Handprints III - Animal Dreaming

Goode, David & Paul Morin

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Goode, David & Paul Morin

Handprints III - Animal Dreaming

Non-traditional Didjeridu

David Goodedidjeridus
Paul Morinsynth, drums, tapes, anklung,antlers, rhythm construction, short wave radio, bass, loop, shaker, didjeridus, samples, water, seed pods, bullroarer
Ron Goslingbass, percussion
Nik Tjelioskalimba
Paul Hingerdidjeridu
Robin Humepercussion
Karen Bellbendir
Rocco Bavierashort wave radio
Mike Baranguitar, shaker
Joe Stedutocongas, shaker
Doug Scottguitar, rasp
Big Bill Neidjievoice

CD, Playing time --:-- minutes

Track List:

  1. Bog (remix) - 3:35
  2. Yellow Earth - 5:49
  3. Fires in Kakadu - 5:06
  4. Emus on the Run - 3:30
  5. Big Bill's Story - 8:13
  6. Animal Dreaming - 3:47
  7. Culture - 7:20
  8. Wet Dreaming - 6:07
  9. Receiving the Wheel - 6:13
  10. Tarahumara Round Dance - 7:32
  11. After the Ceremony - 5:25
  12. Cannon Hill - 3:33
  13. Burial Ground - 1:14

Publisher No.:
(1998) publisher not known - number not known , David Goode, ursus@cedar.alberni.net, Tel: 250-720-0094

This recording is a limited production of only 500 copies, so get yours before they disappear! Each CD is packaged with a miniature hand-painted didj inside the jewel box case. What an fun idea! As David wrote "Each one is unique, collect them all!" The CD is beautifully finished with a booklet adorned with Aboriginal rock art, dot painting, and photos. The effort involved was worth doing, because the music stands up for itself very well. It is the result of a collaboration between David Goode, didjeridu artist, and Paul Morin, technical wizard of the sampled soundscape, not to mention a broad assortment of musical paraphenalia. Clearly, David's association with Big Bill Neidjie, an elder of the tribe, inspires this effort. Indeed Big Bill's voice is the backdrop for two songs. When I first heard it, I thought they had frequency shifted this man's voice, it is so low.

The various sampled soundscapes originated in Canada, South America, Australia, China, Indonesia, and Mexico, and in various ceremonies. The cover describes the music as a collection of rhythmic and ambient trance music. I find it to be a happy marriage of the western and Aboriginal musics. It left me with a warm, happy feeling, despite the import of the loss of Big Bill, with the passing of his guardianship of Aboriginal law and culture. The music is not strained or filled with artiface; rather it flows nicely, with a sense of balance.
Reviewer: John Morfit

Copyright 1997 by John Morfit - All Rights Reserved