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NOTE: All the track samples and pictures are copyrighted and remain the property of the relevant publishers. These are provided to give you an idea of what the recording is like, not to keep as a record. You are encouraged to support the publishers if any of the recordings appeal to you.

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Didjeridu Discography Home Page

(unknown) (Lost Music Of Celtarabia, The)

ABoneCroneDrone (Chandra, Sheila)
Aboriginal Bluegrass (Corter, David & Byron Estep)
Aboriginal Etudes (Collaboration)
Aboriginal Sound Instruments (Compilation)
Aborigines of Papua New Guinea - Music From the Sepik Province (Compilation)
Aborigines Songs of Northern Australia (Compilation)
Acid Didj, The (Acid Didj, The)
Add It Up (1981-1993) (Violent Femmes)
Afro-Eurasian Eclipse, The (Ellington, Duke)
Air, Moving, Flowing (Air Ensemble)
Alien Dreamtime (Space Time Continuum)
All Is One (Yulara)
Ambient Amazon (Compilation)
American Holocaust (Jessup, George)
Analogue Bubblebath 2 (Aphex Twins)
Ancestral Healing (Mohammed, Pops)
Ancestral Rain (Whittemore, Tim)
Ancient Runes (Martin and Scott)
Andhannaggi: Walker River Clan Songs (Compilation)
Anthology of Chant (Compilation)
Arnhem Land - Authentic Aboriginal Songs & Dances (Compilation)
Arnhem Land popular classics: aboriginal dance songs with didjeridu accompaniment (Compilation)
Art of the Didgeridoo (Bartos, Alexandre)
Art of the Didjeridu (Compilation)
Art of the didjeridu, The (Compilation)
Artifacts (Roach, Steve)
Astarius (Astarius)
Australia (Cusco)
Australia - Beyond the Dreamtime (Clark, David Anthony)
Australia - Songs of the Aborigines and Music of Papua, New Guinea (Compilation)
Australia Aboriginal Music (Compilation)
Australia: Sounds of the Earth (Collaboration)
Australia: Twilight of the Dreamtime (Oldfield, Terry)
Australian Made, Australian Played (Atherton, Michael)
Australian Sikh Rhythm and Soul (Dya Singh)
Australian Voyage (Sirocco)
Authentic Aboriginal Music - Music from the Wandjina People (Compilation)

Bagpipes on the Beach (Kangaroo Moon)
Baka (Outback)
Balaklava (Wünjo)
Balanda Dancing (Black, Alastair)
Bamamaralug (Hudson, David)
Bamyili Corroboree (Compilation)
Bark (Bark)
Beeswax Kiss:Volume One (Brown, Guy)
Beginner's Heart (Drury, Ed)
Belongil (Kangaroo Moon)
Best of Both Worlds, The (Compilation)
Big Land (Gondwanaland)
Big Name, No Blankets (Warumpi Band)
Bilya (Walley, Richard)
Birds in the Jungle of Time (Big Tribal Heart)
Birrkuta - Wild Honey (Yothu Yindi)
Bitama (Babamadu)
Blekbala Mujik (Blekbala Mujik)
Bloodlines (Carmody, Kev)
Bloodwood - the art of the didjeridu (Dargin, Alan)
Boab Didjeridu (Thornber, Ianto)
Bongolinbongolin (Collaboration)
Boolong (Walley, Richard)
Brainscapes (Brainscapes)
Breakfast at Kakadu (Compilation)
Breath of Time, The (Sirocco)
Breathe (Soulfood)
Bunggridj-bunggridj: Wangga Songs (Maralung, Alan)
Bushfire - Traditional Aboriginal Music (Compilation)
BushGiants (Thornber, Ianto)

Carda (Walley, Richard)
Carnivale - Live on Tour (Compilation)
Caveman Hughscore (Caveman Shoestore)
Celtic Dreaming, A (Robson, Mark)
Centre of Indiginy, The (Indiginy)
Ceremony (Lauter, Daniel & Suru Ekeh)
Chant of the Eucalyptus (Cragg, Stephen)
Chants de l'oree de la foret - Polyphonies des Pygmees Efe (Collaboration)
Cheza (Cheza)
Citizen of the World (Didjworks)
City Circles (Atkins, Mark)
Claim (Not Drowning, Waving)
Clarion - A Call To Awaken (Smith, Allen)
Classics (Aphex Twins)
Closer to Faraway (Spotted Eagle, Douglas)
Cloudhands (Rogers, Bruce)
Club Culture: The Big Mix Showdown (Sure Is Pure)
Club meets Dub (Compilation)
Cobra Smoke Dance (Stirling, Michael)
Collective Journeys (Tribal Drift)
Come 'N Dance (Blekbala Mujik)
Covenant, The (Brill, Wally)
Creative Innovative (Compilation)
Creative Plant Celebration (Metamorph Ensemble, The)
cross+hatch didjeridu+percussion (Collaboration)
Crossing Paths (Collaboration)
Crow Fire Music (Waak Waak Jungi)
Currents (Circular Breathing)
Cusco 2002 (Cusco)

