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The Didjeridu Player List

All correspondence should be sent to: Lee Parker .

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Last updated: 11/28/07



Juan Acevedo - Sacha Domenech - Marcos Hariss
En Argentina también existe un grupo de gente interesada en la ejecución de este noble y antiguo instrumento. Trabajamos en Salud, sobre todo en el tema de adicciones y Hiv, utilizamos estos sonidos en nuestra práctica terapéutica. Es una forma de unir culturas ancestrales originarias, como la Americana y la Australiana.



chris adnam
please buy cds and videos thru approved suppliers as there are pirated stock on the market ph melbourne australia on + 61398152226 or fax98152227 m. publicity


Daniel Bidwell
I've been playing the didj for about 2 years. I'm just a bum surfer and a student at Sydney Uni, but I really got into the didjeridu and especially NT Aboriginal art. My favourite painter is Yirrawala.


Glenn Bird
I'm an aboriginal person wholesale/retailing Didjeridus. I live in Katherine the Northern Territory were 75% of good Traditional didjes come from. I would like to be a seller of Good Quality Tradional Didjeridus on your web page. I am still trying to put it together, but I'm not sure on the experience of the people putting the page together for me.I have been selling Didjeridus for now 12 years from the Northern Territory. I'm well known in the industry by some of the better known Wholesalers/Retailers.I am starting a Newsletter which will include:
1. Didj you Know! ( information very few people would know about Traditional lifestyle and customs)
2. Interviews with Artist
3. Didj Dreaming ( A cultural story every issue )
4. Questions and querries people can ask and be sure to get and answer strait from the traditional people.


Alastair Black
Alastair has been promoting the didgeridoo fo 16 years and supplies world wide, top quality didgeridoos and Instructional material.


Peter Brady
Contact for authentic quality sound didgeridoos. From the Northern Territory. Live in Humpty Doo 50 km out of Darwin in Northern Territory of Australia.


John Brisbin
Elliptically breathing in Sydney


Michael J Connolly


peter cook
any other blue mountains didge players out there ?


Mark D of Em-Dee Productions
Contemporary didge player, fast high energy rhythms and sounds. I have been playing didge for 10 years and have won numerous didge competitions in australia. I released cd 'Raw Didge' in 2001 which is currently distributed worldwide, available in selected shops and by request. Currently have hooked up with the band Katamaran which includes the ex base player from the John Butler Trio, pumping out new beats to be released on cd in May 2002. Contact me for info on styles, lessons, techniques, or a chat!


Joe Dingo
Like the description of the arrow striking the heart when falling in love, the didgeridoo sound has struck my heart deeply, while in Alice Springs in 1995.
Though not considering myself a talented or good player, I love the sound, the natural feeling of this amazing simple instrument and its penetrating and vibrating droning. Like other Australian Aboriginal art, contempory or traditional, it is so unique, as the land it all originates from.
Thank you, Australian Aboriginal descendants for carrying on your struggle of maintaining your unique identity, despite all the many years of suppression or cultural and physical genocide.
You were not allowed to speak your own languages, to discuss your culture, your parents to teach you the secrets they had been taught by their parents, while you were forced to live in missions and reserves, were forced to work, had to ask permission to visit relatives, permission to marry, permission to go to the next town - from the overseer, or 'Aboriginal Protection Officer', european descend of course.
Your children born, paler skin than yours - a result of the rape, seduction, your craving for recognition, or for food, or alcohol, or drugs - were taken away from you, to be educated in the 'new' ways. Your cries were echoing through the lonely nights, in the vast interiors of this continent, like a dingos howlings, not heard in the cities where the decisions to your 'well beings' were made.
It is 1999, and you still struggle to be treated equal, to have the same opportunities, for work, for education, medical treatment, self development.
Your art and international craving for a nature based culture and understanding of life in general will help you getting the respect and status you should have had since 200 years ago, yet still are denied in 'your own land' in 1999.
Still change is happening, slowly, yet day by day. This internet site, showing the importance of your, the Australian Aboriginal people, instrument the didgeridoo, or didjeridu, all over the world, loved by so many different background, cultured and race people, united by it - your unique art of painting just now following in its footsteps - 25% off all art now sold in Australia is Aboriginal origin - the new future has already begun. I will play my small part in to ensure that others around me wake up to it. Making people think, expand their horizons, talk about what did happen in Australia to Aboriginal people and what is still happening to them now in 1999.
How rough the police treats them in many towns, how police cars stop and 'question' an Aboriginal person found walking on the street, how degrading many 'white' Aussies speak about them, how hard life was and still is, without having been with ones mother and father while growing up in a reserve, each family member transported to a different reserve or mission, far away from each other.
And now the Native Title Law says, that you must have had continuous 'physical' connection with the land you may want to claim your Traditional Native Title over? They are clever, politicians, aren't they. First you are moved away, far away, then you have to prove, that you really have all the time been at home, before you can be considered having a right to where you were born and were your parents and fore-parents lived for aeons.
Tourists coming from far away, from overseas, they come to this country, this land - the biggest remaining part of Gondwana land - to take with them not only the experience of its unique nature, fauna, beaches and oceans, but also the amazing cultural experience from contact and talkings to Aboriginal people. They will ask 'where can I speak to an Aboriginal person, where can I look at, buy original Aboriginal art from Aboriginal artists, where can I hear an Aboriginal player droning his didgerdoo'. They are not interested in watching a cricket or rugby game, visiting pubs or breathing Sydney air.


My little poem for you, the made homeless Aboriginal people of Australia:

'Passing through bushland during travels, the burned dark bark of the tree trunks reminds me, that I am missing to see the dark silhouette of the Aborigine, who should be standing inbetween, as they have for thousands of years. The place is empty now, some cattle seeking shade under some trees in the far distance. The wallaby scratching its skin, while trying to creep through the lowest of the 4 barbed wires, now carving up the huge land into small parcels. Gates are locked. A sign warns to stay away.'


Graeme Eastman
Perth, Western Australia Mainz Pty Ltd, Consultants and traders.


Paul Francis
Live in Balmain, Sydney and i am a self taught hack and love it. Anyone for a jam?


Greg Fryer
Charles Stuart University Aboriginal Program (Wynin Gidgal) Albury, New South Wales, Australia


Scot Gardner
Morwell, Victoria, Australia. I've been playing Didj for eleven years and I'm still a beginner... Debut CD 'Dance of Life'


Mat Gilfedder
Living in Melbourne, Australia


Guy Grant
Dr. Grant passed away on December 31st, 2001. ...obituary


Mischa Grupp
Live in central Victoria in the bush, lizard country, lots of wildlife, dams, Mudbrick/stonehouse. Visitors welcome. Play Yidaki since 89; make them since 94 some out of red stringybark that grows around here. Also specialise in big bells.


mark hoffmann
Mark Hoffmann alias 'Em Dee' is one of Australia's finest contemporary didgeridoo artists of ten years, based in Darwin, Northern Australia. He has a good reputation with traditional didgeridoo players, including Darryl Dikarrna Brown, the protege of respected elder David Blanasi. His many influences come from music styles such as drum and bass, high energy dance, tribal roots and reggae. From these Mark has developed a unique and individual style, using a variety of breathing techniques to create from the ambient to fast high energy rhythms. Mark is sponsored by one of Australia's leading makers of quality, concert pitch didgeridoo's. In 2001 Mark released his debut album 'Raw Didge' which demonstrates various rhythms, sounds and techniques and is distributed independently worldwide. In 2002 Mark recorded a second album as a member of the trio 'Katamaran', an original, vibrant mix of didge, drum and bass.He composes sounds and rhythms including digital effects on this album further defining his style. The band have since separated to pursue other interests In August 2002 Mark recorded the album 'Knot' which is once again an experimentation of didge with a jazz/metal drum kit available through Mark. Mark is currently recording his next album with didge and drums to be released at the end of 2002


Nathan Kaye
Nathan Kaye was exposed to the beauty and depth of Aboriginal culture from his childhood years when his mother married his stepfather, an aboriginal fellow named, Yabu Bilyana, from the Nunuckle & Kari tribes when he was 12 years old. Throughout his teenage years he would hang out on the beach of Coochiemudlo Island and other parts of South East Queensland with his best friend, who is a Nungar aboriginal and a fantastic didgeridoo player. Nathan started playing Yidaki/didjeridoo at age 17 when a Pintjantjarra tribesman gave him his first didgeridoo. He got circular breathing within ten days of starting. Since then he has toured as a musician in many parts of the world including UK, Europe and even China, where he performed to over 4,000 people per night. He has toured with bands such as the funk/reggae band Dreamseeds and live Techno/Breakbeat band, Noisefloor. Nathan^Òs solo performance will make you re-think the music and sounds one person is capable of producing at the same time. He can sing, play guitar, using complex funk rhythms and middle eastern scales and chords whilst, simultaneously playing (Yidaki) didgeridoo, stomp-box (a kick sounding drum) and effects peddles, not to mention the Darabuka & Djembe drums. When combined with the extra-ordinary talents of his band, which includes Dharma Bradridge on bass, Chinta on percussion (Djembe, Bagarabou, Djun Djun and ^ÓHang^Ô), Kim Moxham on Saxaphone, flute and harmonica, and special guest Sitar players & funk drummers, Nathan^Òs performance is an unquestionable tour-de-force. He has didgeridoos that correspond to the 7 chakras of the Indian healing system and has lead people through meditations and group ^Ódidge-massage therapy^Ô in healing workops in Australia and overseas.


andrew langford
For a wild, musical experience to match the adventure of disovering Australia's desert heartland, the 'Sounds of Starlight Theatre', Alice Springs can't be beaten. Andrew Langford, performs to audiences from USA, Britain, Germany, Holland and many other countries. His multi-media show, featuring percussion, keyboards and slides, takes the rapt audience on trails of sound through the landscapes and starry skies of this unique region. After each performance he gives a master-class and the audience can take part in a spontaneious jam session with the didgeridoos and drums.


elgan leedie
I am a Aboriginal origionally from Cherbourg Aboriginal Community in South East Queensland and only learnt to blow the Didge since coming to Darwin 17 yrs ago. The Aboriginal Soldiers in Norforce have taught me differnet ways to find them and I taught meself to blow it. I am to happy to take annyone out into the aussie bush & show them how to make their own didge so to speak if ever you come to Darwin in the N.T. - Am also a good tour guide and will show ya some good spots.


Jacob Lehrer
Love Jamming!


Peter R Lister
I live near Sydney, Australia. Ph: 61 45 701 466 (W); 61 45 782 152 (H)


Ian Meredith
I love the Didj. It's a wicked instrument. Much more interesting than playing Brass.... I've been playing for only 3 years. Much to learn and perfect... Go The Doo......


Raymond C Mow
I have been playing the Didgeridoo for approx 10.5 years to date as a perpetual student. I currently teach the instrument professionally and have been for 5.5 years. I am the convenor of the Australian Didgeridoo Festival known as Didgfest ' 95,' 96,'97 and soon to be Didgfest '98 on October 10 and 11 this year. I teach in the State of Victoria and reside in the Outer Eastern area known as the Dandenong Ranges ( The Hills) I pride myself on consistently in an information seek mode relating to the Didgeridoo both Past Present and Future,and I seek to obtain a crossover of information from other Didgeridoo resource gatherers. I am always available to discuss the issues of the day relating to this marvellous implement of history. I am a chronic bronchial asthmatic,and consider the Didgeridoo to have been one of the most evident self prescribed medicines obtained to date.I urge others to contact me.


Paul ahchee Ngala


Gary Norris
I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I like to play for relaxation at the end of the day.


Andrew Owens
I got my first didge last year for Christmas and I've already bought another. I took a couple of lessons from Michael Connolly, purchased one of his and I'm hooked! Michael is a great teacher and for anyone Brisbane, go and see him. (


Almar Postma
I am originally from the Netherlands but have been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past 2 years. I like having a jam with my friends who play the guitar/violin once in a while. The thing I enjoy the most is trying out strange didjes. Two mouthpieces, giant end bells, really short didjes or long didges, etc....


Peter Sanderson
I built my own didj from a piece of yellow box with the bark still on it with the help of my friend Grant on the Gold Coast in Qld Australia. It's the loudest beast you'll ever hear with a mean kick back when you stop the drone. It also has some freaky animal markings naturally appearing in the timber that look like two salt water crocks. I grew up on a piece of poly pipe and learned to suck and blow at he same time, which is why the girls really love me. The sound is awesome, especially in a bathroom.


Organic, explosive, dynamic, deep and connected. Check me out. Based in the Byron Bay Shire I am involved in creating a new genre of Dance music, totally live, totally real. Come back to the Earth, come back to your heart and lets dance.


Urs Sigrist
I'have visit Australia, first in 1994 and after 15 times travelling in NT. We like Kommunication. Now we have a "DIDJWORLD INTERNET SHOP" with Didjeridoos and Internet Access in Darwin NT 0801,Australia Our Adress: Didjworld Internet Shop GPO BOX 1515 Darwin NT 0801 Australia


Norm Stanley
Didjeridoo Beginners Course @ Gordon Tafe college, Geelong. Starts 10th October 7pm - 9pm running for 8 weeks. Limited numbers, bookings essential. Please phone Kathy Travis, Koorie Unit, Gordon Tafe. Ph: 03 5225 0859
Didjeridoo Teacher - Norm Stanley, 19 years experience.


Frank Thill
I am a Didgeridu maker living in Nhulunbuy, North East Arnhemland, following the "old ways" of playing the Didjeridu .I am not calling myself a player but a serious student, as the traditional style from this region requires many years of training to get a good understanding of it. I am sharing a workshop with Djalu' Gurruwiwi, a famous yirdaki maker and producing my own range of instruments has developed into more than a passion for me. You can find a selection of my instruments made by me and more info on my backgroung at If you do have additional questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Cheers, Frank Thill


Shah Shahidi
Living in Out Back Australia


ron wardrop
i would like to say that i have been playing,for a short while,,and i play for my own well being as well as for others to enjoy, it has taken me great deals of practice to learn.i am of the wiradjuri clan, and was born in parkes nsw


David Watts
I am a Wongaibion Aboriginal man and I live in Sydney. I work for myself as an Aboriginal Consultant to Archaeologists and also do work within my own community. My people are from the Byrock area way out west New South Wales ( the flat country). Alot of my community came to Sydney early on due to the rapid expansion of the colonists. I was the Senior Sites Officer for the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council in Sydney, but i now work for myself.
I am still very political and am in the struggle for justice for my people and am very into my culture. Many years ago it was shamefull for people to me a Aboriginal due to the harsh treatment the whites gave to the oprest....dont get me wrong by this i am not a black arm band man...just stating facts. I have been over seas and gave lecture talks about my people in other countries and still give lectures in the UNIs here. I have been playing the Yidaki for some time now and find it helps me loose myself in a state of bliss. If you wish to talk or anything then write me back. In The Struggle.


John Whiting
I have been playing since 1996 and am the founder of Aboriginal Australia - a web site aimed at encouraging and promoting Aboriginal business links.


Janawirri F Yiparrka
born 67 playing since 71 still have my first yidaki that I learnt on...influenced by B.Jabanunga(dec)Yapuma Gurruwiwi David Blanasi & Mumbulgujarra...have been on a few cd's the latest being my music project ANKALA...currently working on new material for my next project...touring Europe summer01 USA November 01... come see me play



Christian Belfin
Living in Tyrol, AUSTRIA


d e L A g o
For more information click the official d e L A g o Website ( - Biography, Discography (3 CDs - BSC Music Germany: "Didge goes World" 1996 / "Gado Gado" 1998 / "Trance Alpin" 2000), and many other musical stuff about the composer h.delago like: didg meets electronics, brass & alphorn, ... nice website but only in german language (Indonesia)- (Batak) - (Bali)- (Lombok) - (Java) - didgeridoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is international!


Bernhard Frauneder
AUSTRIA, vienna


Walter Kuhn
Age 41 Living in Vienna, Austria


Fritz Maywald


I'm living in Bludenz, Voralberg. I'm originally from Australia. I have a didj workshop & also play in an African drum group (Djembe drums) I would love to hear from other didj players in Austria, Germany Switzerland, Italy.


Bernhard Mikuskovics
As a Co-founder of DidjeriDuo - Artmusic with ancient instruments and a player of ethnic flutes & didjeridus he works as well as a painter, illustrator & web-designer.


Christian Peyer
Christian is a musician and Didj-teacher.His workshops are highly recommended in Austria and people appreciate his way of teaching. His Band "LEBENSGFYHL" which means "The Feeling Of Life" performs throughout Austria.


Patrick Soler
Living in Austria (Vorarlberg), have experience on playing (lifeband) and manufacturing of didjs. Phone +43552245695


Helmuth Zikuda
Since years I'm playing Didgeridoo, you have to play with all your feelings, that's the way. I'm playing with my Band "Masalamo" or Solo.



edu lartzanguren
It´s already four years I´ve playing didge. I have some originals and some copies but I play at best with a banboo yidaki I made myself from wood that grows here in the basque country. My friend painted it with a dream about a bear I had once that turned to be an actual experience my grandfather´s father had in the mountains as he was a shepherd (he almost died in the fight with the bear ^×says my mother^×).



Fabian Bastianelli
Perhaps, one day, a dream say to you to call me. This will be the right time to meet me. I play and I build my own yidaki's with the wood I can find in this wet land...


Eric Branckaert (AKA Rycki Beee)
Lives somewhere in Belgium


René Callot
I am playing for two years, I live in Ekeren near Antwerp.


Pieter De Cloet
I would like to know wether there are any Australian pubs near my home in Gent, Belgium. If I could find one I would like to play my didgeridoo there a couple of days a week.


Pieter Coenaerts
Hi!!! i play didgeridoo from 1999 but just recently (few months ago actually) i started to play on it every day. I love to play... especially with other people. So dont bother to contact me!! C you soon ;) btw.. i live near brussels.


Geert De Coninck
Alway's liked this interesting instrument. Have my didj bought around new year 2003. Clear your head and discover the sound in the didj!!!


Koen De Potter
Playing since 1994. Kievitstraat 18 8820 TORHOUT BELGIUM 050/21 30 44


Jean-Paul Dhondt
Playing since mid 1996 Adress : Kon.Elisabethplein 20 9100 Sint-Niklaas Phone/fax : 03 777 60 75


Joeri Gielis


Kok, Philippe
I'm born in 1970. Playing Yidaki since 1997, I live in Brussels where I study Reptiles and Amphibians from tropical regions. I am very interested in aboriginal art and culture and I prepare a trip to the Northern Territory (May 2000 ?)


Seth Martens
I play didj for half a year now, together with Tom Suykerbuik ( Sjakie). We are always ready to play along in a group to have fun and to learn a bit. Reactions welcome! Deken Bernardstraat 2 ; 3630 Maasmechelen ; Belgium


I've been playing didgeridoo for more than a year. I started in London and got the circular breathing in Malaysia where I made a didg from a bamboo stick.


David Nouwen
Hoi, Zowat 5 jaar ben ik nu al bezig met didgeridoo spelen. Ik woon in Antwerpen. Graag zou ik: spelen met andere muzikanten (niet noodzakelijk didg-spelers) - tips ontvangen - tips geven - gratis didgeridoos ontvangen :) - met mijn didg op een grrot podium voor heel veel volk spelen - nog beter leren spelen. 1 tip voor jou: voor je begint te spelen maak je je hoofd volledig leeg, je begint te spelen en je concentreert je volledig op het geluid dat je maakt, de muziek die uit je didg komt en je vergeet volledig de techniek die zich in je ademhalingsapparaat afspeelt. Je zal zeker nieuwe deunen ontdekken.


prem Ravi
hello,all u crazy players! it makes two years now, and didjeridu has become my great love! i live in Mons (Bergen), in the southern part of this wet and desolated country; but i come from italy. i am a student of psychology and i'd like to meet everybody who wants to spent a little bit of time playing and having fun togheter. i am also an "expert" (if i can say it) in meditation and very interested in all kinds of shamanic works.


Kurt Robaer
living and kicking in Belgium.... Nick: Cookie Address: P.Hauweplein 9 9190 Stekene Comments: 21 years old and playing for 7 months now and addicted to Australia......


Gregoire de Ryckel
I live in brussel and I play since 07/2000. I want to meet you NOW, 'coz what I prefer is to play with other poeple !! MAIL ME plz. @gregue@


hello, I play several years now, the last 3 years really often cause I Play in a band called "Tantra" (check out the website!) If somebody wants to share rythms, please do mail me. I live in Brussels


Jan Verhaert
I play the didgeridoo since 1998. I made it myself from a bamboo stick and with the instruction from this site. And above all: I live in Geel.




Guilherme Barros
My intention is to share tips,techniques and experiences of this wonderful instrument with other players around the globe.


Luiz Henrique Braga Rocha
I'd like to share info. about didg playing, it's concepts and possibilities. I'm a musician and I've been trying out some brazilian rhythms with the didgerid oo.


Markus J. Weininger
I live in Florianopolis, SC (Southern Brazil). Presently I have 5 australian eucalyptus didjes, and I made one bamboo, one agave and several experimental PVCs. Check out my homepage where I share some more aspects of my preferred personal and professional activities.




