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A Listening

With Tom Bray

Have you ever wondered why your didj and your playing quality never match up with what you hear on tapes and cd's? Well, take heart, you and your didj may be closer to that recording than you think.

The didjeridu player has the least advantageous position for hearing what he or she sounds like, when playing the instrument. If you want to hear what you sound like to others who are listening, record your effort and play it back. But you must learn where to place the mike. With the help of one of your fans, compare your playing live, with a recording of a similar sound relative to the position of the mike. Your groupie should be able to say, "I think the live you and the recorded you sound the most similar when the mike is about three(?) feet away at this recording level".

Now, on to the big question, "Why is my overall performance, not withstanding technical level, short of what I hear on tapes and cd's?". Well, the quality of your overall sound will improve dramatically if you position the mike at the end of the didjeridu. You will be amazed. With the mike positioned right at the opening of the didj, the recording procedure, itself, will enhance any ones playing. See, you sound better than you thought.

Happy didjing,
Tom Bray


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