer: Michael Holm

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