Mario Alleyne
I live in Langley B.C. have been playing for about two years now and totally love the instrument I have a fantastic didji from Aus. Would like to hook up and jam some time if any one is interested just for fun! Or I would love to learn more from a master You never stop learning with the didji. Love to here from ya!


Bruce Barnes
G'day mates! Just got back from Sydney...bought a beautiful Yidaki made by David Knight. Deep resonant D, bell shaped. It's christmas time, lots of partys of which I always take the didj and always a great hit. I can circular problem, I got a lot of tips from the didgeridooings page...thanks. Anyone near Ottawa that want's to jam? Drop me a line and we can get together.


Bobby Clarke
i'm 19 years old. i just got back from an awsome trip to Brisbane, and came back with a brand-spanking new didgeridoo! i can't play yet, but i'm getting there! g'day!


derek b
Iam 27 and living in Brampton ontario for the summer. I would really like someone to jam with . I used to be in a band called black belt jones. word


Ken Backer
Nov/01 I have now been playing the didj for three years and have a duo called "Didjeri Duo", myself and a friend on percussion. We perform around the area and have enjoyed many Saturday mornings busking at the local farmer's market. A good part of the fun is talking with the people who stop and listen as the didj is not a common instrument in these parts. If you are a didj player from around here (or anywhere), drop me a line. Ken Backer Milton, Ontario (west of Toronto)


Jim Carroll
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto) 35 years and ticking FWIW: zero months/years experience playing


Mark Currie
Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am the Didjeridu player for MacCrimmon'S Revenge, "New Celtic/World Music from Nova Scotia"


Jay Denver
Namaste and positive vibrations. I just started playing yidaki this week, march 1998, but have been interested, reading about aboriginal cultures around the world for the last five years. Would like to learn more and experience more about the use of yidaki and tibetan sound bowls for healing and trance work. i live in banff, alberta in the rocky mountains working as a daycare worker, teacher, reiki healer, and actor in the ecologically based theatre group "precipice theatre" Meeting new and old friends, jamming, and creating an atmosphere of self-education and empowerment through community is a big part of my growth as a sentient being. I am also a Vipassana meditator and enjoy group sittings with those established in the Vipassana technique.
Address: P.o. box 219 suite 5041 banff, alberta, canada, T0L 0C0 phone: 403-762-8113


Deborah Dunleavy
I am working on a home made instrument book for children and found your site quite helpful with understanding the principals of playing the didjeredoo. My monitor is now covered in slaiva from praticing while reading the instructions! Barking, howling and yappingly yours, Deborah Brockville, Ontario CANADA


Jeff Ehrmann
I've just been looking through the player list hoping to find other people who play the didji. I have been playing now for about 2 months and have been playing quite well. I would be very interested in getting together with other players of all levels and learning new ways of improving my technique, and maybe trying out some real nice sounding didji's. I have 2 didji's now but they are made out of PVC pipe and don't quite have that certain sound I'm looking for. I hope someone out there will contact me so we can meet and maybe jam a bit.


Scott Etienne


norman formosa


Rodolphe Gagnon
Montreal, Quebec. Been playing didj since a trip to Australia in 1993. I love to share my passion for this instrument, jamming or doing concerts (shows) & presentations in schools, hospitals etc. Studies in anthropology and ethnomusicology (B.Sc. anthropology) gave a depth to my passion. Je parle francais aussi!!!


David Goode
I am 31 years old and have been playing for the last five years. I have put out one CD which features a blend of Didje music with ambient tribal sound pieces recorded by Paul Morin (Artist and Musician). I have taught many people to play the didje and continue to give private lessons. I have been playing and teaching at the last three Hillside Festivals in Guelph Ontario. As a result, I have recenetly be working with traditional bluegrass musicians to combine the sounds of the Didje with fiddle, banjo and country guitar. I am of mixed heriage, both first nations and english and live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. My interests include the use of Didjeridoo in traditional ceremonies and the spread of the didje as a meditative/healing tool. A gift from our Australian Brothers and Sisters.


Gerry Gordon
What can I say, it's an amazing instrument. I've been playing for about four years now, own thirteen didj's including a Djalu "F"!! Perform locally at different events and functions.


Matt Gowan
Matt Gowan has been playing, teaching and making didjeridus for over 5 years and owns Mukunda instruments. Matt currently lives in Toronto, ON.


Philippe Guillot
I am a student in ethnomusicology (and a really didje addict...). I am actually doing a BIG study on the didje. I would love to exchange about it with serious people. 5020 Henri-Julien, Montreal, Qc, Canada


i'm a blown away 6 generation aussie from melbourne, now living in vancouver for the past 30 years or so. apart from my early days in oz, iv'e been playing the didge for the past 4 years. tutored by randy raine-reauch, also of vancouver. i have my 2 piece group, called " didgewood " didge of course, & african drum. have been to-gether for 18 months,& waiting to break into our first professional show.


Jason Skiendziel
i am 23. I live near london ontario, I have been a musician for 8 years and playing yidaki for 2 years. My first didge was bamboo and homemade, i also made some very large pvc ones, but wasnt at all satisfied. Purchased my first authentic didge recently, and have found much new inspiration within it. i would love to watch, listen and share stories and ideas with other inspired people. i also play djembe, and a percussive style of bass guitar


Ashley Benson Tait
Hi there from VANCOUVER BC CANADA. I am an accredited music therapist, professional musician, and sound healer. I use the Didg in my healing practice and would really like to speak to anyone else out there that is following this path as their career... I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Ashley Tait, BMus, BMT, MTA ps. please have a look at my website :)


Anthony Truelove
I'm a from victoria B.C. and I have been playing the didge for almost 3 months now. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who was interested in playing it.


Frdric Lapointe
I Think I always had didjeridoo in my spirit and my blood... I met a really good teacher (Pierre Chartier) who show me the way to express yourself with this incredible instrument! What a feeling!
I'm actor and juggler and project to make discover the sound of didj in my show, writen for the children.
Want to share anything about this big passion? I'm living in Montral, Qubec... Et je parle aussi franais!!


Paty Larouche
Age 25, been playing for 2 years and living in Montreal, Canada


Ian McCausland
Age, 28 living in Winnipeg, Canada


Jason MacKenzie
Hello all, I'm in Mississauga Ontario, and I've have been playing for a little over a year now. My parents brought me back my first Didj from the land of Oz, and ever since then I've been hooked. I make my own now, and haven't had a chance to play along with anyone yet, and would enjoy the chance to play along with a small group of people, with the same interest. If anyone knows of a place that Didj players frequent in my area, or would like the chance to get together, drop me a line and let me know where so I may join in on the drone.


Bruce McTurk
Hello. I am CANADIAN (sorry wrong web-site) as a neophyte player I have "hit the wall" in that I don't seem to be improving.I would like to connect with other players in the area (Barrie Ont.)hopefully to learn and enjoy this instument more.Bruce.(P.S. bought my didjeridu 1 yr.ago from Mat Gowan also listed on this page).


Jessy Malone
I'm an Environmental Science student in Truro, Nova Scotia. I've been learning didj since I received my first one in September 2000. While I have improved drastically, circular breathing still escapes me. I have recently made a PVC didj which actually sounds REALLY good! I've just started meeting other people in the area who own and play didjs. . .for a while I thought I was the only one!


Kenneth Mockler
Hola! Montréal,Québec ... I'm a new 27 year old didj player looking to branch out, jam and exchange techniques with other local players. Received a stick from a friend in Australia about 1 year ago and been playing ever since. I have tought myself circular breathing and practice on a regular basis ... but i just love playing the damn thing! e- mail if interested ... français ou anglais! Good fortune to you ... ciao!


Mukunda Instruments
Mukunda Instruments is one of a small number of instrument workshops in North America specializing in the production of hand-made, high-quality didjeridus. Owned and operated by Matt Gowan, an instrument maker based in Toronto, Ontario and Amherst Island, Ontario, Mukunda Instruments annually produces a small batch of exceptional didjeridus.


John Musselwhite, RPT
Living in Calgary, Alberta Canada


Dave Nelson
I am 30 years old and have been playing the didj for almost six year s now. I am originally from Toronto but now live in Prince George, British Columbia. I enjoy making the didjes that I play, but I am saving for a real authentic didj. I also collect any and all the didj music I can get my hands on either contemporary or traditional. Pls feel free to contact me if you live close by (so we can play together) or on any cds that I should get or to find out what I have in my collection.


Paul Newton
I live in bridgewater, Nova Scotia and have been making and playing didges for about four years now. I started making them out of pvc pipe but now make them out of native trees such as yellow birch, iron wood or oak. some are just finished off naturaly and others are relief carved and painted in a northwest coast aboriginal art form. I do produce a small number for sale on commission. I love to play and share my passion for these wonderfull instruments with anyone who will listen.


Mark Piton
I've been playing now since 1991 after learning in Sydney. Fun place, great people. Since then I've moved about a bit but my didjs are right here beside me. See ya when I see ya...


Randy Raine-Reusch 
        Randy Raine-Reusch's initial training on the didjeridu was with Wandjuk
        Marika, and he continued his studies with various indigenous artists in
        Australia. Raine-Reusch performed didjeridu on Aerosmith's "Pump", taught
        the instrument to Cirque du Soleil, and performed the North American
        Premiere of Dance Gundah, a concerto for didjeridu composed by Philip
        Bracanin, with the Victoria Symphony Orchestra conducted by Linda Bouchard.
        He has performed the instrument internationally for over 25 years with
        artists from a wide range of musical styles from computer music to Country
        and almost everything in between. 
David Shaw
I'm 23 living in Brampton, Ontario


Matthew Wilson
For all you teachers out there, use a golf club tube to make create a didjeridu with your students. Black construction paper, painted with the dreamtime art, and taped to the tube is a very good, funtional didjeridu.


Tyrone Winterbach
To all fellow didj players, hello where ever you are. Recently moved to Vancouver, Canada from Durban, South Africa. Age 26 playing for last 2 years. Contact me if you live in the area and would like to hook up for a session.


Timothy X
2466 Dundas W. Toronto Ont. Canada


Tree Weaver
Didging is a gift from the past, and a step forward in the evolution of the human culture... much is yet to be learned about the powers of the didge, and the good they may spread to all the people of the world. Let the world fall into a forever trance of peace through the drones of the dige.



Salvador Cases


Carlos L. Pérez
Llevo 2 años tocando el didgeridoo. Estoy sorprendido de la amplitud de cosas que puedes aprender de/con este instrumento tan especial. Tengo especial interés en su amplicación en personas con pluridiscapacidad. Yo lo utlizo dentro del contexto de la estimulación basal.¿Tienes experiencia en algo parecido? I play the didgeridoo since 2 years ago. I wonder about so many things that I can learn with/from this so special instrument. I've special interest in its use with people with multiple impairment.I apply it with the basal stimulation background? Do you have experience in something similar?


I´m 37 years old. I live in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. I play didge and I learn now didge to others. I trie with teachers and specialist to introduce didge in a music curriculum in Catalonia and in healing and musictheraphy studies.We want to work with child affected by importants brain diseases.



Sinisa Dukaric
Hi ppl, I'm Sinisa from Croatia, and I'm looking for someone in eastern Croatia for didge sessions and jams. So if there is anybody interested , hey call me or mail me :-) tel is +385-31-603-119.



Rodolfo Acevedo
The first web site in Spanish about DIDGERIDOO. Selling, playing and having fun by the share of DIDGERIDOO voice with other aboriginal instruments from many ethnias, like African Djembes, Turkish Rebab, and many Chilean and Andean Aboriginal instruments, like Trompes, Trutrucas, Quenas, Quenachos, Pifilcas, Charangos, Chakchas, Tarkas, Matracas, Longines, Ocarinas, Zampoñas.
Peace and respect, from Santiago, Chile.




Will Seachnasaigh
LOve it have to du it all the Time!! Greetings pullers and pushers.. Check out my recordings at or email me if you'd like to connect.. peace.. Will Seachnasaigh



Jan Latal


Martin Malek


Pavel Proksch


Radek Swaczyna



Martin Darlan
Obviously, one of the few danish people taking this serious. If you come to Denmark, please put in a word... always good playing with new tones. See you somewhere in time.




Vesa Iitti
A student of comparative religions and an enthusiastic didgeridoo player.


Mr. Jari "KANE" Kanerva
... teacher, didgeridoo maker, president of Finnish Didgeridoo Association, musician, guru, shaman, etc. Address: SOMA, porkkalankatu 1, 00180 Helsinki 18, Finland Fax: +358-9-253 40 449


Ville Koivisto
Member of Tampere Jazz Happening'in Ystvt Ry which is founded to provide gigs for improvising/jazz bands in Finland. I play didjeridu and fretless/electric bass in a reggae band focused on live dubbing and free improvisation (would you believe!). I'm playing didjeridu strictly for musical purposes.


Tuomas Kylnp
Didjeriduist and a student of shamanism, folk believes, rituals and all other strange things. Please contact me if you are visiting or you live in Finland. peace, tuomas




Hi, I play didj since 3 years ago and i live in Chanpagne Ardenne. If somebody wants play didj with me contact me. By and good vibes


Hugues AUBIN
I play the didjeridoo since last year. I live in BRITTANY, a beautiful province with the sea. Every morning i wake up early to go to play before going to work. I like it very much especially for deep breathing and calm. I try to make a newsgroup in french about the didjeridoo :


Bernal pierre
Salut! je suis parisien joueur dépuis 6 ans! graphiste ! play with p.v.c teck, eucalyptus!


Nicolas Bigot
I Play didjeridu, and I'm searching how didjeridu could bring something to "modern" music-therapy. I am a "psychomotricien", this is a french profession who works to heal the psychological functions with corporal techniques of relaxations (for exemples). I'm very interested to meet other players of didj' for a jam, or for exchanges about therapeutics theory or experimentation. I would like to have contacts in australia, cause I'll probably go there in a year or a couple. My passion is Aboriginal culture.


Heddy Boubaker


Van de Candelaere
Been playing since 96, godfather of "vent du rêve" association created in 97, member of "Drum'n Didgeridoo" band born in 99, in the vibe for ever.




Yannick Corroenne


I used to learn didjeridoo in india in february 96, it's so nice to feel the energy of this instrument :o))))) I love it.


Benoit Cressiot
I've been paying the didge for a few months and that's really great. I hope to go to Australia in September. People interested in mail exchanges about didge and travels are welcome. I live in Toulouse and Aveyron (south of France) bye


François Dubreuil
Hi all, those living in France, and especially in Paris : Adhérez à Vent du rêve. L'asso a un site. C'est un lieu d'échange, de rencontre. C'est un lieu de formation pour les débutants. Des concerts sont organisés de temps à autre accessoirement. De toute façon je vais contacter ceux qui ont laissé leur coord ici. I've been a didjeridu player for may be 2 years now, but I would not care too much about the lengh of time. real question is how many hours a day. Well... Not enough. I really like the didj for its rythm potential. I'am a diphonic singer at the start, 12 years now, and singing does not allow such powerful rythms. I'll be starting a diphonic singing association soon. I'm looking for partners mostly in the fields of electronic music and music writing. Let's make it all together a better world


Francois Didier


Olivier Dutel
81 rue de la sabliŠre.42100 ST ?tienne.FRANCE Write here to meet a small group of people who are really interested about Yidaki. We play and build some didjeridu since 4 years now, and we want to meet people like this philosophy.


Laurence Foenander
I`ve been playing for about 7 years and loved the didj from the start. i`m into mixing didj with dance music and effects, as well as acoustic playing.


Stefan Glazewski
I've been playing didge for about 2 years but i only play by my own, so i'd like to meet other didge players to improve my playing and to know how and where to find a good didge. I'm a juggler and would also be very interested in mixing these two arts.


Frédéric HAM
I play didjeridu since 1998 and love the good vibrations which can emerge out of the instrument. I live in France now (between Nancy and Strasbourg), but I will go and live in Mali from august 2002 to july 2004, or later ?) Very interested in all kind of musical experiments (have already tested jazz, techno, electro, well as played together with gitar, djembe, tabla and saxophone players) I would like to have new experiments with people all around the world. Whenever we can't see us, I wish good vibes and love to all yidaki players.


Benjamin Joguet
I live in Nantes and I've been playing the didge for 1 year. With the djembe, it's the coolest instru to play !


I've been playing the didgeridoo for 3 years. I'm one of "Vent du rêve". Do you know we organizzz THe FIRST FESTIVAL OF DIDGERIDOO in France this year...4 More information, mail-me!!! ..........I'm also in a band called IBOGA.............


Frederic Lavigne
Beginer playing didge since jully 1988, date of my trip to Oz. Play in a group with jembe players and percussionists. Have several didges in euc and agave.The best one from Alastair Black: a Brown bloodwod, 1m90 longtapered - a fantastic sound and powerfull! Very interested in Aboriginal culture and the dreamtime.
When not playing, I also work as a researcher in a lab (cognitive processes and artificial intelligence), my other passion with the didge... and my girlfriend!


Emmanuel Parmentier
I play the didg since 1999. I live in the suburb of Paris. If anybody is interested in playing didg with me : mail me....!


Phillip PERIS
PPeris has been playing around the world for the last 15 years, living in France since 1996. He learned from Aboriginals whilst growing up in Perth. W.A. Recently playing in the festivals of didgeridoos in the USA and in Europe.


I'm living in Paris, France, and I've been playing the didj for 2 years now. I bought recently my second didj in Brusels, Belgium, where I visited a great expo on aboriginal art.


Jeandel Quentin
Hi, Enjoy Didjeridu, it's the oldest instrument of the world, respect and compassion for arbrigenes peoples.


Schlick Raphael


I live in FRANCE, in CORREZE,. I'm married to an Australian wife. I'm an ex-QANTAS steward. I've been living back in France for 7 years now. I return regurlarly to Australia where I lived for nearly 20 years. I've been playing it for a few months and I love it.


Hi , i love the didg , i'll be at the FIRST FESTIVAL DU DIDGERIDOO en France venez tous LE 12 13 et 14 JUILLET 2002 !!! The french community must move more !!!


Jay Ryan
Cinq Planetes 10 rue St Sebastien 75011 Paris, France


Patrick SIODA
« ÂME SON » ! Our sound is a reflection of our soul. Music, magic and rare moments we like to share with everybody who wants to dream. We only play with authentic music instruments of the world : didjeridu, mythical instrument of australian^Òs aborigins, tablas, dholak, indian guimbarde, ektara, and many other instruments to be discovered^Å Always looking for new sounds, our compositions are inspired by oriental music, have an indian touch, or are influenced by celtic, spanish or asian music. Pleasure, smile, research, work, curiosity, exploring and sharing new horizons, this is what brings us togheter.


Marc Smith
I've been playing the didge for around 5 years now. I'm getting more into it every day. At the moment i am living near Carentan in Normandy. Due to be playing at the opening of a shop next week, it should be interesting and fun. It's amazing what you can do with a hollow piece of eucalyptus.! Good to see there are some people playing here in France. Looking forward to the festivals this year.


Aymeric THEYSE
Hello I've been playing the didg for 3 years now. AT the moment I'm doing a university exchange in Perth WA but I will soon be back to France. I'm fom the Nice region and be happy to get together with other didg players.


Vincent Vagner



Irakli Goradze
Recently learnt to play didgeridoo from Erwin van Maanen from the Netherlands. I am probably the first Georgian to learn how to play this instrument, as it is unknown in my country. We make them from bamboo that has been introduced in Western Georgia. I would be glad to correspond with didge players in the world scene. My e-mail address is:



S”nke Bartling
56470 Bad Marienberg in Germany and I'm interested in contact to other Didjeriduplayers in my area! I've got playing experience since middle of 96.


Christoph Bohle
I`m from Lauenburg, a small town near Hamburg, and I play this wonderfull Instrument since 1998. I`m interested in dreammusic and experimental soundscapes. I would like to get to know some Didjeredoo-Players nearby Hamburg. If you are interested in selfmade-music and so weiter, knnte man ja mal was machen. Mitm Freund mach ich auch schon nette Songs, so mitm Computer und Trommeln und allen mglichen interressanten Sounds. Ja.


Karsten Boht
Bochum-Germany. I have started to play the didge in 1997. Also I am producing analogue Acid house music. If you want further informations, please visit my homepage or send me an email.


Albert Breuer
Hello, my name is Albert.I`m live in 34537 Bad Wildungen, Germany. I`m play Didge since 1995- spezial Interested-health-circle. I`m search friends nearly my town to play didge and more. Didgeridoo-Work shops und Dreamtime-Musik mit Click-Sticks, Bumerangs, Schwirrh”lzern, Trommeln etc. f?r Anf„nger und Fortgeschrittene. Info und Wochenendtermine unter Atelierhaus U.Soppa, Oberdorf 2, 34286 Spangenberg, Germany, Telefon/fax 0(o49)5663-1738


Marc Brier
Hey my name is Marc and I`m playing the Didge for 2 years now. 2001 we were in Australia and returned with two brand new didges. Sound-samples will be on our homepage soon.


Andreas Bruechle
53424 Alfter, Germany


Max Brumberg
the World is vibration and thats what the yidaki is, travel to all those powerful places like the Externsteine and find harmony thanks to Shah and all the others opening my mind in all this at the moment I am in the black-forest...