Dance of Life (Gardner, Scot)
Dance of the Straw Man (Moore, Jim & Adriane Lydon)
Dance the Devil Away (Outback)
Dancing In The Trance (Endangered Species)
Dawn Until Dusk - Tribal Songs and Didgeridoo (Plack, Adam & Johnny (White Ant) Soames)
Deadhart (Deadhart)
Deep Listening (Oliveros, Pauline)
Deeper (D.I.G.)
Desert Nights (Cannell, Gary)
Desert Storm (Lewis and Young Ensemble)
Devon (Dr. Didg)
Dewar's Bagpipe Festival: Live at the Knitting Factory (Compilation)
Didg It Yourself (Cyrung)
Didge Goes World (Delago, Hermann)
Didgeralia (Hudson, David)
Didgeridoo (Plack, Adam & Johnny (White Ant) Soames)
Didgeridoo (a.k.a Rainbow Heartbeat) (Peris, Phillip)
Didgeridoo - Ancient Sound of the Future (Thomas, Gary)
Didgeridoo - Earth Tones (Black, Alastair)
Didgeridoo - How to Play (Black, Alastair)
Didgeridoo - Music for Meditation (Barramundi)
Didgeridoo and Guitar (Outback)
Didgeridoo Concerto (Atkins, Mark)
Didgeridoo Daze (Robson, Steven)
Didgeridoo Dreaming (Black, Alastair)
Didgeridoo Interlude (Black, Alastair)
Didgeridoo Magic (Cannell, Gary)
Didgeridoo Mania (Corter, David)
Didgeridoo Spirit (Hudson, David)
Didgeridoo Tracks (Langford, Andrew)
Didgeridoo USA (Spoecker, Peter)
Didgeridoo: Haunting Harmonies (Black, Alastair)
Didgeridoos - Sounds of the Aborigine (Compilation)
Didgeridoos - Sounds of the Aborigine Ourimbah (Compilation)
Didjeri Dudes (Didjeri Dudes)
Didjeridoo - The Australian Aboriginal Music (Compilation)
Didjeridoo in the American Outback (Blonski, David)
Didjeridoo Meditations (Inlakesh)
Didjeridu (Colour People)
Didjeridu and Overtone Chanting (Grue, Lars & Bernt Balchen)
Didjeridu Planet (Compilation)
Didjeridu Planet II (Compilation)
Didjeridu Storm (Stockdale, David)
Didjeridu, Alphorn & Co. (Compilation)
Didjeridu, The - Dharpa: Songs From the Dreamtime (Seachnasaigh, Will)
Didjeridu: For The Shamanic Journey (Compilation)
Didjiridoos and Don'ts (Niblock, Phill)
Didjmensions (Molder, Sven)
Digging Bone, The (Brother)
Dinner is Ruined (Dinner)
Discovery (Cragg, Stephen)
Divining Rod (Corter, David)
Djambidj - An Aboriginal Song Series From Northern Australia (Collaboration)
Djurilli - Songs of Marangu (Compilation)
Dots on the Shell (Yothu Yindi)
Double Spiral (Farrenden, Shaun)
Down By Law (Deadline)
Dream Awake (Astarius)
Dream Circle, The (Roach, Steve)
Dream Matrix Telemetry (Zuvuya)
Dreaming Gate, The (Inlakesh)
Dreaming, The (Aston, Shaun)
Dreaming, The (Bush, Kate)
Dreamings: Aboriginal Healing Didjeridu (Seachnasaigh, Will)
Dreams of the Breath Live Oregon County Fair '97 (Compilation)
Dreamtime Legends of the Australian Aborigines (Compilation)
Dreamtime Return (Roach, Steve)
Dreamtime Stories of My People (Maza, Bob)
Drifting (Tribal Drift)
Drum Spirit (McGrath, Jim)
Drums Are Dangerous (Drum Club)
Dubnology (Compilation)
Dubs (Tribal Drift)
Dusk Dreaming (Burton, Nathan & Simon)

