One Eye

Land of the Blind

Pulling the Walls Down (57k bytes)

Land of the Blind

One Eye


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(1995) self-released - number not known , NW New Music, 3439 NE Sandy Blvd. #266, Portland OR 97232

Electronic/Acoustic trance/rock groove world music songs. Lead signer Cyoakha has a clear, strong, pliant voice, reminiscent fo the great English progressive singer/songwriter kate Bush, singing over the sophisticated yet simple arrangemnt of the many players of the band, who play everything from keyboard to congas to djembe drum to flute and assorted percussion instruments. Seeing Blind starts out with a didjeridu drone and opens up into a Steve Reich-esque feel (soundtrack to the move Koyanisqatsee). An a beautiful soaring flute and violin duet! This is a great album! Urban, contemporary, pointed and socially aware, visionary and futuristic, wild and free, jungle grooves meeting the 90's, ecstatic and liberating, with a universal appeal and hot to boot. I hope this band is heard and goes far and wide.
Reviewer: Don St. Clair

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