Jürgen Breuninger
Didgeridoo means a lot to me! Jürgen Breuninger Kirchenkoppel 7 25782 Tellingstedt +49-4838-78005


Geoff Cisler.
Age, 20 studying in Goettingen, Germany from Berkeley, California


Beate Crocoll
Rene Reis from Rheinzabern plays and produces Didj and sells them for a reasonable price. Further information at the culture pub (music sessions monthly 'Rhe-Na Taberne' in Rheinzabern. (


Mark Dammer
Born in July 1964 Living in Kiel, Germany


Robert Döring
I´m a starting Didge-Player from Berlin,Germany. I play since 2001. Aslo I´m trying to start a Didgeridoo Fanzine. If you are interested in it plesase visit the Website.


Matthias Eder
i play the didgeridoo since 1995, teach since 1996 cd released in 1998 called "...Erldunda left" with the group "Eder & Hortling"


Udo Elfert
Didgeridoos und Aboriginal Products - Versand und Shop Workshops, Kurse und Unterricht; regelmige offene Spielgruppen; August-Bebel-Str. 16-18, D-33602 Bielefeld fon: +49-521-895103 fax: +49-521-895109


Heiko Fessenmayr
Age 27 Germany, 76829 Landau.


Felix Finsterhölzl
Mid-Novice Player. From a small town near Bonn. I`m playing didge since few month only, but I`d say the thing is improving every day. So if anyone is living around the area, don`t hesitate to contact me, for some stunning live- performances.


Sven Frischen-Nocher
I´m a German didger. I started to play the didge in 1999. As of 2000 I really often played it in our Band Bomberos Ardientes (The burning firemen). But since 2002 I don´t find enough time or some quite minutes to play didge, because the Didgeridoo & Co Magazine is really a time eating job, but makes me happy. Maybe somebody here had read the one or other issue of the magazine. Would be interest what they think about it. Anyways, let us didge around the world. Toot toot Sven


Frank Geipel
I live in Penzberg south of Munich, organize Didjeridu workshops and performances; interested in world-musical experiments.


Thomas Gillmeister
Born in Woodville/S.Australia `62, carrying the spirit of Australia eversince.Lived on a place in Oz where Yullungurr traveled.First was the sound and then the instrument,in `87.Based in Germany since`90 I spread the sound of the Yidaki in honour & respect for the rich ancient culture of Aboriginal Australia.Proud to be backed up by special friends in Australia.My enterprises,workshops,performances & concerts are flowing under the Name: THE OM OF OZ , this was the first impression of a buddhist monk from Tibet when he first expirienced the sound of a Didgeridoo. And this represents my inner sounds too.PLS contact for details about ongoing classes; workshops, performances and Buy&Sale of authentic Instruments and use 10 years of expirience !Own Imports of highest quality YIDAKIS.ALL WELCOME !!!


Brigitte Goldie
41179 Moenchengladbach/Germany. Learning/playing since 1993. Would like to play with other (local) players.


Carsten Gröpper
Hi, this is caveman-c from Muenster, playing the didge since 1999. I also play double-bass and e-bass, but in nower times I play didge whenever I have the time. support the hp I wrote Carsten
Hallo, caveman-c aus Münster hier, spiele mit wachsender Begeisterung Didge seid 1999. Spiele auch Bass, würde gerne im Münsterland Verbindungen aufbauen, um mal mehr Konzerte zu hören oder selbst Musik zu machen mit Gleichgesinnten. Schickt mit eine E-mail, gerne auch an carsteng@uni- bis denne, carsten P.S.:die angegebene hp ist natürlich nicht von mir, aber supportet den Burschen bitte mit Gastbucheintrag und/oder Projektvorschlägen


Ragnar Grosse
born 1980, i'm playing the didj since 2001. everybody in the room of magdeburg or the wider surroundings who wants to jam, give me a mail! interested in learning new techniques of playing the didj, i would like to get known to other players. hoffentlich bis bald...!


Mario Gruhn
Hallo, Freunde des Windhorns! Wer hier nach mp3's sucht, schaue doch mal auf meiner Seite nach. Zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnahmen, war ich ca. 5 Jahre dabei, und es macht immer noch Spass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thomas Herr
Didgeridoo - back to the roots. Wissenswerte und Interessantes ber das Didgeridoo. Online-Katalog+Versand.


Stephan Magnus
I have started to play the didge a month ago and I'm still struggling with circular breathing! But it starts to sound grooving. I'm interested in all things connected with getting states like trance, lucid dreaming and OOBEs. The didge should be a good symbol and tool for this! I would like to play sometime in the future with someone playing Darbuka to get a real trancy groove (my girl-friend is playing djembe).


Oliver Mertschat
Leibnizstr. 14/52 D-38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany Tel.: +49-(0)5323-3401 Just beginning!


Marc Miethe
play since 1992 as a professional with the Bands: "Circular Breathing, Didges Brew, Peshkar, Boobinga and as a teacher. Breakbeat-Didge is my specialty. I´m running a cross- cultural network in Berlin.


Ralf-Michael Mohr
Didgeridoofachhändler mit europaweitem Versandservice. Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands kostenfrei !


Thorsten Muder
Didgeridoo & Worldmusik, Fujara, Djembe & others from Witten, West-Germany See my Website for more details


Detlev Mueller
I'm from Hannover/Germany target="_blank"


Günter Müller
Didgeridoo- workshops & live-concerts, multimedia- events,cave-concerts with didgeridoo, fujara, shakuhachi, kalimba, gong. My new didge-manual: Günter Müller: DIDGERIDOO, Spielen lernen aus dem Bauch heraus (Blow Till Midnight- Musikverlag, ISBN 3-933950-03-1)incl. CD & Didge-Notation!


Alex Osterloh
Anybody want to get together and jam in the Munich region, call me up (+49 89 694895)


Julian Rohrhuber
mail me if you like


Johannes Schildkamp
I enjoy to make didges from local wood. Mostly I make it by drilling through the log and shaping inside as well. You can see it at my Site. In Germany I live near Frankfurt. Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or comments or good ideas about didgemaking.


Martin Schmauder
I´m playing since 1992. Try to combine the didge with other old instruments like drums (djembe), Berimbao, danmoi. I´m also a storyteller. Combine the didge with dreamtime stories. I also organised (together with other people) the DidgeDays Stuttgart festival for the last years. I´m always interested in finding dreamtime stories about the didgeridoo or yidaki.


Gerrit Schneiders
BIN begeisterter Spieler seit 1999 Hab 2001 ein paar Stücke aufgenommen (Melodidge/ 1April) Infos Mail


Matthias Schoo
I am a jazz musician and live in Cologne. My "home instrument" was the trambone, but I increasingly work (and perform) with the didge. Since 1997 I organize didjeridu workshops. For further information phone me up under +49 221 3318429 or contact me via my sister:


Sven Schiffler
Ich möchte in der Südpfalz (SP/GER/LD) eine Band oder einen Didge-Kreis gründen. Ich spiele nun seit März 2001 Dige und seit 1996 Gitarre und hoffe, dass sich viele Gleichgesinnte melden.


Stefan Schwarz
I'm living and working in Cologne, Germany. I play the Didge since July 98 and I'm very interested in contacts of Didge- Players in the near of Cologne.


Dim Sclichter
I am currently playing with a didgeridoo band called "Termites At Work" in Munich, Germany and would like to inform you of our webpage (with hopes of a possible link). Mp3 available in the next week! Thanks, Dim Sclichter


Patrick "Freddy" Streit
I am Patrick "Freddy" Streit from Germany. I'm a Didge-Player for a year now.


Markus Thiel
Hi everybody! This is Markus from Germany. I´m playing this hollow piece of tree now for about 5 1/2 years and it still kicks and get´s me higher. I already had several gigs through the years with different lineups. Least there was a Club- performance with a House and Jazz DJ in Wuppertal where I live. And it goes on and on and on ... Keep on didgin guys where ever you all are - the Force is with you!!!!!!


Andre van Linn: aka ANVALIN
Born 1972. Living in Bonn and Essen. Playing didge since '92. Member of T.E.V.O.


Stefan Volk
hello, my name is stefan volk and my spiritual name is beat of the earth. i´m playing didge since oktober 1998 an i feel it is MY instrument. i´m planning a workshop in summertime 1999 at a very special place in my town. interested persons should send a short message.


York Wendland
I started playing in 1988 during my first trip to Australia. Since then I formed a few bands. 'Circular Breathing' is propably the most known of them. I opened the didgeridoo forum where people can exchange about everything related to the didgeridoo and the making of it. Also I am one of the organisers of the Dreamtime Didgeridoo Fetival in Berlin. Three Days of concerts and workshops held each year in middle of June. See


Andre Wolf
Address: 57072 Siegen. I am practising since 5 years an would like to play with other people.


Guido Zentgraf
Born ´68. playing since Nov 2000. I use to play with a 60/70s Rock/Drum&Bass/JAZZ-Combo called "The Jimi Heinrich Orchestra" and also in a Didgeridoo-Dou. Contact? You are welcome.



Brady Lang
Living in Accra, and Ive been learning the didj for a few years now. On a long shot Im interested in anyone in the area of Ghana (or west africa at all) that plays didj, and wants to jam/share techniques.



Burg ...
There are so much players around the world...I can't believe it...Let me join this community, I've been playin' for approx. 5 years... and I love it!


Rapali Gabor
hi,that so good that i find this page and almost all didg player all around the world :) i fell goooddd...




James Kelly
Hi, Blow hard and long but then dont blow too hard or too long. use your tongue and never show your teeth. dont squeeze too hard. thats about all the I have to say on the matter. enjoy James


Keith Maguire (age 19)
Living in Dublin, Ireland and studying in Trinity College Dublin (not actually doing maths, but english lit. and Philosophy)


David Prendergast
I play many musical instruments, but the my most favourite is the didgeridoo, which I have been playing for 2 years now.


Andras Upton
I Live and work in Dublin, Ireland. Been playing the Didg for about 4 years now. Willing to show methods learning Circular breathing, Techniques etc...



yuval alon
playing and performing for many years, member of the israely band- BALADIDJE which combines didjeridu with percution and fluets using midle east tunes, dance and sing in ABORIGINAL way. I was living with the ABORIGEINIES of N.E.ARNHEM land and lecture about this experience.


didjcoatel is traveling around the world spreading vibrations of love and free will



Marco GIUGIARO D'Antonio
I play the didgeridoo since a couple of years.Every day I learn more but I also would like to meet other people that play...capito ragazzi? organizziamo qualcosina....


(bologna)suono da un paio di mesi e sono alla ricerca di un buon strumento, x ora sto suonando bambù e pvc. contattatemi se avete proposte interessanti.


Alberto Furlan
Hi guys, I am doing a degree thesis in anthropology about aboriginal music and I travelled Australia for six months. Now I am back and I play the didjeridu, let's keep in touch with all the players all around the world especially with those form Italy! e-mail me! ps: io abito a Treviso.


Martin O'Loughlin
Playing the didge since 94 of the last century. Australian theoretical physicist working in Trieste, Italy. I teach privately and also give beginners courses for groups. My homepage explains more, though, like me it is a little disorganized.


Moreno Papi
PAPI MORENO italian player PAPI MORENO & THE TRIAD The new trio that emit energy as well as a live performance as well on cd. Italian/English version.


Emanuele Ponzio
I play didjeridoo from one and half years.I live in the south of italy and I study psychology at urbino's university. I have PVC didjeridoo that i had built and painted myself. I'm trying to translate to italian, more information on the net about didjeridoo; so also Italian people may have a Italian didj-page.....;o)


I've been playing didj since 4 vibrated years....its sound is so particular cause it comes from the Earth as you know. Every time is a new particular trip! I hope to contact someone and play together!


Dr. Claudio Ricciardi
My job is researcher in a Lab of Toxicology in Rome, my interests are about biological development. Some years ago I was a vocalist for armonics singing, b ut when I see and feel the didgeridoo I begun to love it and today is two years that I play it. Now I begun to make in wood my own Didgeridoo: If someone it's i nterested to swap informations or something else about didgeridoo, my address i s: Dr. Claudio Ricciardi Via Pompeo Ugonio n.3 00169 Roma ITALY phone: 06 86209849 e-mail:


Saline is an italian duo been playing for an year. We mix studio electronics with live processed didj sounds, creating a continuous trance-inducing drone. We are available for concerts or simply playing with friends all over the world. So, if you come in Italy call us! Contacts: Luca Isabella - via Moro 50 - 20097 San Donato Milanese MI


ciao tubi vibranti! Mi occupo di attrezzature audio professionali per studi di registrazione e suono da poco il meraviglioso didge con alcuni amici wombats (ciao ilario!). Ho anche uno slide che trovo molto spassoso.BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUU a tutti.... sferoide


Stefano Spoto
...from Catania , my birthday is the 4th of April 1968. I played didj since 2 years, I partecipate at the dreamtime festival in Switzerland in August '97. I recorded a cd called "tappeto da ascolto". I've been in Australia and I saw Paul Achee, he ears me as "VERY GOOD PLAYER".(aH,aH,aH,Ah!!!) My address is: Stefano Spoto, Via Stazione 11 95021 Acicastello - CT ITALY


Robert Tominozzi
I begun to play didjeridoo in 1994, during an holiday that I spent in Cairns. I live in Rome, I'm 37th...


ilario vannucchi
Suono il didgeridoo dalla primavera '99. Gestisco il sito ed ho aperto il primo Newsgroup vibrante:



Randy Beckwith
Living in Tokyo, would like to find others who are interested in the didj. I am a complete beginner!!!!


Tetsuya Denda
Physical location:Chiba,Japan Age:32 I'm a didj beginner in japan.


Nozomu Sugimoto
Living in Tokyo japan. I've been playing the didj about 5 years,And enjyoing play diji everyday.


Makoto Wakayama
Living in Chiba Pref, have been playing a year and half. Sombody might see my picture on NT news 7th May '97 issue which I had a interviewed during I visited and played didge in Australia.



Jurgis Blumbergs
Hi everybody.I play didge around 2 years.I`m one of very few players in my small country,but interes about didging is growing up here all around me.At the same time I have quite a long experience of bass playing.I choose unusual things , music,and didge is one of ways to this all.I would like to contact with some other persons who think like me. Nearly forgot,made three didges myself and I hope soon will be mutch more.



Toavina Andriamanerasoa
The didgeridoo is such an amazing instrument, especially once you have circular breathing working. There aren't too many didgeridoo players in Madagascar, but I would love to hear from them



Mohd Firdaus (john)
Greetings, im guy from malaysia that have been play didgeredoo allmost 5years,and im more interesting to make a friends all around the world who play any types of cultural instruments, and im allso sold didgeredoo, and others types of music instruments that were use by malaysian culture tribe.if u interesting please email me..bye keep breathing..


Mahesan Selladurai
Hi all, I am a new commerto Didj. I hop eto get intouch with other didj players in Malaysia so that we can team up and have jam sessions and learn from one and other.



Stefan Wong
Didge & love



Daniel "Kosamakuaujtli" Ayala G.
An archaeology student of the mayan area, interested in shamanism, rituals, music, dance, hyeroglyphs and more.... Member of an experimental, ethnical and prehispanic music group. If you want to exchange some info, vibes or wharever, please send an e-mail. Merida, Yucatan, MEXICO.



Marizka van der Aa
Take a look at the site.


Willem Akkermans
I was taught the basics of yidaki in 1996 by Henk & Freek whose surname I can't remember. It was sort of an exchange for my throatsinging techniques. I practised on the vacuum- cleaner pipe and worked my way up to PVC with beeswax... Last year I finally made it to Ozzie, I met great players and baught a beautiful instrument from Malla, Dale Oliver, in Cairns. Somebody here must be able to help me find an email address of him or his daughter? I'd love to thank them once more and ask how their business is going. OK, keep playing everyone, Bye!


Ron Berkhout
I play the didge now for about 8 years. I starded teaching 4 years ago. My didge was bought for me 200 km above 'Alice springs' by a traveling white guy who visits all the local tribes. It's a very special Didge, the sound, the feeling, the looks. It was brought to Belgium by a good friend from a shop there "Terra Australis" in Antwerpen. Part of my didge workshop money goos to a Aboriginal foundation. Go and take a look at a my Aussie friends at my homepage link list. Rotterdam 13-11-2001
Yo Manymak


C. Dirk Broekstra
Soest, Holland. Since a visit to Down Under hooked on didge playing, brought one home and purchased two additional ones via an Aussie-connection. tel. 033 - 47 52 0 42 fax 033 - 47 58 9 14


Bauke Couperus
(webmaster of DUNUMBA) Town :Hichtum. Plays and makes yidakis from willow branches, "they sound great". Also plays the real ones.


Berenda Dekkers
Zijl 37, 1862 HL Bergen, The Netherlands phone: (31) 72 589 76 08 fax : (31) 72 589 93 75;


Feike Gerbandy
I bought my didge in Amsterdam in spring 1999. After starting out fast I haven't been playing a lot during the last year. I am currently working in Zwolle and looking for people to play together.


Elvin Haak
Hi, I'm a pretty new player, about 3 months (march 2002) now. Still learning a lot and looking for more and more techniques and sounds. Besides playing the didge, I'm also a windmiller, so if you want to try how it sounds (very good!!) to play a didge in an authentic Dutch windmill, contact me! Does any of you have a good way of transporting a didge on a recumbent? Well, for the Dutch-speaking people, you could also go to


Jeroen Heijmans
Tilburg, Netherlands 22 years old


Rob Heskes.
Age, 32 living in the Netherlands


Eric Hofma
I learned about didgeridoo from the music of Jamiroquai where George Wallace played the didj. First I made a didj from cartons that are used in rolls of fabric. Later I started making them from pvc. In 1997 a friend lend my his authentic didgeridoo and then I really started to play. He recently asked if he could have it back "snif" so i'm looking for a replacement. The sound of a pvc or cheap didgedridoo just isn't the same. If you ever come to Groningen you might find me playing in the park. Thanks Martijn, for lending me your didj for such a long time!!! Greetings to all the didj players from Eric


Dr. John
Playing didgeridoo since 1991. Participates in the Dreamtime Healing Circle Amsterdam (monthly Dreamtime Healing Yourney Concerts in Amsterdam). Dreamtime Concerts with the Dr. John Didge Quartet. Builds didges from local wood. Nomad Dreaming Caravane foundation, Dr. John Balder. Mezenhof 70, NL-1742 GM, Schagen, Nederland (31) 0224 29 73 63


Jerry de Jonge
Age 27, playing the didge since 1998. Now teachng to others and being very hooked..On my website you'll find some of my mp3-tracks.


Erwin van Maanen
Deventer, Netherlands. Yurlungurr Didgeridoo School. I have been playing and studying the didgeridoo since the early ninetees, after being fascinated by the instrument as an emigrant in Australia in 1985. I use the 'didge' in activities aimed at environmental education, public awareness and education, with great results, especially involving children, enchanting them with Dreamtime stories. Currently I am working on biodiversity conservation in Georgia (former Soviet Union), where I am also teaching counterparts to play the didgeridoo, with the hope that the music will be relayed back east toward Australia. A talented Georgian, Irakli Goradze will be instrumental in promoting the didge among his fellow countrymen. Previously it was unknown in Georgia. In exchange I am getting lessons in Doudouki, a beautifully dramatic sounding flute. May this year (1999) I will be back to live in the Netherlands on the following address: Molenstraat 79, 7411 NR Deventer, tel: +31-570-614176, e-mail:
From this time I will also resume my ''Yurlungurr Didgeridoo School'' activities (workshops, private lessons, didge import and dreamtime story telling for children), adding new dimensions to the objective and ethno-musically oriented lessons from research material I have collated over the years. In October I will visit aboriginal communities in Northern Australia to share didgeridoo-playing experiences, and hope to learn first hand about their perception and use of the instrument.


Roland Mathijssen
Born on August 26, 1962, I play the didge since september 1997. I live in Son, near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Ian Hakker and Jan Terpstra taught me how to play. Further I've had workshops from lots of other didge players, such as Mark Atkins, Gary Thomas, Alan Dargin and Charlie McMahon, Yanawirri Jiparrka and even a workshop from David Blanasi. Check my site for more info about me and for lots of interactive pages for Dutch and Flemish didge players and for the only Dutch Didgeridoo Agenda. Cheers Roland


Michel Mulder
Spuistraat 319 2987 TN ridderkerk


Rasta Robert
playing yidaki since 1987, participates in the Dreamtime Healing Circle Amsterdam, monthly Dreamtime Healing Yourney Concerts in Amsterdam (Myster2000) and Deventer.


Jan Steegen
My name is Jan Steegen and live in Den Helder. Some years i'm playing my didge with great pleasure (I think you will know what I mean). I'm looking for ppl who want 2 play with me and maybe do a project...


Louis Silvertand
Age 19 experienced player and busker. Balistraat 8 3531 PW Utrecht 030-2938678 The Netherlands


Michiel Teijgeler
Dutch didgeridoo performer Michiel plays since 1993. Check out his website and listen to his mp3's!


Ed de Tollenaer
Date of birth: December 1967 Living in 's-Hertogenbosch, Holland


Henk Verschuur
Playing didgeridoo since 1995. Participates in the Dreamtime Healing Circle (monthly Dreamtime Healing Yourney Concerts in several places in Holland). Looking for contacts to share knowledge or to meet.


