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Specifications for submissions

Welcome to the Didjeridu Discography.

This list started with the discography written by Toyoji Tomita, which was then put onto Dreamtime by Sean Borman. It has since been contributed to by all the people who written reviews of the recordings.


It is not currently being updated. John Morfit archives it as a database. New information, critical reviews of old or new recordings, sound files and album cover scans may be sent to John for future updates, should they be done.

Discography Ordered by Genre
Discography Ordered by Artist
Discography Ordered by Title


Mail To: John Morfit or Lee Parker

NOTE: All the track samples and pictures are copyrighted and remain the property of the relevant publishers. These are provided to give you an idea of what the recording is like, not to keep as a record. You are encouraged to support the publishers if any of the recordings appeal to you.


3 Dec 05 Migrated the discography to Lee Parker's new site.
23 Jul 99 Added the following recordings:
Astarius 'Astarius', 'Vibrational Healing Ascension Current', 'Dream Awake'
Brown, Guy 'Beeswax Kiss:Volume One'
Carty, Robert 'Horizons Call'
Collaborations 'Aboriginal Etudes', 'Crossing Paths'
Compilations 'Traditional Aboriginal Music - Sounds From the Bush', 'Didjeridu Planet II', 'Yidaki - a didgeridoo compilation', 'Yidaki 2 - a didgeridoo compilation', 'Red Sands Dreaming - A Global Cultural Collective'
Cusco 'The Best of Cusco'
Global 'Gig-Na-Gig'
Goode, David & Paul Morin 'Handprints III - Animal Dreaming'
Kangaroo Moon 'Keep Them Warm'
Land of the Blind 'Out of Chaos - Into the Whirlwind', 'One Eye'
Nurse With Wound 'Second Pirate Session'
Seachnasaigh, Will 'Didjeridu, The - Dharpa: Songs From the Dreamtime'
Shoemaker, Lee Ellen 'Ravens in Moonlight'
Spoecker, Peter 'Didgeridoo USA'
Tribal Drift 'Live at the Roxy Praha', 'Dubs', 'Drifting', 'Like This' + 10 compilation recordings!
Added or updated 104 cover photos.
Converted all WAV files to MP3.
27 Oct 98 Added the following recordings:
Amber Tide 'Glowing in the Dark'
Barramundi 'Didgeridoo - Music for Meditation'
Benton, Romy 'Wind in the Grass'
Cheza 'Cheza'
Cope, Kenneth 'Stories from Eden's Garden '
Corter, David 'Divining Rod '
Didjeri Drive 'Where the Road Meets the Sky '
Kelly, Paul 'Songs From the South - Paul Kelly 's Greatest Hits'
Martin and Scott 'Ancient Runes'
Saleh, Terry 'Medicine Man'
Spoecker, Peter 'Tutorial'
Spoecker, Peter 'Whole Earth'
Wasinger, Tom & Harvey, Jim 'Earth Dreaming Dance'
Added 19 cover photos.
Many thanks to Almar Postma for his generous contributions!
27 Jul 98 Added the following recordings:
Brill, Wally 'The Covenant'
Endangered Species 'Dancing In The Trance'
Lewis , Brent 'Thunder Down Under'
Obmana, Vidna 'Echoing Delights'
Seachnasaigh, Will 'Dreamings: Aboriginal Healing Didjeridu'
Soulfood 'Breathe'
Added 24 cover photos.
20 Jul 98 Added artist cross references (see Ordered by Artist page) and repaired links to audio files. Added the following recordings:
Ankala 'Rhythms from Outer Core'
Big Tribal Heart 'Birds in the Jungle of Time'
Chapman, Tracy 'A New Beginning'
Circular Breathing 'Currents'
Circular Breathing 'Living Structures'
Collaboration 'cross+hatch didjeridu+percussion'
Compilation 'Feldaufnahmen/Gesang und Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Music Volume 1'
Compilation 'Feldaufnahmen/Gesang und Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Music Volume 2'
Compilation 'Feldaufnahmen/Gesang und Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Music Volume 3'
Compilation 'Feldaufnahmen/Gesang und Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Music Volume 4'
Compilation 'Feldaufnahmen/gitarrenbegleitete Aboriginal-Musik - Aboriginal Music Volume 5'
Cusco 'Australia'
Cusco 'Cusco 2002'
Drum Club 'Everything Is Now'
Ellington, Duke 'The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse'
Gardner, Scot 'Dance of Life'
Giri, Ganga 'Primal Pulse'
Hopkins, Sarah 'Soundworks 2: solo and duo works for didjeridu, cello, whirlies and voices'
Hudson, David 'Gunyal'
Janusphere 'Seeding the Clouds'
Levellers 'Levellers'
Molder, Sven 'Didjmensions'
Nagorcka, Ron 'Sanctus'
O'Connor, Tony & Marshall Whyler 'Kakadu'
O 'Connor, Tony & Marshall Whyler 'Uluru'
Peris, Phillip 'Lightning and Thunder'
Tek, Deniz 'Outside'
The Ancient Voice 'Secret World'
The Four Elements 'Full Moon'
22 Apr 98 Added about 100 new covers images, 14 new audio samples, added sorted by title index page, new copyright notice, added 'similar instruments' genre.
20 Mar 98 Completely replaced old discography. Change included adding a sorted by artist index page and hundreds of new recordings.


Specifications for submissions to the Dreamtime Discography:

NOTE: If you have a submission in another format or size, we'll still take it. This section is intended to provide the standard format.

CD & LP Label Images smaller size 250 x 250 pixels
larger size 700 x 700 pixels
jpeg compression
color depth 8 bits (256 colors)
Cassette Images smaller size 250 x 392 pixels
larger size 384 x 600 pixels
jpeg compression
color depth 8 bits (256 colors)
MP3 Audio Samples 16 kHz sample rate

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