Eagle (Nolan, Mark)
Earth Dreaming Dance (Wasinger, Tom & Harvey, Jim)
Earth Heart (Hansen, Vicki)
Earth Island (Suspended Memories)
Earth Songs (Farrenden, Shaun)
Earth Tones (Black, Alastair)
Earth: Voices of a Planet (Winter, Paul)
Echoes - Living Room Concerts, Volume 2, The (Compilation)
Echoes From the Dreamtime - A Workshop in Didjeridu with Brian Pertl (Pertl, Brian)
Echoes in the Dust (Langford, Andrew & Ted Egan)
Echoing Delight (Obmana, Vidna)
El Costumbre (Reyes, Jorge)
Emergency on Planet Earth (Jamiroquai)
Equal Distance (Obmana, Vidna)
Escape (Mars Lasar)
Eulogy (for a Black person) (Carmody, Kev)
Event Horizon - psi, The (Compilation)
Event Horizon - tau, The (Compilation)
Event Horizon - Theta, The (Compilation)
Event Horizon, The (Compilation)
Everything Is Now (Drum Club)

Family Tree (Kent, Stephen)
Feet In The Soil (Asher, James)
Feldaufnahmen/Gesang und Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Music Volume 1 (Compilation)
Feldaufnahmen/Gesang und Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Music Volume 2 (Compilation)
Feldaufnahmen/Gesang und Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Music Volume 3 (Compilation)
Feldaufnahmen/Gesang und Didgeridoo - Aboriginal Music Volume 4 (Compilation)
Feldaufnahmen/gitarrenbegleitete Aboriginal-Musik - Aboriginal Music Volume 5 (Compilation)
Fish Nite Moon (Wheater, Tim)
Flying Snake Brain (Stirling, Michael)
Folklore (Forrest Fang)
Follow the Track (Gudja Judja)
Forgotten Gods (Suspended Memories)
Free Radicals (Collaboration)
Freedom (Yothu Yindi)
From Here to Tranquility (Compilation)
From My Eyes (No Fixed Address)
From the Bush (Compilation)
Full Moon (Four Elements, The)
Fusebox (Compilation)

Gaia's Dream (Thomas, Gary)
Gapu (Yothu Yindi)
Garage (live), The (Kangaroo Moon)
Gathered on the Edge (Beasts of Paradise)
Gig-Na-Gig (Global)
Ginnungagap (Urd)
Global House (Øystein Sevåg)
Global Meditation (Compilation)
Global Sweat Box (Compilation)
Globalarium (Asher, James)
Glowing in the Dark (Amber Tide)
Go Bush! (Warumpi Band)
Go-Go and Gumbo, Satchmo 'N' Soul (A la Carte Brass & Percussion)
Gondwanaland (Gondwanaland)
Grabbing Nandi By The Horn (Zuvuya)
Grand Central Live (Didjworks)
Guardians of the Reef (Hudson, David)
Gudju Gudju (Hudson, David)
Gunyal (Hudson, David)

Habagoola (Big Blow and the Bushwackers)
Halcyon Days (Collaboration)
Handprints III - Animal Dreaming (Goode, David & Paul Morin)
Harvest Storm (Altan)
Head Light (Trance Mission)
Healing, The (Drury, Ed)
Heart Land (Wheater, Tim)
Heart of Australia (Hudson, David)
Heaven in the Koo (Okano, Hiroki)
Hippjokk (Hedningarna)
Homeland Movement (Yothu Yindi)
Horizons Call (Carty, Robert)
How to Play a Didjeridoo (Inlakesh)

Images and Illusions (Carmody, Kev)
In a Garden of Eden (Heavenly Music Corporation)
In Aboriginal (Compilation)
In Search of Sanity (Grassow, Mathias)
In the Great Abbey of Clement VI (Dempster, Stuart)
Indigenous (MacLean, Dougie)
Initiation (Thornton, Phil)
Initiation (Cragg, Stephen & Phil Thornton)
Inmajuju - Dance Music (Coloured Stone)
Inside Out (Spirit People)
Into the Mystic (Perry, Foster)
Into the Soul (Didginus)

Journey to the Etheric Grid (Tys, Bill)