Dov waterman
My name's dov and I'm of Irish decent though I was brought up in israel. i've been playing for about a year, and find the didg the most beutiful and compelling instrument i've ever come across. it has and still is opening certain doors for me, on my nomandic journey through this world and others.i currently reside in amsterdam, holland. i have contact with some other players here, through monthly jam sessions (2nd thursday every month, badcuyp,amsterdam),but would like to here from anyone else especially in the london region as i have a strong spiritual connexion to there.(funny, isn't it?!)



Dan Willdridge
I play the didgerdoo for healing and relaxation purposes. i also combine a few other instruments in with the didgeridoo and poeple have an amazing experence


Nick Wrathall
I play and teach Yidaki, and am slowly growing my collection. I learned in a dream, and have received one lesson in another dream, and taught myself the rest.



lars johan bjørkevoll
I have played the didjeridoo for some years now, and I guess I am getting better each day:)


Audun Eriksen


Gunleik Groven
As I am the lucky co-musician of Baard A. Tangen of Oslo, Norway he shall not be forgotten on this online list, as he is a heavy tourer withour common band, Didjexperience.The rest of the band consists of: Cello, Acc and el. guitars, saxofones,flutes, lapp joik, rap, drums and percussion.He can be contacted through my e-mail.


Lars Grue
NOVA Munthesgt. 31 0260 Oslo Norway


Knut Lekvam
I started playing didjeridu in april 96 - a mere product of the dreamtime server and the internet didjeridu community. I am teaching didjeridu as well as playing together with several other players here in Stavanger. I make my own didjeridus in polypropylene and in a series of norwegian hardwoods. The wooden didjeridus are made by drilling.


Stig Pettersen
I am born in 1966 and living in Fredrikstad. I play didgeridoo as a healing instrument, connecting and opening different spaces. I like solid stuff.


Erlend Sørli
I am a 19 year old didjeridu player from Trondheim Norway. Love this instrument, I would reccomend it to anyone! I also make didjeridus of varius materials, my favorite beeing the cedar tree. Please e-mail me if you have any good tips or have some basic knowledge of the Australian aboriginal culture wich is of great interest to me.


Svein P. Wesenlund
Living in Oslo. Plays didgeridoo for Urd and Bivrost - musical blending of different acoustic instruments and power songs, interpreted through Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore/trad. Studying at the Institute of Social Anthropology, Univ. of Oslo - done fieldwork in Australia.


Willy Westgaard
I live in Ski, Norway. I have played didgeridoo since feb. 96. It's great! Born 30 oct 1959.


Jostein Wold
Have been playing the Didgeridoo for some while now. I own an originalhandpainted eukalyptus Didgeridoo.I play with several other people here in Stavanger, and I just want tosay its everyone out there.....start playing. I recommend it Highly, and it will change you in a very positive way.


Hong Kong


Emmanuel Tianco
36 yo.,Strength Coach , H.K. Sports Intitute. I accidentally discovered how to play a didj when I was a kid then forgot about it. I was reminded when I heard the CD "Outback". Has been playing since. I mainly use PVC pipes.I also play blues harp and 'kubing' (Philippine mouth harp).



hola amigos mi nombre es jorge ochoa me gustan mucho los instrumentos tradicionales como el didgeridoo, yo vivo en el cusco peru , si alguien por algun motivo viene por aca me gustaria tocar con uds. mi telefono es 0051-84 699493 jorge



Bebet Gaudinez
Hello from Manila!! Looking for other didj players in this part of the world I can touch bases with. Also play the "kubing", a sort of bamboo jews-harp from the indigenous people from the south and the bamboo nose-flute from the nothern tribes.



Mateusz Milosinski
Currently I live and study in Warsaw, Poland. (I've moved to Warsaw from Chicago in 97).


Didgeridoo is my favorite ethnic instrument;)



Miguel barriga
Member of At-Tambur, a portuguese musical group.


Gonçalo Saramago M. Bordado
I love to play yadaki, it´s a lot of fun, and serious at the same time. I´ve been in Australia, the land down under, this past summer,2000, and had the great fortune to find in Sidney, Alan Dargin, a very fast player, he gave me some lessons on, what is the meaning of the sounds we make in the yadaky, the sounds of the billabong,water and several birds, the red outback, it was super. Thank you very much, Alan.For the contribution you give to this world, wisdom has no price, see ya mate. I give my heart to all those people who think about the yadaky has a way to reach the stars, a way to breeth the rhythm of life, through a simple hollow log. Ao infinito e mais além ! Askatasuna legunak !


Carlos Bento
I realy like to play my didj, my only sadness is that in Portugal there isn' t so much people thats plays this great instrument....but oh well...lonely night s at the sound of my didj calling for the australian spirits are my only confort ... :-)


Miguel Cruz
... from Lisbon, Portugal, and I love my didj!!!


Luís Gaspar
I my didg and I started to make didg's for sale,I'm doing it in bamboo but the next step is to make my one didg of wood,I would love to join some good spirit person to play didg and maybe to form a group and start to act somewhere,I started to play didg in april,if you want the same contact me at my E-mail adress


António João
Hey mates. Love to play didg., it's my only scape from this world, it's wonderful to dream playing didgeridoo. Keep playing you too, you'll get more happyness in future. See you soon for another cartoon.


Ze Nuno
Ha uns anos atras nem sabia o que era um didgeridoo/Yidaki! Hoje em dia nao consigo viver sem ele. Atraves dele eu torno o impossivel possivel. Obrigado didgerdioo por me teres mostrado este caminho.


Diogo Romao
Toco Yidaki ha aproximadamente 3 anos. Tive ensino sobre a arte de Yidaki em Inglaterra durante 2 anos. Sou um grande entusiasta do didjeridu. Obrigado a todos que me ajudaram ate hoje.


Tiago Serodio
Moomba Droners! For two years now,the didje has coloured my mind and my soul, even on the darkest of days. I would love to meet with experienced players to share the sound of nature, and improve my skills. Don´t be shy, mail me.


Eduardo Trigo
Eight years ago i came across with a record that completely change my life...Stephen Kent´s 'Landing'.Since then the didge became a part of my dreamtime life. The following months i was on a quest to find out all about the peculiar sound and instrument (it would had been easier if i had access to the internet world but that was nearly impossible to me and to many people here in Portugal back in those days). I recall that my first 'stick', as i call it, was hard paper tube and took me nearly a year to master the circular breathing...since i had no idea how it worked i would listen and listen to that particular record and tried to replicated the sound, and i was amased how it could be continous without any breaks. One day it worked and put me in a trance state. So i have been playing for nearly seven years and my collection of 'sticks' has increased quite a bit. I am still learning 'till this day. Thanks to the inspiring peolpe of Arnhemland, North-Australia that gave me this soul reaching vehicle without ask anything in return. Thanks also to all those inspiring artists and masters of the Yadaki that i run across all over these years, and whose records are still intriging and learnfull, thanks Stephen Kent (and his projects: Lights in a Fat City, Trance Mission, Spacetime Continuum,Halcyon Days Beasts of Paradise), Alan Dargin, David Hudson, Yothu Yindi, Richard Walley, and so on. Thank you all Yardaki Makers such as Djalu' Gurruwiwi and Frank Thill that allow the inspiring artists to express themselves and let us reach the peace of mind (I still don´t have a piece of the art you both make but i intend to)



I realy wish to go deeper & deeper with the sound-nd-nd- nnnnd'



Situated in Pretoria. I have been playing didj for the last 12 years. There is a drum circle every second friday night at my place. If anyone is interested I make all kinds of didji's, from bamboo to any kind of wood. Good Vibrations!!


Les Bryson
Johannesburg been playing for about a year and own original, bamboo and PVC didjes


Kevin Fish
I have been playing didj for the last seven years. I play in a band called Izandi Earth Rhythms. Didj in South Africa is still very underground, although it is popular, there are not too many people who play well and even fewer who understand how Didj can be used in sound therapy - Something that I am interested in exploring. I would therefor like to get into contact with people who are interested in the didj, both playing but also how it can be used in sound healing. If there are any people out there who would like some pointers/advice on playing, then please get hold of me.


Gareth Graham
I stay in Cape Town and I've been playin didge for about a year. I own a bamboo didge, but if any1 wants 2 sponsor me a eucalyptus one, I wont complain :)


Harry Joelson
I have been playing for some three years and origionally had lessons in Australia My teacher was BRUCE ROGERS in Melbourne. I still import didjeridus directly from Bruce, and still believe didjies made in Aussie are world beaters. My address in South Africa is : Harold Joelson 19 8th avenue HIGHLANDSNORTH Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA


Christo Loots
I have been playing the didg for a while now.


Alan Mallinick
I've been driving everyone around me mad with the droning for the last two odd years, I think I've worn them down at last:-) I live outside Benoni and own a floatation therapy facility, am involved in anything to do with altered states of conciousness, brain wave entrainment, energy healing.


Jason Mulcahy
I have been playing the Yidaki for approximately 2.5 years now and I am interested to find other didge playin' South Africans that share my love and admiration for the deep and sweet sounds of the didgeridoo. If there is anyone out there that wants to share or chat about their experiences with the didge, or even to swap hints, tips and tricks, they shouldn't think twice about contacting me. Keep on playin' Keep on dreamin' Keep on blowin' Didger's of the world UNITE


Craig Strachan
I've been playing for a few months. Cape Town, South Africa



my favlet colour is orange my favlet song is alouette in my flee time i like to suck on blue pigeons eggs and contemplate my oppression upon myself


reggie perera
I,ve been playing this wonderful instrument for 10 years and I fuse the sounds of the didjeridu with all kinds of percussion instruments from all over the world! I,m a member of singapore's premier percussion group TRIBAL TIDE and have performed in many festivals and concerts in Asia and Australia.


Bishmer Sekaran



Martin Culik
Maybe beginner maybe not. I am learning to listen the basic frequencies all my life :o) The didgeridoo is one really excelent resource of aboriginal sound. Thanks ...


Tibor Morvay
I am one of the few didge players in Slovakia. I`ve been playing the didge for two years now. I am not a beginner but I still need to learn advanced playing techniques and rhythms, so if you know about something...



Bong Toker
nothing much :)



Mark Grausam
Hi! I'm a 32 year old English teacher who's been playing didge for the past 4 months after I took a week's trip to Sydney in December 2000 and got a didge. It's rockin'...what a great instrument! Don't think there's many didge players in South Korea...but who knows? I'll be returning to Ontario, Canada in early 2002.



Salvador Mora
vivo en Granada. toco el didgeridu desde hace 3 meses y me gusta tocar con gente para aprender mutuamente y experimentar con nuevas mezclas y sonidos de otras culturas. ahora estoy muy interesado en la música ceremonial tibetana.


Gerardo Yllera
I just play the didjeridoo a little but i'm very interested in the instrument. I'm trying to make a social and musical proyect about the influence of the didjeridoo in Europe, how it gets here, how people plays it, what uses they give to it, etc. If you have any kind of information you think it could help me, please, make contact with me. I'll be very pleased.


I'm an Israeli living in Madrid and have been playing for about a year. I'm looking to make another wooden didge besides the one I would be welcome!



Jim Barrett
Born in Australia in 1969. Learnt much living 4 years (1994- 98) in the Aboriginal enclave of Redfern in Sydney. White Australia has a black history. Been playing didge since 1995. Currently living in Umeå, Sweden. Hope to return to the mother country one day. Done heaps of busking, a few workshops, and a couple of festivals, Try to play didge at least 1 hour a day. Play a diverse driven style with strong rythm and many noises (influenced by techno music). In the process of makig a CD recorded in caves of Norrland. Didgeridoo saved my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emil Bjorklund
Age 17, have been playing since last summer (-95) I live in Kalmar, Sweden.


For the moment I live in Vaxjo. I am 26 y.o.a and I played the Didgeridoo f”r the first time in Darwin, Australia 1995. I was sofascinated by the mysterious drone from the instrument and it made medetermined to learn how to play it and bring back a piece of theAboriginal culture to Sweden. I have been playing since then and itseems like I always learn something new. Anyone wants to play together?


Fredrik Claesson
I live in Alingsas close to Gothenburg. I am 23 years old and I have been playing since -93. -95 I went to Australia and learned more about the insrument. I give lessons, and I make didges.


Anders Engström
Hi, I am 24 years old and i live in Linköping. I started playing the didjeridu in 1998 when I traveled around Australia. I'm still only a beginner I guess but I get better every day.


Thomas Eriksson
Age, 21 living in Sundsvall Sweden


Anton Fahlen
I've been playing since 1998. I bought my didjeridoo when I was studying at the Gold Coast, Australia. I usally play with a friend. We aren't that coordinated yet, but practice makes perfect. I live in Linkoping where I'm doing a masters degree in science.


Peo Flinck
I live in Gothenburg (westcoast of Sweden). Born 1947, playing since 1999. I have been living in Australia for 5 years several years ago.


Jesper Friberg
I am 13 years old and live in Hässleholm. I start to play didge for 6 mounth ago. I can cirkulatebreat and make some diffrent sounds. I bought my own didge in april from my father who is a beginner too.


Hans Hjorth
Friends, We are happy to announce that our new website featuring the program and other vital information on the 1999 edition of Falun Folkmusic Festival is open. Please visit If you have previously linked to our website, please correct the URL to the new webadress


Michael Hopsch
President of the Scandinavian Didgeridoo association, resident in Sweden.M. Hopsch has played the Didgeridoo since 1992, and has participated in several workshops in Sweden and Europe. M.Hopsch has even studied Didgeridoo traditions and rhythms in Arnhem Land N.T. Australia in 1997.


Thomas Huttenlocher
I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I import didges from a friend of mine in western Australia. Here in Stockholm I perform at different events. I also give lessons. I have been playing the didge almost daily for about three years. S:t Eriksplan 13 113 20 Stockholm Tel: +46 - 8 - 34 15 46


Stefan Karlsson
I've been playing since my honeymoon in Darwin in the summer of 95. I am 29 years old and live in a little village in Dalarna with my wife and a cat.


Tomas Lauffs
Have played didgeridoo for a while now. Building my own didgeridoos. Likes to experiment with music. Plays a lot other instruments. Records my own music. contact me if you have something to say.


Johan "didjer" Lundback
age 19 living in G„vle, Sweden


Gustaf Magnander
My name is Gustaf. I am 22 years old, and i have played the "Didgeridoo", for three years now. I live in a town called Helsingborg in Sweden.


Emelie Moberg
I want information about where I can buy didjeridoos and how. And some beguiner tips, how to develop the sound and more.


Markus Nordberg
Ive been playing since 1992. I learned to play during a visit to London. Ive been down-under several times, learning traditional rhythms, playing with professional didgers, working in didgeridooshops, giving l essons etc. Ive been playing live several times at streets and markets aroun d europe and Australia, but also with the band Tiamat. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, but I consider myself as a worldcitizen.


Goran Thornblad
I live in Landskrona in the south of Sweden. I have been a didgeridoo-player since 1994. I learned it at Falun Folkmusik Festival. My teacher was the fantastic Gary Thomas. I have been playing at meditations, hea lingsessions, festivals and, to some extent, in musicgroups. I love to performe but I do also see my instrument as something sacred. The same goes for the sound it brings. I have two E-mailaddresses:


Lars Wallin
Lars Wallin, age 34, played since 1989. Live in Uddevalla Sweden.


Niklas Winter
Didgeplayer, stockholm. I want to play with somebody!



Kadi Froehlich
I've been playing since 1994. I bought my didjeridoo after i here Alan Dargin fist Time. After this, i was crazy to Play the Didge. While later, i think the Didge is my God? But no worry i'm not a Religion man, i'm fucking hate this People. Please Play an Play and Play for the Aboriginal Rights. Love for everybody Kadi


Willi Grimm
Native of Bern, Switzerland, I pull the didjeridu since 1968. Lived in Australia for 3 years and try to be an ambassador for this marvellous instrument and its culture.In over 30 years of confrontation with it, I collect everything about it. Giving concerts with Gerard Widmer who plays fujara, a slovakian shepards flute, we also have our own label NATURTONMUSIK. For more informations or exchange CD contact me on :


Chris Hecker
Age 22 12, Platanenweg 4142 Muenchenstein Switzerland Studying geology in Basle, Switzerland. Got his 1 st. Didj on March 9, 1996. Already making some noise, still fighting with circular breathing (of course).


Marc Jenny
I've Got my first and second (which I made by myself) Didj in Australia. Tomorrow, I'll try to get some money by playing in the streets (need some!) Wish me good luck!


Bonjour à vous, amoureux du Didgeridoo ! Je suis un "petit suisse" du bout du lac Léman (Genève). Alors si vous êtes aussi du coin, ou que vous prévoyez d'y passer, et que ça vous plairait de faire un p'tit "Jam"... N'hésitez pas à me contacter !!! Sinon, vous pouvez toujours faire un tour sur mon site ( pour peut-être en apprendre un peu plus sur le Didgeridoo... Salutation !


John Macdonald
(Sept. 2001) Playing the yidaki daily for around half a year now. Somehow it seems like a thousand years and in another way like I started yesterday. If you live around the Zürich/Winterthur areas and you're interested in getting together for a toot and exchange of whatever, drop me an e-mail anytime...


UTIGER Frédéric
I play the didg since to year and I want to thanks aboriginal people as they give me a reason of life. I'm living in Geneva



Gerard Albo
Playing Didjeridu for 1 year, native of the Dordogne, in SW of France. Age 27 Studying music technology in London, England


Rafiq S. Andeela
I started out to grow eucalyptus and bamboo as part of a replanting project in Kashmir/Pakistan. But after a while being a mad spiritual scientist and having been told all sorts of weird things about didgeridoos I just had to blow down the thing...and I got hooked.That was four years ago and I am healthier and the sound vibrations have done something inexplicable. I want everyone to try and play this instrument. So I've created an aid to the didg that will help those that want to play but find it hard to get started. I also want to hear from other like minded folks who believe the didg is too important to become a fashion item.....with respect to the people of the "song lines", I call my didg the easy play's the didg player not the didg!! I cant stop laughing and lets play didg... with smiles....Rafiq.


Tariq Aslam
UNITED KINGDOM, Scotland, Edinburgh. Been playing for a year. My didge is made from eucalyptus mineata (whooly-butt), Barry Groves is the artist and the didge is from Katherine N.T. An additional tip, I have two boab wood didgeridoo's aswell. One is a short one to make it longer I added a parcel tube to the end of it. As I play I can move the tube up and down therefore raising and lowering the tone and base of the didgeridoo.


Mark Barber
Yo there...I'm didg mental,,,what else is there to say!!!


Andre Barnes
Recently picked up a didj and am hooked


Guy Barrett


Keith Barton
Living in London, UK


Ian Bishop
Been playing for a while now, recently returned from another trip to oz with 3 new didges. Try spend as little time as possible in the UK but for now i'm stuck in North Yorkshire so would like to hear from anyone who fancies a jam or anyone with any info on gatherings and festivals etc. Also anyone who can drag me away from my westernised style and teach me traditional would be nice, because i don't think Djalu comes to Yorkshire that regularly


Louise Bond-Williams
I've been playing the didg for about 5 years. I was taught by Derek Furlong and now I love it.


Mark Bromwich
Living in Huddersfield,U.K.


Nick Burman
I've been playing the yidaki now for the past six years. I am based in Glastonbury,Somerset,UK but spend most of my time on tour with Aboriginal Francis Firebrace who,s an elder of the yorta yorta tribe.He,s a brilient story teller and artist. I was taught to play the yidaki by tribal elder David Blanasi who lives in the beswick - Wugularr community in the far north of Arnhemland.Northern Territories......


Chris Charlesworth
Playing and making didges in Huddersfield UK.


Avid player of the didge, and have been playing for about 3years. Have 3 didges, one I made out of drainpipe and is great for taking to parties and around, the others I picked up in Australia in key of E and C#. Looking to develop advanced rhythms and would like to meet up with anyone who may be of inspiration and guidance. Currently mimicking from a number of didge cd's. Live in London, and if you even just fancy a jam session please give me a shout!!


james clement
Hello, I'm James and I'm 10 and live in Coventry. I love playing the dijeridu and practise a lot. I am going to be playing the dij in the procession at Coventry's carnival June 6th, to raise money for children with epilepsy. If anyone wants to join me it would be great, my dad says he will be playing the bongos.


Jeffrey Cooper
I understand that the spirt of the earth speaks through my didj. I travel trading and selling (when I have to) ABS didgeridoo's I and my friends twist over an open fire. In the last year of my two years of playing I have developed the ability to throat sing (a la Tuva) and play the didj at the same time. As far as I know, no one else in the USA can play like me, and I'm just getting started. Email me and I'll send you a CD.


Jonathan Cope
Didj player (7 years), performer, teacher, and author of a 'How to play the didjeridoo' series, I also run regular didj gatherings in London England. Get in touch for more info. Jonny +44 (0)208 446 2397.


