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Didjeridu Tutorial

Hints and Tips 1


Important Points to Remember
  1. Never press the mouthpiece tightly against your lips. It is a common mistake, especially when attempting new skills. Stay relaxed and use just enough pressure to assure a seal.


  2. Do not over practice. If your cheek muscles or lips become sore, you are over using them. The best results are obtained by daily practice. 15 minutes per day is a good starting point, but practice time is highly individual. Seek a level that you can fit into your daily routine.


  3. Circular breathing is a rhythm. Many people try to set a rhythm and fit the breathing to the rhythm. A better approach is to create a rhythm around the breaths. Breathe the rhythm! Different rhythms require varying amounts of air. Start with simple rhythms based on an even beat. Then experiment with different tempos. Finally, work on more complex rhythms.


  4. Though some people learn the basic skills of circular breathing rather quickly, most take some time. There is no correlation between how long it takes you to learn a new skill and how good a player you may eventually become. There is a lot more to playing and enjoying this instrument than circular breathing. Be patient with yourself and realize that these are skills that can be learned and practiced. They are not the insights of mystics handed down through a select lineage.


  5. Your goal should be self expression. Don't strive to play like your instructor or another player. Work to play your music. In the lessons, your just getting the basic tools. You're both the musician and the instrument when you play the didjeridu. Choosing to play is a step you took for yourself, everything else will fall into place.



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