Glowing in the Dark

Amber Tide

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Amber Tide

Glowing in the Dark


CD, Playing time 35:00 minutes

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publisher not known - number not known , Amber Tide, Box 46141, Seattle WA 98126, (206) 768-8450

Meditative, inspirational original songs and instrumentals, combining chant, flute, guitar, mandolin, didjeridu, Tibetan singing bowls and more, recorded live in a marvelously resonant historic theater in Eastern Washington.
Reviewer: Amber Tide

Amber Tide is an acoustic music duo composed of Thaddeus and Sandahbeth Spae (hiya, howzit?). We play jazz and blues and originals on a bunch of instruments, both the usual guitars-harmonica- mandolin-tamborine-whatnot and such oddities as arghul, didjeridu, bass trombone, Tibetan singing bowl, hi-hat, bowed psaltry and PVC pipe -- frequently several at the same time. Oh yeah, we sing pretty good too -- in the case of Sandahbeth, extremely pretty good. Our music is centered in high energy, humor and spirituality without walls, and we try to keep our performances spontaneous and inventive, influenced in part by Thaddeus's background in New Vaudeville and Sandahbeth's training as a ((GASP!)) mime.
We've been married for over 18 years (which in show biz years is several lifetimes), and in the course of our mutual frolic we've performed all over the country and in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, in everything from hippie craft fairs to destination hotels to Unity churches to down-on-the- stuh-reet-uh, playing whatever we could pass off to the audience from loud raucous rock to fern-in-the-corner background jazz to fullblown originals concerts to acapella spirituals to breaking cinderblocks on Sandahbeth's belly with a sledgehammer (yes, we've got proof, and no, we don't do that one anymore).
But dispite the chaotic nature of our career, we have managed to maintain a solid core of diehard fans, mostly in the Pacific Northwest where we've lived more often than anywhere else (although Florida and Arizona look mighty attractive during the winter.) We've also picked up a modicum of notoriety through the sales of homemade tapes and not-quite-so-homemade CDs, sometimes by diverse routes. There is nothing so sobering to an artist as to find a tape you recorded, sold and took off the market five years ago winking up at you from the remainders rack in the local halfpriced books store, boy howdy! On the other hand, there is the exhilaration of having a total stranger from Alaska recognize you from the cover of a tape that his roommate brought back last spring break.
Reviewer: Amber Tide

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