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Last update 1/95

Aboriginal Men of High Degree
Book: A.P. Elkin
ISBN 0-89281-421-7

 This  book  was  first  released  in  1945. It  is  an  exhaustive  survey 
of  the  various practices and initiations of the Aboriginal Shamans or
"Clever Men".

After 200 Years 
Photographic Essays of Aboriginal and Islander Australia Today  
Edited by Penny Taylor 

This   collection  was  prepared  in  Australia's  BiCentennial  year  of
1988   for   the Australian  Institute of Aboriginal Studies. It uses
over 500 photographs  accompanied by  text  to  show Aborigines as they
live today. A very powerful book  which  is  highly recommended.

Australia a Natural History
Book : Howard Ensign Evans and Mary Alice Evans

"Most  aboriginal singing was unaccompanied, except by clapping of  hands 
or  sticks.  In  parts  of  N. Australia, however, there were  also  simple
drums  and  a special instrument called the "Didjeridu"...We have a didjeridu
and prize it,  although we cannot play it."     

Australian Aboriginal Paintings
Book by Jennifer Isaacs

 A  collection  of  traditional  paintings  which  document  styles  from  
two  regions  of Australia : The Western Desert and Arnhem Land.
Photographs of many of the  artists appear  with  their  work and most 
of the art work is  documented  with  interpretive comments from the 
artist themselves. 

 Very highly recommended.

Australian Aboriginal Portraits
Book by Charles P. Mountford

 A book of portraits of Aboriginals with accompanying text.

Australian Mother and Baby Animals
Book by Carol and Vincent Servently

 Contains   interesting   photos   and  text  covering   Australia's 
mammals,   reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, marine creatures and insects. 

Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide
Book by Cynthia B. Olsen 

 Contains information on history, harvesting methods, clinical research
and testimonials for Melaleuca alternafolia.

Crystal Woman   The Sisters of the Dreamtime    
Book by Lynn V. Andrews 

From the Dreamtime      
Book by Jean A Ellis             

Fine  collection of Dreamtime Stories which are excellent for reading
while  listening to the Didgeridoo.      

I, The Aboriginal       
Book : Douglas Lockwood          

 Biography  of  Waipuldanya  (Philip Roberts) of the Alawa Tribe  in  
the  Roper  River area  of  the  Northern  Territory.

Letters from a Wild State       
Book by James Cowan              

 Series   of  letters  exploring  the  profound  and  ancient  relationship
between   the Australian Aborigine and the natural world.     

Mutant Message  
Book    Author : Marlo Morgan   Illustrated by Carri Garrison

 Only one reference  to the Didgeridoo (She uses the spelling Didjeridu)
which I can recall, but it does give  an account of the making of the 

My Place
Book by Sally Morgan

 A  personal  and  family history which won the Australian  Human  Rights 
and  Equal opportunity Commission's 1987 literary award. Ms. Morgan recounts
her childhood in Australia and her discovery of her families Aboriginal roots.
An excellent and  moving book.

Mysteries of the Dream-Time     The Spiritual Life of Australian Aborigines.
Book by James Cowan.             
 Excellent insight into the spiritual journey.  

Book by Thomas Keneally

 Looks  at  historic and modern outback regions of Australia. Discuses 
both   Aborinal and white peoples with  some interesting biographies.
The book is well illustrated and inclues some nice portraits of the
people discussed in the text.

People of the Dreamtime - The Australian Aborigines
Photo essay by Douglas Baglin and David Moore

 The   first   edition   of   this  book  was  published  in  1970.
It contains   over   200 photographs. The text is by David Moore who
was curator for the Australian  Museum in  Sydney.  Essays  on  the 
Dreamtime,  Aboriginal  history,  Discrimination  and  the 
prospects for the future comprise the bulk of the text.

Shamanism - Archaic Techniques of Ectasy
Mircea Eliade
ISBN 0-691-09827-1

 Study of Shamanism through out the world. Lot's of attention to the
Australian Aborigines.

Stradbroke Dreamtime    
Book    Author Oodgeroo Nunukul          
 Contains possibly the best example of an original story in the dreamtime
tradition as Oodgeroo  tells us how she came to be a writer. Not in an
autobiographical sense,  but in a metaphysical sense.         
 Strongly recommended reading.  

The Aborigine Tradition 
Book by James G Cowan            
ISNB 1-85230-309-3

 The introduction is truly wonderful.           

The Australian Aborigines       
Book : A.P. Elkin       

 Probably  the  classic work. Elkin goes through every aspect of  tribal  life 
from birth to death.

The Red Chief
Book : Ion L. Idriess

 Story about a great warrior of the Gunn-e-darr tribe in the late 1700's.  The 
book is now unfortunately out of print.

The Speaking Land
Book : Ronald M. Berndt and Catherine H. Berndt
ISBN 0 14 01.2072 6

 Anthology of almost 200 myths from different Aboriginal cultures.

Wise Women of the Dreamtime
ISBN : 0-89281-477-2
Book : Aboriginal Tales of the Ancestral Powers
       Collected by K. Langloh Parker
       Edited with commentary by Johanna Lambert

 Ms.  Lambert has put together an excellent series of commentary on the  works 
of  Katie Langloh Parker. The treatises include tales of  ancestral,  animals, 
magical, and healing powers. The book also contains the most unusual  spelling 
of didgeridoo I have seen : "Didjeereedu".

Voices of the First Day Awaking in the Aboriginal Dreamtime      
Book    Author : Robert Lawlor          
 Exhaustive  study  of  the Aboriginal Cosmology,  History  and  Tribal  Life. 
Proceeds from the sale of the book are given to the Denooch Aboriginal Healing 
Center  which  assists Aborigines to free themselves of  addictions  by  using 
tribal healing methods. 

Not in Ed's list :

Encyclopedia of Aboriginal Australia, The
Aborginial and Torres Strait Islander history, society, and culture.
ed. David Horton
2 Volumes
Canberra 1994

DIDGERIDOO Ritual Origins and playing techniques
Dirk Schellberg

  1. The journey to the Didgeridoo
  2. Didgeridoo goes Rock
  3. The Didgeridoo as a therapeutic instrument
  4. A tale from dreamtime
  5. The infinite sound
  6. Making your own instrument
  7. Appendix
144 pages, published in English, German, Dutch and French.
Binkey Kok publisher

"The Physics of Musical Instruments"
N.H. Fletcher and T. D. Rossing
1991, Springer-Verlag
There's all kind of fun stuff in there about all kinds of instruments, common and not so common.


Guan Lim ( provided these references.

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musical functions with similar instruments throughout the world. Studies in
Music (Western Australia) 1, 23-55.

2) Jones, T. A. 1965. The didjeridu of the Australian Aborigine: a unique
development of a common musical instrument? Canon 17, 4.

3) Moyle, A. M. 1967. Bara and Mamariga songs on Groote Eylandt. Canon 17,

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