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Making Didjeridu
Carry Cases

Here are a few plans for making carrying cases for your didjeridu.

Michael Savastio suggests the following

I made a cheap, sturdy case out of good ol', reliable ol', honest ol' PVC. After measuring the minimum diameter my bowed didj would require, I got a 5-foot length of 4" schedule 40 PVC, a solid end cap, a threaded cleanout, a screw-on cap, and a guitar amp handle. Put them together like so:


 v-- Screw cap         /=====\  <-- Amp handle
|-/  | |                              Foam --> {| |    End
|-\  | |                            (inside)   {| | <- cap
      ^-- Cleanout

Fasten everything together with screws (or PVC cement to make it waterproof). To protect the paint on the didj, wrap it in tarp before inserting it into the pipe. The foam at the bottom keeps the didj from bottoming out. I also stuff a couple of square pieces of foam in the top after the didj is inserted to keep it from bouncing around inside the case.

The fun part about making one of these is when the guy at the hardware store asks if he can help you. "Yeah, I'm trying to make a case for a didjeridu..."

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