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Methods for Moulding
Beeswax Mouthpieces

Most players like to have a comfortable beeswax mouthpiece on their didj. In this section, I will describe two popular methods. Excuse the unpoetic license that I took in naming them, but I think that this is at least clear. The one thing that you will obviously need for both of these methods is beeswax ! See the note on where to get beeswax.
  1. The Melt and Dip Method

    This method requires the use of a double boiler. Those of you who cook will know the concept (Mmmmm chocolate !). The idea is to use two containers. One larger one, in which you will boil water, and a smaller one (which you don't mind ruining) which will contain the wax. A good idea for the small container is a cleaned out catfood can.
    Place a block of beeswax in the catfood can, and float/place this into the saucepan of boiling water. If all goes well, you'll end up with a catfood can filled with molted wax. You don't want to put the wax on direct high heat because it tends to blacken and burn.
    Once you have a can full of molten wax, you dip and remove the didj from the wax, each time building up the wax mouthpiece. I have heard that some people turn the didj slowly as they remove it, helping the building process.
    Another thing that I have seen is a deep initial dipping (a few centimeters) which helps to seal the inside of the mouth end of the didj which gets the most amount of moisture. This is supposed to help prevent cracking due to expansion and contraction resulting from repeated wetting and drying inherent in didj playing.


  2. The Softened Wax Moulding Method

    Similar to the way in which the melt-and-dip method returns you to the kitchen, this method will return you to your childhood (or ceramics class).
    Cut strips of beeswax from your wax block. These strips should be around half a centimeter in thickness. Warm these strips by rubbing them in your hands, in hot water, using a hairdrier, near a lamp etc. Once the wax is soft and easily workable, roll the wax in your hands to make a snake (childhood returns). Make sure the snake is the same thickness all along. Keep rolling the snake until the length is the same as the circumference of the pipe to which you will add it. Join the ends to make a circle, and then work this wax ring on to the didj mouthpiece. As the wax is soft and malleable, it should be easy to make a comfortable fit. As the wax cools, it will of course harden.

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