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Other Techniques for

Making Mouthpieces

Dentist Moulding Medium

Guy Brown has this to say:
"A mouthpiece building technique I was told about, but have not tried, is to use dentist's moulding medium (they use this for taking impressions of teeth). Evidently this is expensive, but can be moulded to fit the shape of your mouth and then sets very hard and is very durable. I understand that Graham Wiggins (alias Dr. Didg) uses this technique."

Graham Wiggins (Dr. Didg) actually says:

I have indeed found that dental putty is an excellent material for mouthpieces. The stuff I use is called Polysiloxane Registration Material and must be purchased through a dentist or dental supply house. It comes in two tubs and when you mix it together it sets to become like rubber. It is better than beeswax because it doesn't stick to your face, give you pimples or change shape as it gets warm, and it is nicer to your face than going "bareback" with just the wood. However it is expensive (about 100 dollars for two tubs, enough to make 10 or 20 mouthpieces) and it is a bit hard to use. It is designed to set very quickly (30 seconds for one kind, 2 minutes for another type) which doesn't give you much time to shape it. One secret I worked out is that if you keep the stuff in the refridgerator and run cold water over your hands before making a mouthpiece it buys you some extra time.

Wolf Klauschie adds:

It should be noted that there are many different brands and types of vinyl polysiloxane impression material, with different properties. To start with, be sure to get putty, not regular body or light body, as they are far too runny to use for mouthpieces. Coltene's Lab Putty is far less expensive than the actual impression putties, but is not intended for use in the mouth; it's probably okay but I wouldn't guarantee it. Otherwise, I would suggest going with the least expensive putty you can find, as the main differences between brands are accuracy and fineness of detail. Note that I haven't actually tried making a mouthpiece this way (I'm happy with wax), but I'm a dental technician and have dealt extensively with the stuff in its normal use.

Injection molded mouthpieces for 1.5 inch ABS pipe

Scott Baker (; ):
had a die made for injection molding ABS plastic mouthpieces which fit 1.5 inch ABS pipe. Anyone interested in purchasing these parts can contact him.

Screw fittings for PVC didj's

Gary Fenstermacher ( comments:
"What I found to be simple and easy to make was to just use a screw fitting for my PVC didj. Just bring the end down to 1.5", then get the piece that goes from 1.5" to 1.25" with a thredded end. That 1.25" works just fine for me. No work involved, its cheap, and available right there with the PVC. I suppose using beeswax or whatever will be better in the long run, but if you're just starting this is just as good."

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