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Finishing the Stalk

Once the glue/resin has dried 24 hours it's time to start making it pretty. Some of the roughest stuff can be strip off with a nice sharp utility knife/razor. Then just sand all the ugly stuff off until you get to the nice wood underneath. I usually start off with some real rough paper like 50 or 60 grit and work my way up to about 180 grit. Some sort of power sander is almost a must here. It takes quite a bit of sanding to get all the bad stuff off and it's very messy. I would reccommend some sort of mask over your mouth and nose. Once sanded, notice I am now aloud to bring it in my house, picture above right.

The only thing left now is paint, which is of course optional. I use acrylics that I get from my local hobby store. They come in little bottles about 3 inches high and have quite an assortment of colors. After the paint job I seal the whole exterior with that same epoxy resin used to seal the inside.


Construction of an Agave Didjeridu
Choosing a stalk

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