The availabilty and low cost of ABS and PVC makes obtaining one's very own didj very accessible to many people. Most beginers start with one of these types of didjs to find out for themselves if it is an instrument they really want to pursue further.

It is my hope that I can help spread the popularity of the didj by explaining the techniques I use to build one from such synthetic materials. While PVC or ABS does allright as a didj, I personally prefer the warm sound of good old natural wood. Be it agave, eucaliptis, aspen or whatever one can manage to shape into a didjeridu. However, if were not for these synthetic material didjs I may have never gotten involved with this addiction called the didjeridu.

Construction of the PVC/ABS Didjeridu
Choosing the Right Size
Choosing the Right Material
Got ma pipe. Now What?
Tapering Step 1
Tapering Step 2
Tapering Step 3
Tapering Step 4
Tapering Step 5

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