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Lee Parker has taken on the chore of rebuilding and hosting the site.

Tons of credit to Ed Drury who has already provided, and continues to provide great material. Ed is the prime mover for the instruction sections.
Ed tells me that he has now compiled this instructional information (and more) into a booklet called, "Learn to Play the Didjeridu". A companion tape will be released shortly. The cost of the booklet is $5, and the tape $10. If bought together, its $13. The material should be available from your local didj supplier, or just give Ed a shout ( If Ed's previous work is any indication, then I'm sure this is good stuff !

Thank you Huy Phan for doing a wonderful job on the didj playing pair, and gecko graphics.

Thanks to Australian Originals whose catalog was the source of the Didjeridu Gallery photos.

Matt Newby, a pioneer in the science of PVC didj making, wrote the article on the subject which may be found in the technical section. Great work Matt !

Tom Bray is to ABS what Matt is to PVC. Thanks Tom for writing the instructions on building unique ABS didj's.

Undoubtably the master of wood didj construction is Ray Fuller, better known as "El Rayo." He's put together superb instructions on how to make wood didj's in a profusion of ways !

Charles Taylor, the station manager for WTJU-FM, of the University of Virginia, is a self proclaimed didjeridu fanatic who has been very helpful in expanding the discography. Thanks Chuck !

Terry Dobler is the first contributor to have sent scans of album covers and digitized sound. This kind of effort helps me a lot ! Hey everyone, follow Terry's example!

Randy Raine-Reusch contributed his ideas on how to learn to circular breathe. Nice job!

Thanks to Mike Vande Bunt who kindly contributed the review of Oystein Sevag's Global House album. Keep 'em coming !

Denver Greer is responsible for the quick and easy instructions for making a didj, as well as the Dreamtime T-Shirt project. Thanks Denver !

John Morfitt has contributed a large number of image scans for the discography section. He also wrote the notes on audio formats and conversions. John also provided the USA Map picture and click info, not to mention his huge upcoming discography database work. Major thanks to John who must be Dreamtime's most active contributor !

Jeff Squyres did tons to help me get the advanced facilities going on If anyone is looking to hire a brilliant computer engineering M.S. graduate, Jeff is the man. Most impressive!

Thanks to Jesse Gay for describing his method for making wood yidakis from easily available timber (or should that be timbre?).

Guan Lim made an excellent list of bibliographic references available. Thanks Guan !

Thanks to the guys from Big Blow for sending their material for inclusion. Also thanks to Angie Moline and Julie Kramer for helping me put together the page for the Big Blow material.

Martin O'Loughlin kindly provided the review of the Lewis and Young Ensemble work "Desert Storm". What's more, it was all in html! What a deal! Thanks Martin!

Last but not least, Sean Borman who is the "Father" or maybe "Mother" of this site.  He conceived, gave birth, and nurtured  Dreamtime and let it go when it could take care of itself.  He wrote most of the above and (modestly) left himself out.  He, along with Toyoji, the keeper of the maillist deserve a round of applause for helping to form the non-aboriginal didj world as we know it.  And, no, I don't think I went overboard with that statement.  Lee 


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Last updated:11/02/07