Dave Curtis
Been playing for three years. Not into the art just the sounds, no point spe nding money on nice looking didge if it sounds like a bloke with the shits. Only have one didge with me at the moment in the key of D. Anyone require some d idge on their tracks in the London area contact me, I come for free!


hi am pauldidjeredoo ive been playing didjeredoo for 9 years I put didjeredoo with alot of trance/teckno iwas in holland for 3 years playing in all the clus in adam such as Trance Budda,the Milkyway,the Temple and Dancevally festeval+ I lived in Israel for 3 years playing in 2 bands -called Baladidge and Atmosfire.Baladidge is more tradisonal didge music crossed with a middle eastern vibe. Atmosfire is a live trance band which dont use computers or seqencers,and have suppoted bands like the ORB+EATSTATIC. IF ANYONE LIKES THE SOUND OF ANY OF THIS MUSIC FEEL FREE TO MAKE CONTACT!


Barry Earsman
Been playing intensively for a few months -- before then it was just the occasional blart when one crossed my path, but it didn't seize me until quite recently. The didj has blown me into a complex world of aural eddies and harmonics, a nine-dimensional spectrum of sound and rythmn. It's absolutely fascinating! Fun to have something I can paint, stratch, scribble on as well.


Paul Edenbrow


chris eley
Hi I'm Chris a 32 yr old, married professional Tuba player who fell in love with the didg some years ago when I heard Outback, bought a few cd's the found 'Dr Didg' and love it all, such a change from my day job, such energy! (Didg playing seemingly good for my tuba embouchure, so it seems!!) Have three didgs now, first one from a carboot sale in Esher of all things, second from the Rolf Harris-ish get together up by Kings Cross, I think in 2001? Great night out (a suprise evening out from my wife, bless her). The third given to me this last week by my brother who's just come back from OZ via Thailand and all that. He carried it for 2 weeks backpacking, having to chain it and his pack sometimes to his bed. Authentic one with an aboriginal kangaroo on it and some bark left on the bottom. Price? To me a billion dollars,of course. Well done Bruv!! Would love to hear about concert/gigs/jamsessions/meeting places and just generally a chat and blow over coffee, feel free to contact me on the e-mail.


Shaun Farrenden
Playing for 7yrs. teaches and performs has 3 album releases. I live in London Tel: 0181 964 0207


Allan Figueiredo
I have been playing the didj for 6 months now intensively, and am looking for someone in the Worc's area to jam with. Always willing to learn new things.


Dave Finch
Research scientist who got hooked in '89. Have enjoyed the privilege of sharing with many great names including David Bl*n*si, Alan Dargin, Charlie McMahon and Stephen Kent. Started out on the 'new age' approach and junked it in favour of the real thing. Studying N. Queensland styles under Darren Williams and N. E. Arnhem Land styles under Guan Lim, and Kyle Maplesden. Have played benefit gigs for Survival International, appeared on UK radio and TV and provided research material for the Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre. It takes very little to support the people who gave you this instrument - why not return the favour? I do not charge for my time...


Derek Furlong
World Class didgeridoo Player Derek Furlong Derek started playing at the age of 8 years on a metal vacuum tube, now in his early forties, Derek is a highly successful Performer, Recording Artist, Author and Leader of UK based teaching workshops. Derek has successfully taught hundreds of people to play the didgeridoo. Performs with Shropshire band ‘The Loosehounds’ with influential fans such as Johnny Walker and Bob Harris from BBC Radio 2.


Tim Garlinge
I have been playing Didj for just under two years now and it has become one of the biggest parts of my life. I like to play in trad style mostly with my C# euc but I am slowly drifting into western style as well now with some of my higher key didjes. I now hold a regular didj gathering every month in bournemouth and if you would like details then please e mail me............Peace


Ian Greenwood
Born out'back north east england, been playing didge for many summers now and enjoy playing didge with like-minded people, particularly in woodlands or at stone circles. I've met many good people through playing the didge and will no doubt meet many more. To quote the words of the song "nice people, oh I love you all nice people, won't you come around to see me when I'm ill in bed with flu!!!!" E-mail me if you want to talk about stuff. :)


Nathan Griffiths


Daniel Grimes
I have been playing around two years, just about to get into sliding didges.... ....I wonder what will happen next!


Mike Spencer Harty
born 1958 resident, Porthcawl, South Wales,UK


Stephen B. Heath
Hello to all you fellow didje players... WOW, just thinking back to the first time that i heard didje... it was in Commercial Road, Portsmouth, about 1993. I remember hearing some low droning sound weaving its way through the hustle and bustle of the buisy Saturday afternoon. Sitting (i think against a tree) a busker whome after about an HOUR stopped... IT WAS ONLY AT THIS POINT THAT I/WE REALISED THAT HE'D HYPNOTIZED ME!!! Wow, some chap (Chris Troth) had just controlled my entire dreaming and heartbeat. After the quick introduction to getting the drone and circular breething i remember practicing hard for 2 days on mums hoover tube until i'd got it... SORRY CHRIS FOR TURNING UP AT 10pm ON YOUR DOORSTEP THAT NIGHT, but realy mate u'd triggered a thirst... I NEEDED TO HEAR IT PLAYED AGAIN, JUST 1 FIX... THE COOKABURA PLEASE... Do'nt think that i've ever practiced anything so intensly in this life!!! And WOWW i ow so much to the sticks, for the most amazing and beutiful people, places and times that they're constantly introducing.


hi,ive been intrested in learning the didge since 1993,ive had ago at festivals but never had my own until yestoday,i bought two from a shop in leeds. i got a ash one and a eucalyptus one there brilliant ! im wondering if anyone who lives in east yorkshire,knows where theres any classes or workshops i can attend i can drone well just need to circular breathe,anyone help??


Del King
I live in Chelmsford , UK (england) I have been playing didge for 2.5 years and loving it play with a group of about 4-5 friends one of my fiends makes them to order.


Paul Lamb
Change of e-mail address from Paul Lamb. Lennoxtown, Glasgow, Scotland


Nigel Larkin.
Age, 26 living in London, England


Tim Lee
I've been playing for 2 years, learn't a lot at the begining from videos and soundtracks of David Hudson and Charlie McMahon. Visited North East Arnhemland September 2000 to share in a didgeridu master class and learn more about the Aboriginal culture. Was very privilaged to meet David Hudson in Cairns, as we originally met over the internet after buying one of Davids didgeridu's. The internet has been a great way of meeting other didgeridu players and learning different techniques.


Dave Maclachlan
Carlisle England 15 years old Been playing for almost a year


rob mantz
Been playing since 1992, busking and performing around europe, now currently living in West London. I am into the traditional foundation playing techniques of the Arhem land regions of Australia.


Kyle Maplesden
Kyle Maplesden has always been interested in the world's indigenous peoples. He has undertaken an intensive study into the traditional didjeridu techniques employed in Arnhem Land and its surrounds and the intricate imagery that adorns rock shelters and bark paintings alike. Living in Manchester, Kyle deals in quality didgeridoos and Aboriginal Art & Artefacts through


Michael Martin
Organic didgeridoo, electronic voodoo (or psychedelic trance ;))


Chris Owen
I live in Marple, near Stockport, Cheshire, England, UK. I have been didging for about 3 years, on and off, and I am keen to establish contact with other didge players / enthsiasts within a reasonable travelling range.


Marc Paddington


Julian Palmer
Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK. Played for just over 2 years. Training as a shaman, using the didg as a gateway to the other worlds. Contact me at:


Liz Pearce
I have loved the sound of the didjeridu since I heard the haunting sound of one being played in the woods while sitting round a campfire with King Arthur, but that's another story... I have been playing since 1997 and am currently resident didjeridu player with 'The Pony Club', an eclectic mix of Afro beat, drum and bass and world music DJ's based at the Beamish Mary pub in No Place, County Durham.


John Perratt
Been playing fo about two years after buying a didj in Sydney. Re-visited this year a bought a better one ! Play just for relaxation but would like to meet locally for a jam.Always on the lookout for good CD's to learn from after buying some pretty duff ones


Ian Plumb
I've found the didj to be a self healing instrument, times I've been regularly playing have increased my wellbeing and spiritual awareness, I'll be playing a gullawun from Peter Brady when it arrives.....


Ian Ryan
Hi I would like to meet other didge people living in the north west U.K.


Adam Sargant
Born 1962 Married 1993 Took up didge 1995 I am a psychiatric nurse, a father of one beautiful being, husband to another, a nd a spiritual nomad.


born in Japan. playing since 1989. learned traditional foundation from traditional yidaki players in north eastern Arnhem Land(Australia). Shozo is the one of a few yidaki players who plays with their foundation behind as a non-Aborigines after Arnhem Land. performed in all European countries, Scandinavia, U.K., Japan, Malaysia..... released 2 Albums, "Sounds of breath"(1995) 25visitors"(1999) give tuitions - gigs- recording sessions. based on London. tel +44(0)20 8960-6691


Diogo Romao de Sousa
I am portuguese but now living in Hull,England. I play the didg since I went to Australia and bought one last year. Started circular breathing after 3 weeks of practice. Now I usually play with other people here in the area, that play and also make fine didg's from various woods. I have played at the ADELPHI in Hull-solo didg act. I also play DJEMBE, and have recorded some stuff with didg/djembe. F.C.PORTO!!!


Philip Taylor,
Living in Cambridge,England.


Joel Thomas
Hello from Nottingham, England, I am 29 and have been playing for a year with much success. Am popularising didg by manufacturing low-cost, colourful plastic instruments in all sizes and keys. Soon to produce a cheap split-wood.


Laurence Timms
Having dabbled since 1997, I began trying to play the didj properly in November 1998. I have progressed from bamboo thru manufactured didj to a full-on Peter Brady bloodwood didj. Back in the real world I'm an IT project manager for a London company.


justin timson
Sacred Elder Didgeridoos. Run by Australian Justin Timson who is now based in Coventry U.K. Justin has been joining didgeridoos from storm fallen English grown trees since 1993. As of July 1999 the total stands at over 1,500 instruments made. Every one is numbered and branded with the Sacred Elder logo, so if you're that way inclined you can start didge spotting.


Dan Turner
I've been playing for nearly a year now. I live in Pershore (worcs) at the moment. If anyone wants to get in touch, correspondance is most welcomed! See you all at St. Neots in August.


Jacques van der Linde
I am original from South-Africa but move around between Enland and Sweden. I would like to meet some didge players for a day of playing together. Write to me at my E-mail adres


Andrew Waterhouse
I live in the U.K. and am a perpetual student. I built my didg in Byron Bay, N.S.W. back in 97. Took it around oz with me and have played it ever since. All didg players should have the chance to play in the valley of the winds one time in their lives.{sic} -see my web site


Simon Wickham-Smith
I've been involved with experimental, improvised music for 10 years and, with my friend Richard Youngs, have released a number of records on various international labels. As far as didj is concerned, I've been playing seriously (!) for about 2 months now and am discovering some very attractive discords and, I suppose, wonderfully un-traditional noises!


Galen Will
I live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Bought my first didj in Australia and love playing it. About to make one of my own (just with PVC/ABS) so wish me luck!


Simeon Wood
A professional flute player for the last 12 years I started to learn the Didj 2 years ago at a worksop run by Derek Furlong. I am now writing music for Didj and flutes panpipes etc. At present living in Sydney, Australia but based in Yorkshire, England.


Michael Worts
I currently live in the U.K. but originally from South Africa. I have been playing the didj for about a year and a half and I am always looking for new rhythms. I would be keen to get together with anyone in London who is willing to share sounds/ideas/experiences.


steve wright
born in annan scotland, currently resides in hull england has been playing yidaki for approx 3-4 years. has had tuition and workshops with players such as shozo japan, alan dargin australia, philip conyngham australia, stephen kent san fransisco, and is schooled on occasions by nick burman of glastonbury.steve has also spent time with the indiginous bushmen of the kalahari desert and the iban peoples of the south east asian rainforest steve offers private tuition and tuition courses in the form of level 1, level 2 and level 3 books he also offers hand made didjs crafted from hardwoods, steve specilises in yew didjs and can be contacted direct at 169 blenheim st, H ull, England, U K . tel- 07899-703457 or through Fully Functional Music on 014 82-821369
I have a new didg group site at The e mail for the site is


pete(mr yigiyigi)
Hi I'v been playing now for five years enjoying it very much since visiting australia and staying with a group of aborigines i have been involved in anything to do with didge I helped to set up the "TASCA TRUST" check it out on the net.I do gigs anywhere i can to help to raise funds for the trust.I am now involved in teaching children in schools and I think it;s taking off really well.Hope to get back over to oz as soon as poss for more insperation. if your ever in brum give me a shout ....E mail get together for a jam


Neil (No last name given!)
Southampton England




William J. Callan, Ph.D. (Jerry)
Age, 53 living in Montgomery, Alabama


Jay Evans
Player of Stringy-Bark and Ironwood Eucalyptus Didges, also PVC & soon-to-buy Agave. Looking for the perfect,lowest sounding, yet colorfully resonant didge on the planet. Any leads? I am a trombonist by trade.



dan gettman
looking for dijerists and djembists, (contortionists and conflagronists?) to form playing circles in alaska...or to just jam...anyone want to visit? didge provided...


Nathan Michalski
Didjeridu man in Ancorage Alaska (907)-279-8675


Raymond Wiley
Juneau, Alaska.



David Aniuk
I just started making didges out of agave. I love everything about them, especially playing them. AZ has so many musicians and so many agaves out in the desert that one would be stupid not to have a didjeridu.


Ed Broughton
Currently a student in Flagstaff, Im a good player whom is always on the path to become 'good'. Originally from Guernsey (U.K.), I'm pretty much self taught over the years, will a little extra tuition from Alice Springs. Although I'm perfectly happy going solo, its useful to make connections such as these.


Gary Ehlenberger
I have been playing didjeridu for 20 years and have gotten serious about playing after retiring from Motorola where I worked as a staff scientist. I have a few cuts on some CD's and am working on my own CD. I play didjeridu with a few groups in Phoenix and Sedona. My phone# is 520-203-4650.


Frank S. Kimbler
I have been playing the didj for about 3 years. Got started after hearing the haunting and exotic sound of the instrument being played on Survivor, Australia. Drop me a note and lets jam.


Byron Miller
I've been playing the didgeridoo for several years now. I play with a Celtic band called The Bringers, who you might have seen at the AZ Renaissance Festival. On our web site, we've got a schedule of appearances in the Phoenix area and elsewhere.


Ryan Neiffer
21(+) yr old didj player. Non-traditional style. Always looking for a jam!


Joshua Ratliff
I've been playing didge for a couple of years now. I am always looking for other players and percussionists to jam with.


Jeff Rogers
Been playing since just before my first daughter was born in 1990. Been using it as a adjunct to my craniosacral work as a vibrational tool for the past year. I live in Tucson, Arizona.


Brandon Saggio
Rythmic Didjeridu player inspired by Randy Graves. I also make and sell beautiful PVC didjeridus.


John Schultz
I operate the Aquarian Spirit Wellness Center and Desert Didjeridoos in Phoenix, Arizona. I use the Didjeridoo for vibrational therapy in the Center and sell PVC, Eucalyptus, and Agave & Yucca Didjeridoos in the shop. See my webpage for workshop and jam schedule.


Ron Sill
Age 35, living in Chandler. 6 months didj experience.


Allen Smith
I am a didge player with a CD out. Allen & Audrey Smith 3275C N. Grannen Rd. Tucson, Az. USA 85745 (520) 743-7339


Nicole Tomczyk
21 yr old didj player. Non-traditional style. Always looking for a jam!


Tom Tomczyk
Age 22 (as of 1998) Didj Experience: 1year playing didjeridu Location: Chandler Arizona Info: I make and play ABS plastic didjeridus. Please visit my website or e.mail me if you wish. I am always happy to talk didgeridoos.


Dino Viotti
Age 25 and I've been playing the didj for a little over two years. Tucson Arizona



Piper Jon


Ray Miller
I am no expert, but I love the sound of the didj. I first heard the didj on a jazz album when I was working at a rdaio station in Destin, Florida, and knew that I wanted one bad! I don't play any other instruments, so the learning process is all self-taught. I met a man named Preston Scott in Heber Springs, Arkansas who makes and sells didj's and flutes, and he and his wife Deborah Martin travel around the globe playing and selling instruments and educating people about their designs and songs. They have several cds for sale. That is where I got my first didj and am ready to purchase another soon! I play for the spiritual awakening and relaxation that the didj provides me.



Mark Aceves
I am a bassist who has always loved the sound of the Didj and I finally got one and am having a great time learning. I live and work in San Jose and would really love to meet other players


Adam (Big Kahuna)
La Mirada player (near Disneyland if that help)looking to jam with others. I learned from an aborignal fellow by the name of Roy Newman from The Arts Factory Byron Bay Australia. I've been playing since July 2000. CONTACT ME NOW IF YOUR IN MY AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eric Allen
Hi, just picked up my first Yidaki, know the sound well, time to make it myself...See 'ya...


Gordon Ambrosino
The didj has changed my life in so many ways. I'm very excited to hear what all you guys have to say about how it has affected you. peace!
Forgot to mention...I work with chimpanzees and have been playing the didj for them. I have found that not only do they have a very curious reaction to the sound and vibration, but the didj really seems to strike a chord with them. That is to say that wether frightened, aggressive or accepting to the insturment, they all have a very candid reaction to it. I find this very interesting, as I believe the didj strikes a deep chord within us all, apes provide an excellant example of how we are all affected by this insturment at a deeper level. i will post my findings and opinions as the develop.


Kathleen Antonia
A Fred Tietjen prodigy, I received my first didjeridu as a birthday present and within a month was booked to record on a CD with San Francisco producer, Leo Frappier. I'm looking forward to someone challenging my skills (it's the best way for me to learn)!


Ed Badasov
Age, 36 living in the San Francisco Bay Area


Scott Berard
Living in Carlsbad, CA. Email if interested in hooking up.


David Blonski
Multi-instrumental composer with large discography. Began playing the Didge in 1993 and now features the Didge in his new releases. Producer of "Didjeridu Planet 2" a compilation of 30 songs performed by different didge players from all around the world. Owner of Timeless Productions recording label and project studio in Garden Valley, California. Maker of "Walkabout Didjeridoos", "Windsong Flutes" and "Eagle Wind Flutes".


Geoff Brown
Toyoji, this is a cool resource. Kudos for fixing it up! Didjers, shoot me a message if you are aouund the Bay Area. Im always interested in getting to know other local players or folks just passing through.


Sean Campbell
Wow. It has been a little over a year since I started to learn how to play, and it is something I will do as long as I can pass air across my lips. I would like to say thanks to Ult Mundane for tips on getting started, and to Stephen Kent for pointing out what was missing in my playing. If your in the Bay Area and want to play, send me a note.


Dan Casebolt
I'm brand new to the Didjeridoo... Wow that rhymes. Anyway I live in San Diego and would like to get togehter with others that I can learn from or learn with. Give me an email.


Joe Catalano
Joe passed away...obituary


Steve Champion
Thousand Oaks, California A rank beginner, but having a BLAST with simple PVC didjs. Experimenting with tuned Didjs for chords and pentatonic scales.


Brandi Chase
A chick with a stick


Rodney Cornelius
Living in Sacramento CA.


Kim Covington
Hello fellow didj brother and sisters, I^Òm only a beginning player but do love it. I would really enjoy getting to know some others in the area with a love for the didgeridoo. I live in Santa Rosa CA.


Urekki Cull, Ph.D.
Hello, I am Urekki. I believe that I have been with my didj since birth. I utilize my didj in my Geriopsych program in Nevada City & Grass Valley, Ca. It has been very sucessful for both my residents and myself. I would enjoy exchanging didj technics with anyone .


Jon Detka
The didj has been the most accidental discovery and the most pleasing in my life. I am now the proud owner of a couple of PVC didj's and can't stop playin'. I reside in Monterey, California @ CSUMB. Lookin for other locals to play with..


Larry Dorfman
I am a beginner in the Palo Alto area, but after two years have learned circular breathing and can use a teacher or some audio/video guides to advance. Any ideas?


Aaron Dyke
I live in the Bay Area and am excited to be connected to other Didj players via this site. I've been jammin' since '95 and am looking for other styles to learn from and to share my own. I've been fortunate enough to play with small-time local bands here in the Bay but haven't had an opportunity to play specifically with many other Didj players.


Brian Ehrmantraut
A rank beginner - I'm mostly a bass player, trying to work the didj into some of our band's surf instrumentals San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA


Sandee Ferrara
Age, 31 living in the San Francisco, CA bay area.


Brent Foster
Hi all, I've been playing and making didges for a couple of years now. I've made several PVC sticks in different keys and just picked up a magnificent bloodwood didge at the 2002 Joshua Tree Didgefest. I also make drums from time to time out of various found materials. I've one from half a wine barrell which is large enough for several people at once. I'd love to get together with people in my area for some jamming. I'm in San Marcos, North San Diego County, California, U.S.A. Didges and drums on the beach at sunset can be a very fun thing... Drop a line.


Kevin Frey
An Improvising Horn Player and Instructor of Music at San Jose City College, I have played the didjeridu for 2 years (a third year getting the breathing coordinated)and improvise frequently. I find it extremely useful for building and maintaining breath support for my Horn performance as well as establishing a hei ghtened rhythmic sensibility. I play a modular PVC (schedule 40) didjeridu connecting 1 foot and 2 foot lengths together. My wife (Jimmyle Listenbee, Instructor of Dance at SJCC) run The Leda/Swan Proje ct -- scored improvisations for dancers and musicians.


CM Gannett
San Diego, CA


Andrew Gibbs
I play a didjeridu. I think I really discovered I had a problem when I was on a two day trip from home and realized I had left my didj behind. I needed a drone fix so badly that I found a local hardware store and made an emergency didj out of PVC and bee wax. I currently live in Santa Barbara California and my drones can be heard late at night from one of the many large concrete buildings on the University of California campus here.


Tim Gilman
I'm looking for other players in the Silicon Valley area who want to get together and create some standing waves.


Andy Graham
Lives in the San Fransisco area. Plays the didgeridoo and drum kit simultaniously in his 'Primal One-Man Band' Act using a special 'Triple-didge rack' attached to his set-up.


Randy Graves
Livin', lovin' and tootin' in San Diego. I perform regularly in SoCal as a soloist, sit-in-ist, and member of Didginus, and have taught workshops and private lessons in the area for several years. I'm also co-founder and partner in Ginger Root Records, a record label for new "world music." Drop me a line! NOW!!!
Didginus Website
Ginger Root Records homepage


Barry Hall
Age, 32 living in Walnut Creek, CA


Dennis Hancock
I picked up a Didj on a trip to Australia. I absolutely love the sound but havn't quite figured out how to make it correctly. In other words, HELP!! Anyway, I am interested in meeting some other Didj players in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Drop me a line...


Mike Harges
I play traditional as well as Aguavi and plastic.


Krishna Harrison-Munos
Didjeridu and percussion fuel my soul. My joy is to play the didjeridu with various world fusion groups in the US and Mexico. I also give "playshops" in the didjeridu around the Sacramento/Davis areas and Mexico. I also use the didj and percussion to help others center and recognize their creative, healing self.


Peter Hass
I live in Santa Ana, CA, USA. Very close to South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA. (world famous shopping mall) I am very interested in playing the didgeridoo but have not spent a lot of time practicing like I should. It is more of a hobby now. I am driven by the sound and feeling I get when I play. It is a great way to relax.


Jen and Matthew Huddleston
Living in San Francisco, CA


Zahkiel Hill
Living in Los Angeles, CA and have been playing since 1995. I hold regular workshops and private lessons. I also have a collection of eucalyptus yirdaki and agave cactus didjeridus for sale.


Bobby Jones
English Didge player living in Lafayette CA. Another Fred Tietjen prodigy. My thanks to Fred and to Stephen Kents music and advise.


Stephen Kent
Didge player of Trance Mission, Lights in a Fat City, Beasts of Paradise etc. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991.


David King
Been playing the didjeridu since 1998. I live in the Southern California Area. I'm a Fifth grade teacher. I make PVC didges for my students when we study Australia.


Wolf Klauschie
San Diego, CA, USA


Nickolai A. Kobylk
I am new to playing the didj. I got introduced to the instrument from a friend who did a world music show in Greenville NC. I was amazed and entranced by a Stephen Kent album he had. For two years I would occasionally find information about the instrument and it's place in a rich and beautiful culture and then two weeks ago I decided I had to learn to play. Now I am the proud owner of a length of PVC pipe coated with candle wax, a sad reproduction to be sure, but a great way to learn. This is an awesome instrument, it's so addictive to play, perhaps because it's so soothing to the soul. Graduate student at UC Davis. Sacramento CA.


David Leavitt
Living in Santa Cruz, CA


Marianne Tomita McDonald
Age 29 or 39 (depends), living in Oakland, CA


douglas mak
I'm 23, reside in Bay Area, California. I'm an absolute beginner. One day I'll quit smoking and get this circular breathing thing right. =)


Edward Maesen
I have been playing the didge since about 1995. I use it mostly for meditative and ceremonial purposes and for healing sessions. I'm interested in dreamtime healing concerts. The most important aspect for me is the energetic effect of the sound, and not so much playing a certain rhythm or using all kinds of special techniques.


Doug Mahlstedt
Wow! What a great resource page. I've been playing didj for about 7yrs. only now am i truly getting into the circular breathing, but what a difference. (those trying to master it-- keep trying it's a MAJOR breakthrough) I have about 9 or so yidakis i've picked up in various locales. (most from oz) i'd love to play with others so drop me an email and we can get some music going. I live in Encinitas, CA 'bout 20 miles north of San Diego.


Richard Man
A Silicon Valley techno-nerd by day, a Didjeridu and Tai-Chi player by night. Interested in the spiritual aspects of Didjeridu.


Barry Martin and Mark Dunn
Didj player/maker and co-owner of LA Outback. We handcraft and hand paint didjs from a variety of natural and modern materials, as well as import aboriginal-crafted didjs.


George Maurer
I was born in 1947. Started pushing air through a didj in 1983.


Barry Meyers-Rice
Looking for other players to jam with in Davis, CA


Tommy Michael
Owner of "Urban Didjes" in Chico, California. I make various styles of plastic and wood (cedar, redwood, oak, fir, and pine) didjeridoos, teach beginner lessons, and perform whenever the occasion arises. This all started for me in 1993 and continues to be an on-going adventure of discovering more about this ancient instrument of sound.


Ult Mundane
I've been practicing didj for about three years, and I've almost got the hang of it. :-) I'm traveling around the United States for a year. My web site contains a rough itinerary; let me know if I'm going to be in your area!


Irvine, California, US.


Kyle Oakes
I`ve been playing didg for about 8 years and am currently playing(bass also) with the Fresno,CA based world beat group Waddama. We do have a cd available on our website (although not all didg, it`s an awesome jam band/world beat style sounding band). So check it out and let us know what you think. Lates


Sara O'hara
This Didjette teaches a Didj class at Santa Rosa Junior College - and performs occasionally.


John Pascuzzi
Playing Didjeridu since 1993, living in Orange County, CA. USA


Eric Peterson
I started playing the didjeridoo in 1996, and have been interested in the instrument since 1979. I am very greatful to the aboriginal people who gave us this instrument and hope that its traditional beginings will not be forgotten.


daniel peirce
I'm 31 and have been playing for about a year. I have a few instruments; euycalyptus from Australia, glass, cherry, and pvc. Really am addicted to playing and would like to meet and play with others.


Alan Prichard
Living in Santa Barbara, CA


Eartha Reilly
Living in San Luis Obispo, CA.


Mark Reinheimer
Mountain View, CA Didgeridoo discovered me while on a drumming retreat in Maui. Interested in the healing qualities of the didg, looking for other players in the Bay Area for jamming, drumming and dreamtime.


Jacob Rodriguez
In addition to the Didjeridu, I play the Guitar and Bass (both upright and electric). I am a Philosopher of Existence and all that is involved. To me, the Didge is the voice of the Earth, which is in turn the voice of us all. Anyone reading this, who doesn't play yet, I encourage you to learn to speak in the language of your Being.


Robert Ross
I've been living at the Optimum Health Institute in Lemon Grove, California (raw food, wheatgrass juice, etc.) for 2-3 years. Been playing the didj since I got here, mostly for spiritual and healing reasons. I also make them out of PVC with beeswax and paint them with Aboriginally-inspired decorations. I have felt a close connection with the traditions of indigenous people for 40+ years, but the didj seems to focus and amplify that, and has become very close to my heart. I haven't had a chance since learning to play to connect with fellow didj players, since I'm self-taught, but I'd like to get more connected to the didj community, so please feel free to connect some time.


Al Rubottom
Age, 49 living in San Diego, California


Dan Russell


Marc Scanlan
Age, 18 living in Los Angeles California.


Fred Schwarcz
New to the didj and interested in connecting with players of all levels. I bought my first didj in November 2000 in Amsterdam and have been playing bit by bit since then. I live in San Francisco


Phillip C. Seaton
Been playing the didjeridu since 1998. I live in the Southern San Francisco Bay Area. I'm a massage therapist specializing in Swedish, Reiki, Shiatsu and Aroma Therapy. Drop an email if you are interested in jamming! Namaste! -phillip-


Peter Spoecker
I've been playing, making, recording, teaching, and performing didgeridoos professionally for many years. I've produced a lot of didge CD's, including a tutorial and I also play Native American flutes and a huge variety of other ethnic and electronic instruments as part of a "one man band" stage act where I often play didge and several other instruments all at once. I'm the founder and a host of the Joshua Tree Annual Didgeridoo Festival and my website is one of the largest, most comprehensive, informative, and popular didge sites in the world.


Jan and Dave Tappan
Living in Southern California


Brant Taylor
23 Yrs old Sherman Oaks, CA 818-589-0800 Interested in networking w/ other didj players


Fred Tietjen
Age,41 living in San Francisco, CA


Toyoji Tomita
... studied trombone at the Juilliard School of Music and the Curtis Institute of Music, and studied the didjeridu with Stuart Dempster. In 1976 he won the First Prize in the Gaudeaumus International competition for Interpreters of Modern Music in Rotterdam, Holland. Living in Paris, France for the next three years, he toured Europe extensively both as a soloist and as a member of the Ensemble Musique Vivante, Diego Masson director. He received an M.F.A. in electronic composition from Mills College in 1986. He is a co-founder of the Mills College Didjeridu Ensemble (est. 1984).


Caesar Ursic
I got my first didg as a gift last Christmas from Ann, an Australian nurse who works with me at Highland Hospital in Oakland. I stared at it for six months and finally decided to give it a shot and learn a few weeks ago. Just finished my second lesson with master teacher John Villa of Berkeley . Some day I'll work up the courage to drop in and play with the conga drummers in the plaza outside Zellerbach Hall on the Cal campus. What an addicting instrument!


Aurelijus Vijunas
Hello - I'm Lithuanian, came to LA from Iceland. I've been playing the yidaki for three years now, but I guess there still are many things I could learn. Email me - maybe we can learn from each other. Cheers - A.V.


Russ Volckmann
Waiting to exhale in San Francisco, CA


Rob Ward
I'v been playing 4 a little over a year now. I started with a home made pvc didj and moved on to a real one. I live in CA, in the SF bay area (Lafayette now but I'm moveing to SF in aug 98) and I'm look'n fer anyone in the area who might be intrested in jam'n (I dont know anyone else who plays, kinda sad)


Brad Weinman
I'm a freelance illustrator living in Encino, California & I've been playing a dij for about 1 1/2 years.


Tom Welliver
30 year old from Lake Tahoe,first got interested in the didj because a frien d listened to me play the blues harp, and said that I played as though I was using a didj(he plays didj).finally found one and loving it:) anyone coming up; email and lets jam:) tom


Andrew Werderitsch
I have been experiencing the didjeridu for the past 5 years. Using it as the basis for teaching music and dance to children and adults. I am travelling and teaching at the moment in Australia, New Zealand and wherever else my travels take me. I have been away from the states for 3 years and am excited to get home when the time comes.


Geoff White
Living in San Francisco, California


Mike Wright
Living in Burbank, California


Jeff Yost
Take a look at my site..I make agave/yucca didgeridoo....I also have many didges of other materials......tell me you found me here and get a discount..


Walt Young
Play guitar and didge round and about. Usually have some Australian didges for sale.


Mike Zirolli
Living in San Jose, California.



Joshua Boyd
I have just started playing the didj. It is really beneficial in my times of medidtations to get my mind in kind of a rythmic plane of thinking. The didgeridoo is quite surreal.


Dave Crowder
Teacher and didjeridu musician. Check out the didj world fusion CD at! Drop in and stay for a while whenever you visit Boulder! Dave


Shawn Eady
I live in Fort Collins Colorado. I go to CSU and I learned to play the didj in a previous life, or so I think. The first time I picked one up I drew quite a drone and was circular breathing within minutes. It filled a hole in my life, helped keep me in shape and is quite useful in meditation. I have played a couple of live gigs with a jazz band called Melange and few solo spots with friends and at local hang outs. Wanna jam, e-mail me at:


ERIC FUEHRER "didjidas"
I've been playing the didg now for about 2.5 years. I live in Denver. E-mail me if you would like to play!


Per Hultquist
Today is 5/15/02 first post here was over 3 years ago and so much has happened since. I can honestly say that the Didjeridu experience has been life altering. My wife now plays and we both play Djembe and other drums. I'm playing Marimba and a bit of keyboard/synth as well. We also dabble a bit in "throatsinging and/or overtone singing. We have a small band we call "LogRhythm" and we do local, mostly free performances a few times a year. Many have told us they would pay to see us......the ultimate compliment I guess.


I am a Boulder hippie guitar player into sound healing/ethno musicology. I am new to Digde and would appreciate any help that anyone can offer :-) Namaste


Joshua Martin
I live in boulder, least for now. I have been playing didgeridoo since October of 1997 during my semester abroad in New South Wales, Australia. If anyone wants to play sometime email me at


Jared Olson
I've been playing for about 4 years or so. I like to play, so drop me a not e if you're itchin'!


Garth Reed
Not much to say but I love to play!


Patrick Walsh
Dreamtime Didgeridoos P.O. Box 18992 Boulder, CO 80308 (303)628-4660 Fax (303)530-1117


Brian Wilson
Howdy! I live in So. Denver colorado always looking to play and learn! E-me!



Robert Albino
Wolcott, Connecticut Owner/Heavenscent Imports. Plain,painted,burnt Didjeridu`s


Mike Bachman
I live in Brookfield and I'd love to session with new people (i'm a beginner) or even make some didge's with anyone who's interested.


Victor Chiarizia
Playing about 1 year Also a didg maker using native species of trees such as Ash,Poplar, Maple. Talcottville, CT.


Peter Hadley
Age, 34 living in Middletown, Connecticut


Joseph T. Scott
Been playing the dij for a couple of years now and always spreading the knowledge



Keith Amos
Percussionist and didge player from Ft.Myers.. sometimes play with Aiyb Dieng& Global jungle orchestra. If youre ever in town, check out the Ft.Myers drumcircle in Centennial Park Downtown Ft.myers. Saturdays at 6pm


Justin Baker
I've been playing for about 6 months. I know how to circular breath failry well but I havent learned any new tecniques so I would love to play with others as much as possible. Also if anyone has information on either drum circles or didge events in or around Jacksonville please e- mail me and let me know.


David Bernstein
... from Miami, FL going to school at FIT in Melbourne, FL


John Bevins (JBWombat)
John Bevins ( JBWombat ) living in Ft. Myers, Florida. I Have been playing since December of 1995. I have performed with "Aiyb Dieng" and "Rhythm Culture". I play Didj and other percussion instruments.
Aiyb Dieng:


Mike Canerossi
Casselberry FL (near Orlando) Age: 40. I've been playing the didgeridoo for a few years now. I primarily play as a form of psychic therapy, but I've also been recording tracks accompanied by my wife on viola and myself on Hackbrett, E-Bowed Guitar, Wind Wand, and other sundry instruments. I have several hours of didg experiments that I plan to edit and release someday as Primal Dream. I also play bass in two rock oriented bands (Uncle Nasty & the Filthy Beasts / Zen Vortex) and jam regularly with other didg and percussion players.


Nathan Chambers
...began playing after a trip to australia in summer of 98. Would like to hear from other didge players.


i live in Gainesville Fl and have been playing of and on for a few months and i would like to get together with another player to help me out with circular breathing and with sound...


John Falter
I've been playing for several months, and i love it. I also play tombone. E-Mail me and lets talk about playing didgeridoo.


Mark Gims
I live in homosassa springs florida and im 21. I have been playing the didg for bout 2 years. If youd like to get together contact me at:


Bruce Gosey
I live in Cape Coral Florida. 49 yrs. young. Most of my didj's are ones I made myself out of Florida Agave. I do have 1 euc. that Kerry Dickerson made (West Central, Aus.) I am also a percussionist. Work with a local group called "Rhythm Culture". My main interest in all music is how sound lends itself to healing and harmonizing. Tone Poems, didj meditations, these are some of my interests.


Andrew Hardy
I have recently found the didgeradoo, and have figured out circular breathing. I will share this knowledge to those who are interested. I am currently holding a workshop on circular breathing at Moondance in Georgia, Dragon Hills the 24 - 28 of May. Contact me at my E-mail address for info on circular breathing workshops. Costs are negotiable. Peace and Namaste )0(


Debra Kelly
only been playing the didj for about a year...loving every minute of it. living in the rich culture of fort myers florida with many other artist. we all spend our spare time drumming and didjing. we love our saturday night drum circle . love you john, keith and bruce. miss the old days with the syracuse scottish pipe band (not enough to go back up north)


Jeremy Lembo
I have been playing for a few years now and have tons of fun. I can often be found at various drum circles from Siesta Key to Nokomis Beach. I also play various art walks in Sarasota and Bradenton. About every other month I can also be found playing With Didgeri Darren in Ybor City in Tampa. I am always willing to play, almost anytime and anywhere and I custom make didges out of any material. I can make tuned bamboo ones even though the material is hard to get, PVC and other plastic is easy to play and make not to mention cheap. For those that would like something a little better, I can make didges out of any board wood, from the readily available pine and cedar to the exotics I can make it and tune it. I can also do some relief carving for a custom appearance. Examples of my work will soon be up on the site mentioned above.


Darren Liebman
Ever since I bought my mac-daddy eucalyptus didg in December 2000 in Cairns, Australia, I've aspired to become America's foremost didg player. Although I didn't learn how to circular breathe unitl December 2001, I started playing in public about four months after first droning. I regularly play at parties and drum circles and random public places -- sometimes solo and sometimes with friends. Feel free to drop me a note, and check out The Didg Revolution is spreading! Join in or get out of the way! Didgelujah!


Stephen Loftus
aloha from the depths of dreamtime please contact me happy circle breathing


Matt Nicholson
Melbourne, Florida USA


Carl Ramer
Age, 54 living in Melbourne, Florida


David Spofford
Age, 40, living in Boca Raton, Florida


Nora Wolf
Just starting in playing DIDJ, learned from John Dumas, we made our own in a workshop, out of bamboo. Friends tell me I sound like a dying Mule.



C. Leigh Culver
I'm interested in meeting any other didge players in the area.


Dave Donnellan
Hi, My name's Dave, I'm 21. I was born and lived in Dublin, Ireland until a just over a year ago when I moved over here to the North Georgia Mountains, U.S.A. where I am now married to my beautiful wife, Jessica.
I am looking for a Dórd Íseal (a Bronze Age Horn - 104 horns survive from the Irish Bronze Age of which replicas have been made and played). Irish bronze horns are by no means unique in the world of music, though they do belong to a particular wind instrument family. This is called the single cavity family. The essential feature is an open mouthpiece which allows the entire length of the instrument to resonate a note. Other members are animal horns from Africa, didgeridoo from Australia, wooden trumpets from the Amazon and various sea shells from around the world. The Dórd Íseal can be played in a manner very similar to the Australian didgeridoo. This involves using circular breathing and complex lip, mouth and upper body movements and pressures to vary tone and rhythm as with the didge. Anyway if anyone has any idea whatsoever where or how I might obtain such an instument please email me!!
Here is a picture of the Dórd Íseal: dordard1.jpg


Joe Morris
Born 1935 and lives in Hampton, GA (near Atlanta). Playing the didjeridu since 1998.


Tim Morris
I love playing didg. It's almost a religion for me. I am currently living in Acworth, GA (near Atlanta) and you can't beat sitting beneath the oaks and growling along with nature.


Jim Smelcer
Playing the didj is one of the most restful things you can do.


David Strohauer
Born 1958 Living in Atlanta, GA I make and import didjs and other ethnic instruments.


Stan Taylor
Living in Atlanta, Georgia. Also play trombone, bass, assorted noisemakers.


Glenn Anthony Weinstein
Age 23 Living in Atlanta, GA for now



Jay Dahlman
I just bought my first Didjedridu and am really excited about learning to play! What an awesome instrument ...


Benjamin Kinsey
Seeking those who seek sacred music. Come and let's jam and keep this Dreaming going...


Canaan Machida
My friends and I try to play every Thurs. night @ Hale Noa (Kava Bar) on Kapahulu! Didgeridoing & Kava! Come and join us...


Rob Phipps
I've been playing for only a few months, but I am totally hooked on the didgeridoo! Please send me an email if you are interested in talking about didg.'s or Maui, or both!



Tom Bray
Living in Boise, Idaho


Randy Clark
Located in the Boise area, I have been playing for roughly five years and would like to jam and learn advanced techniques. Please email.


Terry Dobler
Living in Boise, Idaho


Steve Van Ronk
Learned while working in an Aboriginal settlement in 1983. Done concerts & educational programs. Has photo-journalistic exhibition of Pintupi people from Walunguru. 520 Pine St. Sandpoint, Idaho 83864



Springfield ill. Introduced to this amazing and wonderful instrument by a friend,Joel Hinkle. Started on a pvc almost a year ago and I am now the pround owner of two wooden digs. Definately email us if your the area and want to drone.


Freddie Feldman
AGE: 23, Chicago, Illinois USA


brian grover
born in '66. Didgin' since early '96. Enjoy jamming and doing world beat improv gigs and the occasional Chicago area coffee house gig with guitarist Dominic Gaudios. But mostly play with my band Ballydowse.


George Hinkle
just started learning to play in 96'. still verymuch the novice but enjoy spending time with my son. joel and i attempt to drome in springpatch each monday night. all the best to fellow players from springfield,il.


Joel M. Hinkle
Springfield, IL. Email me if you are in the local area. We have monthly didgeridoo gatherings at my home. The environment is supportive to beginners, and everyone is still learning in their own way. I have been playing since '97, and provide free lessons, and PVC or authentic didgeridoos at low cost. I am available to those wanting to add didg to their music, and have been working on a personal project this year.


Droning in Hyde Park w/my 6-foot Anangu didjeridu. Just back from Uluru. Would like to connect w/others here who like the native Australian thing.


Nate M.
Just recently started (February 1999) and loving every minute of it. Alot of soul involved. I'm glad alot more Illinoisans are picking it up. Good Vibes, Al l!


Fred McLevich
I have been playing for about a year and love the didge and would like to connect with others that love to play. I am in northern Illinois.


Tim Porcelli
It's very exciting to see a good long list of other players from around the world. I've been playing rather intently for about 6 years now and play with a large ensemble here in Chicago.
Dave Rix
... ,39, live in west suburbs of Chicago, IL. I've been playing didg for about 2 years and bass and harmonica for about 25. Always dug droning rhythms that groove.


Mike Schukies
Born in 1947 and living in Chicago, Illinois


Danny Teeters
Just started didgin' this year and it has changed my life. Lookin for other players to jam with since no one around here has even heard of a didgeridoo.


Jeff Wiker
I've been didgin' since '96. I droan with a local group of players that are always open to new people. So if your every in the area, please send a note and we'll try to jam.



David Bailey
Hay yall didj Players..I have been playing for 3 days and I love it....I have a plastic one...It's ok but I am looking for a real wood one so If you know where I can get a cheap one that sound awsome let me know...


Michael Bonner
Indianapolis, Indiana I have been playing for about 2 years now and I have 3 didjs in my collection. I am by no means an expert--but, enjoy playing very much.


Chris Brown
I'm 17 and live in Evanston, a near-north suburb of Chicago. I just started playing the didj recently.


Sean Borman
Fomerly studying at U of Notre Dame, Indiana Now travelling a whole bunch


Dave Dribin
Living in Chicago, Illinois


Family Gebhart
Living in Wabash, Indiana. I am 17 and have been playing the didgeridoo for about two years.


David Geiss
I became interested in the Didge when I met my Australian partner. She introduced me to the people at Tandanya in Adelaide who then kindly spent hours helping me find the right didge and teaching me how to play it. I was even invited to spend a weekend going "bush" with the tribal elders. I have now been playing the didge for two years and each time I visit Australia add another to my collection. Would be happy to meet others who enjoy playing the didge.


Lee Guthrie
I would love to get together with anyone in the area and buzz didges or find some drummers and flutists to play with too (around a campfire maybe). I just love making pure music. Feel free to write or call anytime.


Chris Haskett
I live in the Northern suburbs of Indy and have been didligently play my didj for three months after buying it France, but the didj itself was made in Indonesia(or so i was told). I also play the drums and the guitar. I go to school in Champaign Illinois at the U of Illinois. Looking forward to play with other people.


Michael Kebrdle
Just started pulling a few months ago. I'm still very nuch in the beginning phases, but I play everyday. I go to school @ IUPUI in INdianapolis


Phil Kirby
Cloverdale Indiana - I traveled to Australia last year and studied the music of the Aborigiones on a Lilly Grant. and currently teach music and Band in the Cloverdale Community school system..


Dennis Leas
In Lafayette


Michael Padgett
Love the didj! Looking to jam with anyone. I am currently in the Evansville area. Look me up if your in town. Happy didjing!!


Joe Shoemaker
Living in Indianapolis, making PVC didjs w/ beeswax mouthpieces.


Sean Slavin
tudying at Ball State University in the thriving metropolis of Muncie, Indiana.


Alan Wendt
I went to Darwin, Australia in November of 1998 and while I was there I travelled to Katherine and bought the perfect didj for 175 Australian dollars. I enjoy playing it and all of my friends and family recognize the unmistakable sound once they hear it :) I still am working on my circular breathing!



Robert(Bob) Blodgett
age 47, living in northwestern Iowa


Randall McDonnell
Started playing a couple months ago. I never played a wind instrument before, yet I managed to begin circular breathing within the first day. Now I can't put it down...vocalizations and ryhthms, they're all so much fun to learn and perfect.


John Pemble
living in Iowa



Chad Hayes
I've been playing Didgeridoo for about 2 years now, and lower brass instruments for about 8 years. I was just recruited to play Didge and other exotic instruments in a metal/ eclectic jam band.


Jessica Hicks
Hi! I'm a high school student and have been playing since mid-June 2001. I really enjoy the freedom, and I hope it is good conditioning for my trumpet-playing.


Anthony Lee
Hey I'm a highschool student that got introduced to the didjerdu just last year or so. I made my own and learned to play and it's been alot of fun. I also play several differt instrumanet and the didj. has it's own freedom and personality. I love playing it and learning new techniques and stories about it.


Tom Vetter
--Maysville--60 miles upriver from cincinnati



Carl Fallik
Always looking for opportunities to didge in the KC Area. I Make (all types), sell and play the du.


Ray Fuller (AKA El Rayo)
Age, 52 living in Lenexa, Kansas Near KC


Ryan Ross in Overland Park, KS, K.C. suburb



Lee Guilbeau
Peace. Love. Didgeridoo.


Brad Shelton
I live in Monroe, in northern Louisiana. Had a didj for a while but have only recently begun playing the instrument regularly (7/99).


Gregory John Wildes
Have fun today.



Jason Bicknell
must be a didjeridu master.


Ben Levine


Stu Silverstein
Solon, Maine, 049790



Gropo DePalosverdes
23 Years old 1538 Tremont St. Apt.3 Roxbury, MA 02120 (617) 442-2018 5 Year self taught veteran on the 'Didj. I'm always looking for new Heavy-end projects to fill in that BASS sound that todays ROCK is seemingly lacking.


Marnie Jackson
A fairly recent initiate to the world of the didj - I wish I knew a few players near me to keep me inspired.


Justin Koller
Massachusetts, USA My fav. Didje is a 143cm "A" StringyBark Eucalyptus Made by Djalu Gurruwiwi (Galpu Clan). A picture of it is under Djalu's name at: homepage


Tom Lautzenheiser
45 Packard Ave. Somerville, MA 02144 USA (617) 623-3892


Matt Newby
Danvers, MA. I've built several PVC didjs, and researched and documented some of the physics of the instrument elsewhere on this site. I've also been experimenting with PVC and copper tubing for pennywhistles and Andean quenas.



Shan Bentz
College Park, Maryland


John Alexander
Beltsville, MD Been playing for around 5 years now. Started in Spain.
homepage (Mid-Eastern page)


Jai Dixon
Jacksonville, MD - I've been building and playing cedar (4' to 7') didges for about 10 months now and loving the sounds emanating from these instruments. If you're interested in "talking/playing didge", sharing ideas, sounds etc. give me a call or drop me an email. (410) 323-8800 x238



Joseph Gentile
Born 1930 and playing since 1997 as semi-retirement avocation. I am interested in using the didgeridoo as a means for meditation and visualization and just plain having fun.


Steph Karpinski
Let's get together and didg! I'm looking for other players to learn with and from, and am especially interested in the trance/meditation/vibrational healing aspects of the didg. I love gatherings with lots of other music happening as well. I am a percussionist, guitarist and singer, and now a didger. Let me know of any didg related events in the WashDC/MD/VA area. I have a couple friends who harvest and make agave cactus didges from, I can pass their info onto you if you're interested. They are beautiful, light, and have wonderful resonance. Peace in the vibration.


keith leaman
I have been playing since 1993. I learned via Allan Shockley, Stephen Kent a nd much of my own persistance. I am on four recordings. Didg planet # 1, GEORGIE JESSUPS AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, Al Petteways Midsummer Moon and Peter Spoeckers DID GERIDOO USA. I would be interested in related events [ gatherings ect...] in my area.


John Madill
Owings Mills (outside Baltimore) Maryland


Cliff Mosley
Age, 43 living in Bowie, Maryland


Alexander Schuetz
got my first didg december, 2001. i hope to continue to play and to learn! play in peace.


Chandy(Sunny) Thomas
Been playin since 1998. Use it in worship especially during prophetic flows! I am a radical believer in jesus!


Ted Watkin
Ted Watkin is a full-time professional musician/entertainer, celebrating his 27th year and his 14th recording. As a Renaissance man, gypsy/troubadour, Ted tours constantly as a solo artist. Professional juggler, ventriloquist, stand-up comedian, athlete, and much more are described on his website.


Tim Whittemore
I am a founding member of the band Big Blow and the Bushwackers. I play didjiridu and tuba. I graduated from Salisbury State University w/ a degree in tuba performance. I teach lessons and workshops on didj., make powerful very large belled didjs (and my own twisted variations of didjs) from trash. I have released 3 CDs w/ Big Blow, a solo meditational didj cassette, and done studio didj work for other artists. I am currently recording more w/ Big Blow, and working on an unusual eclectic studio didj album. I live in Baltimore, MD born 1967 phone is 410-675-DIDJ



Jesse Bambrick
just learned to play (circular breath) about a year ago. Always trying to find people to jam with, learn from. Haven't ran into too many around Lansing. Learning also to make them.


Aaron Bandstra
I am a student who just started playing on a PVC didj. I live in Vancouver, BC, but go to school in Michigan.


Steven Buckley
I go to University of Michigan and just started on a PVC didge. I live in Ann Arbor/Farmington Hills and would gladly get together to share tips or play together. I really need tips :)


Dennis Havlena - W8UR
(how many other radio-hams are there amongst us??) Age, 48 living in Straits of Mackinac, northern Michigan


Tom Henry
I've got a nice didge that I got as a wedding present a few years ago. Like many of you, I can't seem to get the hang of circular breathing. It would be nice to get together for practice and moral support with some other didge beginners.


Frank Jess
I live in Kalamazoo Michigan. I just purchased my first didgeridoo and am in the process of trying to learn to play it. I made one out of PVC and have been learning on it. My wife purchased a bamboo didg for me. She didn't know that they are supose to be mad out of wood. I wish there more didgi players around. I need some help to get over the circle breathing. I have a couple of video tapes that do a good job of explaining it. I guess I need some moral support. Anyway, you can add my name to the list of players. Maybe there are some out there that are lurking.


chris korte
I've been playing the didj for about seven years now. I live in the detroit area and love learning and teaching about the instrument.


Larry Preuss
I am a beginning player, also studying the shakuhachi. Ann Arbor, Michigan USA.


Ken Scott
born 1955, Michigan, Traverse City area


Joe Sladovich
I've been playing the Didj for about 5 months and have tips on circular breathing. It really is easy if you don't think about it. Write me if you want for tips. Good Luck! PS, try to blow water out of your mouth and breath in, same as circular breathing!



Elena Chandler


Jason Kloster
I have been playing for about 2 years and love the didj...I am just trying to get better all the rythems, new breathing techniques.


Kohei Oba
Hi. I would love to play with new people in a drum circle. If you live in Minnesota, especially St.Cloud-Twincities area, please inform me about didgeridoo-related events!!



Joe Pat Brock
I am from jackson and want to get a band started. Music is my whole life. I can play electric but play bass better. if you want to get in touch with me call me at 601-291-3508 and leave a message.


Heath Harwood
I have only been playing for about a year. It would be great to get with some other players around these parts. If you passing through and want to play drop a line my way and will get together and play. I have some friends that play as well.



Janet Gunter
St. Louis Missouri


Brian Harrington
(formerly Brian Gorski on the didj mailing list) Columbia Missouri playing didj now for over 3 years


Nathan Kostelecky
I've played many didjeridus for a couple years now, and I am starting to get into constructing my own didjeridus of PVC. Feel free to contact me.


Derek Leath
Welcome to the St.Louis Didgeridoo Society Web Page.


Scott McRoberts
I've been playing for about three years, would like to meet fellow didj pla yers in the St. Louis area. I have 8 didj's now, all but two are traditional.


Anna Shabsin
Looking to get together to play with other St. Louis didj players!


Dave Storer
Didj's: many varieties of PVC, home-made bamboo, euc and a resin didj I bought from Inlakesh. (It sounds really good, and it's light.) I learned from the Inlakesh video Rob Thomas and Tonya Gerard made, from hints from the didj mailing list, and by LOTS of experimentation. Member of the St. Louis Didgeridoo Society.



Rob Gandy
I've been playing didgeridoo for about two years would like to hook up with other didgeridoo players in montana.e-mail me at:


dan house
I am interested in conversing with folks who make their own insturments, esp ecailly from PVC. Eucalyptus doesnt grow in Montana, so its Plastic for us!


Brian Kerns
Now located in Missoula, Montana. Been playing for 3 years. Look me up if you're ever in the area.




Mike Alber
Old to the world, new to the didj.


Karen K. Brostoski
Las Vegas, Nevada 24 years old




John Snyder
Been playing for a couple of years now, and sponsor the only high school didjeridu club in the world, as far as we know.


Rob Weidenfeld

New Hampshire


David Baum
A dedicated player, always looking for others to play with. All for fun. Peterborough, NH 603-924-7831


Brian Charles
I've played for 25 years - professionally for film and commercial soundtracks, in performance and in ceremony. I'm from NYC, moved to NH in 1994.

New Jersey


Just kickin' up good vibrations. Oh yeah, always ready for a jam!


Andrew Kimball
from: Blackwood, Southern New Jersey, USA ive been playing for about a year and a half. i really just dabbled in it for a while. until i had the pleasure of seeing live and speaking to,briefly, stephen roach. i now play almost everyday.


Edward La Corte
I've been going Mad for Didges in the last year. My Collection will be reaching 18 very soon.I would like to hook up with any other Didge Lovers.Peace


Todd Laffler
Hey fellow didgers. I've been playing for about a year and a half, and would like to get together with other didge enthusiests in my area. Shoot me an email to chat or set something up.


Jeff Levine
I have been playing the 4 PVC instruments I made for almost 3 years. I'd like to compare notes with others in my area of Northern New Jersey about instruments, concerts, anything having to do with the use and fabrication of didgeridoos. Quero saber como o didgeridoo está usado na musica Brasileira ultimamente.


Steve Witte
I have been playing for four years and I am always looking for other didgeridoo players to learn and enjoy didjn' with. 28 Wilton St., Apt. B Princeton, NJ 08540

New Mexico


hello, i live in albuquerque,new mexico. I'm 13 and i have been playing the didj for just over a year. my teacher is Ganga Giri and i have already played a couple gigs at dance parties. if anyone in alb. wants to hook up and maybe play, teach or get taught. i dont know what lever you may be at.i will teach circular breathing and animal sounds, basic to advanced rythims and what-not. Please E-mail me if your interested or if you know where i could get lessons. Thank you.


Amani Friend
Santa Fe, New Mexico Didj performer and recorded artist. Also runs his own recording studio called "Cosmic Vibrations" phone : 505-982-2154 home 505-995-0761 studio


Philip Ganderton
An Australian living among others. I play originals I make and play plastics (ABS). Albuquerque, New Mexico


Rob Thomas is a virtuoso player, and together with his partner Tanya Gerard, they make both awesome music, and awesome didgeridoos, out of agave.

New York


I'm now living in New York. I'd love to know if there is here any didjeridoo club or something. I can play didjeridoo and I would like to find someone to play with!


ROCHESTER N.Y. I am a music teacher who heard someone playing a "weird- sounding" instrument when I was vacationing in California in 2001. Needless to say, I bought a Didge right there on the spot,lugged it home on the plane and my life has never been the same! anyone in the area want to jam?


carlos cabrera
Queens NY just got my first stick


Mickey Corentto
Hi everyone, I'm from Glens Falls, NY and as of July of 2001 I am the proud owner of my first Didjeridu. I already love playing it and am looking for others to jam and learn with. Hopefully I can get a didj group together for a once a week exchange of ideas and playing session. Please feel free to email me.


Reid Dalland
I started playing in Dec. '98. I would describe myself as a recreational player. I have hosted a number of gatherings in both Brooklyn and Stone Ridge.


The didj is one of th most captivating instruments (and one of th only ones) i can play. It has a unique sound that everyone finds strange and interesting, there is no other instrument that has so many overtones.


Dreux J. Dominick
I live in Lakewood, NY. It's in the western tip of the state. I started playing didj around June of '97 after hearing a bunch of guys sitting out front of Lee Parker's didj tent at the Great Blue Heron Festival. I've been hooked on the sound and soul of the didj ever since. I'm a Student with so many teachers that I don't know which to listen to first.


Jason Gazda
I live just outside of Buffalo. Have slowly been forming a nucleus of players at Brushwood folklore center in the Western tip of NY. Lots of didge jamming every summer. I make and play didges in the spirit of noncompetition for a better community. Always lookin' for more players and makers to share with.. Don't hesitate to contact me for anything didge.... Bright Blessings..


chris hoeft
Been playing didgeridoo for about 3 months now and still trying to get the hang of circular breathing. looking for others to play with and get some insightful practice


David Hudson Guguyalangi/Ewamian
I have been playing Yigi Yigi now for over thirty years...


Norman A.Gundersheim
Didj player out of Ithaca NY. Dept. of Fruit & Vegetable Science 162 Plant Science Cornell University Ithaca, N.Y. 14853 607-255-3033 Fax 607-255-0599


Erich A. Heinemann
I live in NYC and just started playing the didj. I'd love to find a teacher or people to jam with. I'm also a beginning djembe drummer.
If you're planning a jam or drum circle in the NYC area, I'd love to know about it!




Larry Iwan
I started to play in 1998 with no inkling that I had begun a journey to other places on the earth and within myself. I found many new friends and inspiration at the Joshua Tree Didjeridu Festivals, and left some of my soul in the red earth at Gulkula, Arnhem Land, the site of the Garma Festivals for celebrating and sharing Aboriginal culture. Most of all, I enjoy playing and searching for my personal musical expression, but I have also learned something about playing and selecting instruments from physical acoustics modeling. My secret agenda is to find a way to get my whole town "buzzing" .


... (pronounced 'eye-oh-eye') is an international rollerblading didgeridoo quartet born in '97 in Tompkins Square Park, East Village, NYC. ||O||, the symbol, is representative of four didges with the circle as the central binding element: circular breathing, the core technique used in playing the instrument; the circle of four friends who often gather (as they do at Wanderlust) to jam for/with a larger circle of friends; and, of course, the wheels on which they roll. ||O|| can be seen and heard all over the globe, in such places as Wanderlust, Ocularis, Shadowbox, The Smithsonian, The Earth Room, yoga/meditation centers, parks, temples, subways, streets, jungles, boats, beaches, and anywhere else they happen to be, as well as on numerous recordings.

The individual members are:
Joshua Sullivan (American) -- started playing in Australia in the winter of '95, currently working on a didj seminar as well as making and painting dozens of didges.
Matthieu Paley (French) -- started playing in Australia in the fall of '95, makes didges as well.
Philipp Engelhorn (German) -- started playing in NYC in the summer of '97, also currently making and painting many didges.
Randy Kato (American) -- started playing in Australia in the summer of '96, makes didges as well.

We have a web site, as part of the Wanderlust web site (Wanderlust is a musical/artistic party/event that we are part of). The ||O|| site is at and can be found by following the "WanderWhat" link, and then clicking on the ||O|| graphic at the bottom. E-mail can be sent to


Derek Johnson
I recently got my first didgeridu, so i am just beginning to play. I have always loved the sound of the instrument, and the skill involved in playing is like no other. I have a deep respect for the aborigine peoples and their rights and thank them for the fun i am now having. Let your lips rip fellow players


Chris Kahley
The didjeridu is an amazing instrument. I have been playing now for about seven years and find that I am in a much better place when I play on a regular basis. Hello to Tracy, Andrew, Damon & Lies....all of whom share in this experience.


Michael Katz
I just got my first "real" didjeridu and am looking for other sound seekers to talk to, experiment with and learn from. I play guitar and recently got hooked on the djembe.


David M. Muska
Hello! I started playing didj about a year ago and find it a truly fascinating and uplifting instrument. I also recently started constructing African hand drums of which I am extremely psyched about. If there is anyone in the area of binghamton,NY who is interested in didjin'out or drumming please contact me. Peace and blessings


Lee Parker
Forestville NY in the SW corner of the state. I make & sell PVC didjs. I buy to sell Aboriginal eucalyptus didjeridus. I'm also looking for some one to play didj with (not too many people admit to playing a didj around here). 01 716 965 4200 voice & fax ICQ UIN 2117831


zakarya sherzad
I am an ex-CCM graduate student as well as an ex-mills didjeridoo member, I moved to the East Coat about 12 years ago. Now I live in NYC for the past 4 years. Still playing didj. and travel though time and space. I got my last didj form Aus. last month key of c, and I have four other ones f, d, Bb and a slide PBC. I have been playing here and there in different settings of free improv cercles.


Keith Schreiner
I am an ambient soundscape designer utilizing synths and didgeridoos. Two albums finished a third on the way........................................


Simon 7
From Sydney Australia, living in New York City, playing 8 years and owner of Indie label : Nature Beat Music with 3 didjeridoo releases from his band DIDJWORKS. Does a lot of busking and sessions in the city, also a member of the band Mecca Bodega who did the soundtrack and performed in the HBO movie Subway Stories.
Welcome to Nature Beat Music


John Snyder
East Village Manhattan New York Playing since 1986, teaches classes at New York Open Center and privately.


Charles Vitale
I live in the Bronx. I have been playing the didj for a year now and just recently discovered your web page with the player index.


Thomas Workman
I have been playing didjeridu since 1990. I play professionally, as Musical Director of Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, in Dog Dance and The Big Sky Ensemble, two groups that I organized. I do a lot of lecture/demo/performances in schools and other settings as well, focussing on didj and other "earth-based" instruments (conch shells, bamboo flutes and jaw harps, etc).

North Carolina


Gaye B. Dimmick
New player.I just want to see what is out there in the didge community. I live in Charlotte.


Chris Endy
107 Hunter Hill Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27516


Stuart Gardner
Raleigh, NC and Brussels, Belgium


Eric Leonard
I have just started playing the didj. I have wanted one for a long time and when I finally got one I couldn't wait to play it so on the way home I had my sister drive the car while I positioned myself where I had enough room to play. After about 2 minutes I got my first good drone going and I was hooked. Within an hour I was making some really cool tones and I was really excited with my purchase. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish with this very unique instrument.


Jarrett Leone
Hi! I am a didjeridu lover living in Asheville, NC. If you ever find yourself in the area, drop me a line and lets get together and jam. I host a didjeridu and overtone music circle at The Courtyard Gallery every Monday at 8pm and I am trying to get some more didjeridu and overtone music related events going on around here. If you ever want to teach a workshop, have a performance or do anything else related to the didj in Western North Carolina, please let me know and I would love to help in any way I can. Peace and Love...


Michael Munden
Now living in rural North Carolina, I still enjoy playing and making didji's as much as ever!! Only now, I get to play for the horses and goats! At age 37, I've been at it since the early '90s..and have to credit Scottish singer Dougie Maclean as the fist didjer I ever heard. Mike


Carey Sessoms
I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. I am currently earning a BS degree in the sciences.


Davidson Smith
I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Contact me for some log jams


Scott Whittemore
Hey! I love the didge, if you're in the area and wanna jam, lemme know

North Dakota



Chris Cato
Age, 23 Studying at Bowling Green State University in Ohio


Gerry Hoffman
Cincinnati Ohio playing since 7/14/98 still sounds like a buncha bees


Michael C Horvath
Cincinnati, OH


Brian Kerber
Just started didging 5/02. I've loved this music for many years and I'm full out "into it". I could use some instruction- feel free to email me. Would love to jam once I learn the breathing. Much love-


Aaron Molnar
Age 25 Painesville, Ohio


Dan O'Brien, age: 40,
Matt O'Brien, age: 14, living in Columbus, Ohio


Matthew Palmer
Columbus, Ohio


Jim Reynolds
I also play tuba, theremin, and bass . . .


Hello fellow droning ululators. I've been playing around on the didj for the last couple of years. I'm starting to get the circular breathing down with much relaxation and communion with other fellow didj'ers. I've turned quite a few people on to the didj and we've made many pvc pipes collectively. I love any and all acoustic and easoteric instruments. Let's have a midwest gathering and get on with peace and dreamtime.


Greg Shim
I've been didjin' since '94 when I got an Australian log from a now defunct drum shop. Send me an email if you want to jam.


Mark Tomko



Sarah Holland-Bailey
Greetings, I'm a new didge-player and loving every minute of it. Would love to be in touch with other in my area... I'm in Norman, Oklahoma. Happy didging! Sarah


Steve Petree
I've been playing for about five years. Also make and sell didges. Come on down and jam.


Ryan R. Richter
I've always wanted to play the didj. I bought my first about two years ago, and tought myself to circle breeth. I'm looking for someone to play with ( there's not many players in Okla. go figuer! ), so I can have fun and find out if I'm any good. I like to think I'm rather good for someone from Muskogee.


Denver C Risley
I discovered the didj while traveling abroad in the Navy. I have been playing for a little more than a year, and I'm taking to it pretty good. I'm experimenting with different woods and synthetics. 9034 E 12th Street Tulsa Oklahoma 74112



Jeremiah Atkinson
I have been making and playing didgeridoos and want others to play with. Now I have a website, Take a look and tell me what you think thanks, Jeremiah Klamath Falls Oregon


Mike Ault
Another didjer from the left coast. Been living in Portland, Or. since '83. My other passion is amateur radio contesting. I can be reached at either of the folowing:


Scott L. Baker
I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. I've been playing didgeridoo several years, although I still consider myself just a beginner. I made an injection mold for a plastic mouthpiece that fits 1.5 inch ABS pipe. For more info visit my web site at homepage


Bob Beck
Living in Portland Oregon. Age: over 40 ;-) (503)768-9484x25


Dave DeLacey
I've been playing a couple of PVC pipes for four months or so. CB'ing is coming along well enough, I guess, but I'm still a bit "challenged" rhythmically :) Corvallis, Or. 754-1319


Ed Drury
Younger than God, barely. Currently living in Portland, Oregon


Aaron Embree
been playing for some years now. others would say i've been making a nuisance of myself with the dij for yearsbut who cares. learned early on, that you have to have a sense of humor with the dij. Luckily i am a large jolly man. have fun. give a holle rto get together sometime.


Jesse Gay
Portland, OR


Leland Gilsen
I am Oregon's State Archaeologist, have been messsing about with two didgjeridos for a while. One a light weight bamboo thing and the other a very heavy termite eaten Australian one. Live in Salem, take a traveling museum of NW Indian replica artifacts out on the road. Do some rendezvous in State Parks. Usually at Champoeg Indian Summer Days in September. Usually bring them both along.


Michael Hagmeier
Playing since 1994, living in Portland, OR. I perform solo, and in various ensembles. I play middle-eastern percussion as well as didjeridu. I've released one CD, Didjeridu Ecstasy, and am at work on a second.


Hay been playing didgeridoo in eugene oregon for over 3 year`s now and have completely mastered the circularbreathing and had a wonderful time meeting David Hudson from australia i am so lucky :) anyway want to jam? I am up for a didgeridoo jam anytime just e-mail me :) or call 541-463-9326 :)




Dan Numbers
Been playing since 1994. I give lessons occasionally and make concert quality didjs from Bondo. Prices start at $200. Other than that, e-mail me if you want to jam sometime


Robbin Roy Palmer
Been playing since 1997..but will always be a beginner...Kindergarten is where it is at! Enjoy playing anywhere with anyone... Some great caves in the area to play in... Drop me a line!


Josh Paquette (KeTT)
age 18, been making noise in Ashland Oregon since april or may of '97


Ryan Richardson
I live in Bend, Ore. Been playing didge for four or five years, making sculpted and dot painted PVC didges.


Lawrence Soto
Maintainer of the 'other' player list! {grin}


Sean Wolfe
Founded NYC Didge in 1999. Now living, writing, teaching in Southern Oregon.



Dennis Bitner
Hello, I've been playing didge since 97. I live in the Franklin, Oil city area in western Pa.Anyone with any interest in learning to play or just getting together to jam feel free to contact me. Thanks


David R. Bowen
Age: 49 Willow Street, PA Playing since 1980


Matt Brophy
Hey guys. I'm a fairly new player. I was first exposed on my trip Down Under this summer, and was hooked. Unforunatley, I kept myself from buying one. I have since borrowed one from a friend, and have learned how to circular breath, as well as add various sound effects. I am very interested in purchasing one for myself, as well as learning from someone with more skill than myself.


Dan Bruner


Geoffrey Corner
I am a domiciled Brit living in Plymouth Township outside of Philadelphia. I have been making and playing the didgeridoo for about a year now (1999). I am interested in getting a group together in the area to play together and share ideas.


G. Fenstermacher
Playing on and off for a year or so (and still can't circular breathe!) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


David A. Ford
Playing didgeridu since 1995. Also play trumpet and african drums. Play regularly at Group Motion on Friday nights. Interested in teaching new players or starting a didg circle in Philadelphia.


Edward Gardner
Peace to all out there in didj land. Would like to meet and talk with other didj players. I have been playing for two years but learned how to circular breath about six years. I must say the didj has helped in changeing my life, and I practice every day. I am from Harrisburg, Pa.


Jack Glidden
Amateur Radio Callsign N3IQN Living in the Southwest corner of PA


Sterling C. Green Jr.
I was stung by the didjbug and never wanted to recover!


Colin Lennox
hi all, i'm a didjer living in Altoona,PA and i'm looking for people to teach, people to learn from, and people to play along with, i've been playing for six months, perfoming for three, and have a good hold of the breathing i'd also like to put something together with other players, i like to use an amp and guitar pedals to twist and tweak the sound even more


Jay Poplinski
reading PA (usa)


Didgeridrew Reid
i live outside of Philadelphia. I make and play the didge. I have any key for sale to anybody who's interested.e-mail me if interested in a jam session,lessons or to purchase one for yourself. custom made didge also available.


I bought my dij from Inlakesh. It's made of pvc and painted with a beautiful cosmic snake on it. I lived in Australia 15 years ago in Alice Springs. I just about have the circular breath, thanks to my teacher.


Vincent Troiani
I live near Ligonier, PA and play in the ridges east of Pittsburgh. Contacts welcomed at:


Kyle Walsh
I am a begining player, while I play several other instruments this didge holds me in facination. At present I am looking for guidance and any information I can get.


Adam M. Zdanavage
Got hooked on the sound while in Australia in the summer of 2000. Bought one and play occasionally (working on the circular breathing, just haven't got it yet!!)

Rhode Island


AJ "Hammie" Reis
I've been playing since 2000 and didjcrafting since 2002. I have an agave didge in D (this was one that was played on the soundtrack for "Survivor II: Outback"), 2 ripper Djalus in E, plus any current inventory from my didjcrafting studio "DIDJERIDU RI" ( ). I handcraft didges from local hardwood tree limbs. The Didj Scene is growing in Rhode Island so c'mon down and jam! Interested in learning? I give lessons in playing and crafting. Influences: Randy Graves, David Hudson & Stephen Kent.


Ramon Serrano
I live in Portsmouth, RI USA.


Daniel Stern
enthusiastic didjeridu player

South Carolina


Brad Lustig
No longer in Clemson. I'm in Mount Pleasant (next to Charleston) and starting to get back into Didjes.


Aaron Soehl
I'm a didj player in Columbia, SC. I play bamboo and PVC didjs that I make. I also do a little throat singing as well. Just cheking out the page on my mother's computer, but it's cool to e-mail me bcak at this adress with any well whishes. Cool page, gave me lots to ponder. Didj on!

South Dakota


Noel Pesce
Born around 1975, Student at the University of South Dakota



Derek Ross
I'm just a lonely didjer lookin' for a logjam! Anyone in the Memphis area even remotely interested? Just for fun, for profit, for prophet, for relaxation, for kicks, for yelps, screams, howls, errps, yarks, and mmphs. I NEED TO JAM. (It's really hard to do alone.) Drone on, gang.


Brady Sharp
Murfreesboro, Tennessee



Scott Billups
Central Houston, TX


Gilbert J. Caceres
Healing Sounds Didgeridoo Circle Meets every thursday! Lessons available!


David Crandall
I've been playing since January '99, and I love it. I Play an agave, a sycamore, and a Slidedidge. I play in the traditional, Yolngu breathing style, so I love to play fast.


Ron Crose
Playing and teaching the way and history of the didj as best I can for over 12 years. My best goes out to the Aboriginals past and present, and to all others with whom love and respect lies within them. Living in Austin, Texas.


Michael Figley
Loving in Austin, Texas.


Ben Hamby
I've been playing, painting and making didjeridus for around a year in the Dallas area. I'm totally enchanted by this voice of the Dreamtime.


Scott Hampton
I'm still learning and trying to make my own didge's so any tips or advice, instructions whatever. Bring 'em this way. Or just write for whatever.


Gilbert Hatala
We are experimenting with didge playing as an adjunct to our practice of psychotherapy here in El Paso--it soothes, relaxes and supports healing on many levels.


Andrew Higginbotham
I play the didge as often as I can. I learn something new every time I play. I'm living in Dallas.


Mischa D. Krilov
Austin, Texas


Nigel Jacobs
Living in Austin, TX


Marc (no last name)
Living in an old mining ghost town No phone, no electricity - please write! c/o Deadfish p o box 94 Terlingua Tx 79852


Frank Mills
I am looking for someone that teaches lessons in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area? More on the Ft. Worth side than Dallas. Email me with your recommendations. Thanks for yall help.


Breck Outland
I've been playing didj since '94 and am interested in pranayama didj playing. I live in Dallas, Texas.


Steve Page
Dallas, TX guitars/keyboards/now dij too...


Adam Paul
Hello My name is Adam and I live in the Galleria Area of Houston and am about 5-6 months into my Didjeridu adventure. I am picking it up quite rapidly I am looking for some help with my breathing and some new rythms. Any one in Houston who would like to meet play or give a little advice e-mail me, please. Maybe I can whip a little food up if you can see in my e-mail addressI am a chef. Didge on!


Russell Riall
I'm pretty new to the didgeridoo but I enjoy playing.I make my own out of pipe.I'm eager to learn so if anyone wants to play, send me an e-mail.


Alan Schreiber
Playing and making didjeridus since finding the Dreamtime page in 1999. Near San Antonio, Texas, e-mail if y'all want to drop by and jam.


Javier Villanueva
Dave Crowder says: "Javier Villaneuva no longer lives here, he's in Texas."



Ryan Barker
I have only been playing a short while, but I am so taken by the art that I play all the time and looking to learn from someone who really knows how to play.


Steven Cuthbert
Have been making and playing hardwood didjs for for 6 years.Working with wood has been in my blood for over 25 years.Wow how time flies.


Sean Jackson
I'm no profi, but I'm doing the best that I can. I have to admit, I'm getting better. A litle better all the time. I can't get no worse


Marko Johnson
Making, playing, teaching, performing and recording the didjeridoo for 4 years. PO box 9492 Salt Lake City, Utah 84109 USA 801 487 7110


Zak Larsen
Age:21 been playing for about 12 years now, though just for self meditation, not very seriousl


Chris Sommovigo



jake blend
... from norfolk, va USA. been playin since end of last year, always lookin for someone to play with.


Steve Harvey
Living in Alexandria, VA 25 years old


Dana Howe
Annandale Virginia If you would like to get together and play, send an e-mail.


Karl Kalbaugh
Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Session player (commercial releases and TV and film scoring work) & performer (see web page for credits and excerpts from my demo). School programs and demonstrations. Private parties, arts festivals, gallery openings. Didgeridoo imports. Aboriginal art and culture an intense interest. Sound designer and mixer for TV and film by day. or


Michael McIntyre
I've only been playing for a week, but I'm already in love with this instrument. I own many instruments that I can barely play, but none have spoken to me the way this thing did. Who'd have thought a hunk of bamboo could be so much fun?


Fritz Mahoney
I just made a Didg out of pvc pipe I tapered one end and flared the other with a torch it even has a twist in it. I could not belive the sound quality it produces, it sounds almost as good as the 400$ one that I played. Anyway I want to know if any one has a chart that explains the length in accordence with the desired note. Please e-mail me. And if you want to buy a good quality didg from me for cheap let me know and I make one for you custom...just send me a picture! Thanx.


Steven Majewski
Age 35, Professor at University of Virginia, Charlottesville


John Morfit
Living in Oakton, VA (near D.C.) I like to meet & play with other didj players - look me up, ok? We have semi-regular didj gatherings. Born 1957 (703) 620-0474.


Michael Munden
...age 34.I live in Chesapeake,VA.USA.I've been a professional musician for 16 years,didje player 5 years.I make and sell good student didjes,and am available for lessons or just jamming.


Pinnow, Mark H
...I just started playing this year and am anything but an expert, so that is why i'm seeking expert advice and instruction.


Daniel Scruggs
What a blessing it is to be able to play the didj, and tap into the universal conciousness that it can allow a person to experiance. Praises to the Most High. Peace


Craig Spaulding
Living in Harrisonburg in the Shennandoah Valley. Started playing the didj 2 /99 and am very much a learner at this stage. I would be interested in getting t ogether with others to listen & learn.



Zacciah Blackburn
I am a bamboo flute, sax, and Didgeridoo maker.
my Didj. page
home site


Debra S. Lukan
I've been playing the didjeridu for 3 years. I would like to hear from others nearby who also play the didjeridu, or who are interested in learning how to play.


Jeremy Osborn
Age, 25 living in Newfane,Vermont



Earlene Benefield
Born in'43 I live in Kirkland and bought a didj in Australia July'97. My cat leaves the room when I practice.


Scott Berard
Living in the Puget Sound area. Email if interested in hooking up.


Jack Beslanwitch
Purchased my didge when in Sydney, check out details about our Australia trip at web/australia.html - have made some headway on my own minus circular breathing, but would be interested in getting together with others and learning more.


Doug Bridges
Didjeridu player, maker and teacher since 1993. Doug now has didjeridus all over the Western World. David Hudson owns two of them in appreciation of their a esthetic and tonal qualities.


Bruce Bullock
Born in '62. I live in Kirkland, Washington.


John Burrows
Age 27 Living in: Olympia, Washington


Jamie Cunningham
Age, 41 living in Seattle, WA


Bill Dewey
Brought my first didge back from Australia in 1985, took me 15 years to find the right folks to put me on the right track, thanks Stuart Dempster and John Groves. I live a bit North of Seattle, Washington, in Mill Creek, and I am very interested in finding folks in the area who might be interested in getting together every now and then on a semi-regular basis to play and learn. I see a few names on the list that I recognize, hope to meet more of you. Drop me a line if you might be interested.


Noah Greenberg
Age, 22 native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada living in Seattle, Washington


Denver D. Greer
Living in Richland, Washington, (SE corner of State)


John Groves
John Groves Music Productions presents unique modern style instruments by John and top quality Australian Aboriginal made Eucalyptus Didgeridoos, Bull Roarers, Clapsticks, CD's, Videos and more. John is also available for instruction classes and one on one instruction. Available also for performance.


Paul Hileman
Hello All, I am finally realizing a childhood dream. I bought my first Didj two days ago and am having fun all though not much success so far. I love the site and it has been very helpful. I am currently deployed onboard the USS Carl VInson with 4 months to go. I want to be able to at least make this thing make a sound by the time I return so I can impress my kids!!. I look forwar do hearing from you and welcome any tips or help you can offer. Thanks....Spot


Martin Hudson
Age 47 Living in Olympia, WA


Gary F. Leatham
Greetings ... new to didgeridoos but learning fast. Made a recent observation ... A couple of weeks ago, I was playing a digeridoo for a couple of hours. I turned it over with a flash light to look into it for the features that might be causing it's special sounds. I felt warm moist air rising out like usual. For some reason, I had the idea to a blow a small puff of air back into the upturned bell end. It broke into a million little white cloud dots of water vapor and swirled around eerily ... was simply amazing!! Question: Is the dot art pattern on some Tribes's didgeridoos representing sand like some say ... or is it this 'water dot magic that I saw (it's happened many times to me now ... I'm a scientist ... this is a natural event.) I see swirls in the otherwise evenly dotted art they draw that look the same to me.


Scott Martin
Living in Seattle, Washington


Rich McCutchan
Living in Snohomish, Washington Age 31


Steve Perry
Living in N. Seattle Teaches workshops and privately


I live in Spokane Wa and teach beginning didge and make PVC ones that are painted, sealed, and waxed. I also do various types of experimental music with my didge, and teach didge meditation. Looking to meet like minded.


Marsha S. Reeves
I am a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, musician and teacher. I have been playing the Didjeridoo since 1998 and have spent time in the Northern Territories of Australia with Aboriginal people learning about their traditions, art and culture. I teach people of all ages how to make and play the Didjeridoo. I teach the music and traditions of many indigenous cultures in order to promote ancient wisdom and world peace.


Chris Ringo
Age 39 Living in Olympia, Washington


Chris Wilson
Age, 25 living in Seattle,Washington

Washington D.C.


Rik (not a misspelling) Kaplan
Living in Washington,DC

West Virginia



in Green Bay Wisconsin....i have an Australian didj but my skills can't keep up with my dreams.... Shaman dreaming seems do be going better than my didj. ;-) hope to hear from you.... bring your didj if ya come in the dream time so I know who ya are... `


Ed Brantmeier
Plays dig with passion, talent and whimsy. Some call him a snake charmer, while others know is as "Pan." His musical charisma is truly magical. I fell in love with him because of it.


Mike Vande Bunt
Age, 40 living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Jack Burris
27 years old, studying anthropology/ethnobotany at UW-Madison


Geoffrey Ehrendreich
I've been playing for about four years, and am a real addict. I have a really fun glass didj made by James Hall, as well as a pile of others. It's a little rough trying to find folks to play with up North, but I will survive! If you're ever around Ashland, WI look for me, I'm around!


Corey Helf
Been playing the didge for about 2 years, also native drums and electric bass. Interests include (not limited to): ethnic music of anywhere, techno, indi rock, jam bands. Would be into jamming with others w/ similar interests.


Ivy 14. ive been playing the didge since the beggining of summer.


Dr. Hal Kacanek
I do great presentations on Native American Flutes, Conch Shells, Shower hoses to Didjeridoos, for your school, library, camp or organization.


Michael Miljan
I play well


Anthony N De Rose
Playing didj for 2 months. Wisconson, USA


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