Kakadu (O'Connor, Tony & Marshall Whyler)
Karuna (Khechog, Nawang)
Kattajaq Story by Sir Jeremy Augustus Hutley Of Garnith Hall, The (Lekebusch, Cari)
Keep Them Warm (Kangaroo Moon)
Kiva (Collaboration)
Knowoneness (Electric Skychurch)
Komungo 'Round the World (Kim, Jin Hi)
Kookaburras Dream (Fassbender, Peter)
Kooriwadjula (Kooriwadjula)
Kooyar (Walley, Richard)
Koroshi No Blues (Makigauri, Kohichi)
Kuranda (Hudson, David)

Land of the Blind (Blind, The)
Landing (Kent, Stephen)
Learn to Play the Didjeridu (Drury, Ed)
Leela (Okano, Hiroki)
Les Aborigenes - Chants et danses de l'Australie du Nord (Compilation)
Let The Dog Out (Gondwanaland)
Levellers (Levellers)
Lightning and Thunder (Peris, Phillip)
Lightning Man (Lee, Riley & Matthew Doyle & Michael Atherton)
Like the Dust (Haunted By Waters)
Like This (Tribal Drift)
Liquid Space (Bloom, Jeffrey Jones)
Live (Kangaroo Moon)
Live at the Roxy Praha (Tribal Drift)
Live in Iceland (Drum Club)
Living Light (Drury, Ed)
Living Structures (Circular Breathing)
Long Black Veil, The (Chieftains)
Lost Pieces, The (Roach, Steve)
Love's Secret Domain (Coil)
Luna (Roth, Gabriel & Mirrors)
Lyrebird (Doyle, Matthew)

Magenta Moon (Robson, Mark)
Magnificent Void (Roach, Steve)
Maningrida Music (Collaboration)
Mark Atkins Plays Didgeridoo (Atkins, Mark)
Matilda and the Dreamtime (Taylor, Paul)
Meanwhile (Trance Mission)
Medicine Man (Saleh, Terry)
Meeting Pool, The (Baka Beyond)
Meridians of Time, The (Diggdoctors)
Midnait Mujik (Blekbala Mujik)
Midsummer Moon (Petteway, Al)
Modern Trombone, The (Dempster, Stuart)
Money or the Gun - Stairways to Heaven, The (Compilation)
Morning Star, The (Goyulan)
Mortal City (Williams, Dar)
Musaics (Mappa Mundi)
Music & Dreamtime Stories of My People (Maza, Bob)
Music from Arnhem Land and Christmas Hills (Compilation)
Music from Ramingining (David Gulpilil Dance Group)
Music of My People (Maza, Bob)
Music to Disappear In (Raphael)
Musique Pour Didjeridu (Chartier, Pierre)
Mystic Travels (Summer, Daniel)
Myths of the Rock (White, Clifford)

Naked Didge (Dr. Didge (Peter O'Brien))
Nessun Dorma (Hudson, David)
New Beginning (Chapman, Tracy)
New Moves (Compilation)
New York Dreaming (Didjworks)
Niereka (Reyes, Jorge)
Night Garden Music (Collaboration)
Ninji Ninji - Didjeridoo by Zotora (Zotora)
Nitmiluk (Blekbala Mujik)
No World (Trio) Improvisations (No World Improvisations)
No-one's Slave & The Thousand Richest People (Kangaroo Moon)
Nobody Knew the Time (Beasts of Paradise)
Nomad (Nomad)

Ocho Elephantes (Kent, Stephen)
Ochres-The Music (Page, David)
Odem (Naturton)
On the Outskirts (Indijjinus)
On This Planet (Roach, Steve)
On Wings of Eagles (Blonski, David)
One Eye (Land of the Blind)
One Eye (Blind, The)
One Fine Mama (Native Ground)
Origins (Roach, Steve)
Our Home, Our Land (Compilation)
Out of Chaos - Into the Whirlwind (Land of the Blind)
Out of the Woods (Dr. Didg)
Outside (Tek, Deniz)

Pacific Sound (Offord, Colin)
Pillars of Society (Carmody, Kev)
Pipedreams (Spillane, Davy)
Planet Flute (Guzman, Viviana)
Play and Enjoy the Didjeridu of the Australian Aborigine (Kaye, Peter)
Port of Call (Sirocco)
Primal Pulse (Giri, Ganga)
Priority Shift... a bridge in time (Tribal Drift)
Proud to be Aborigine (Tjapukai Dancers)
Pump (Aerosmith)

Quango World Groove (Compilation)
Quantum Dreaming (Inlakesh)
Quiet Mind (Khechog, Nawang)

Rainbow Serpent - music for didgeridoo & percussion (Hudson, David)
Rainbow… over the Gypsy Hill (Okano, Hiroki)
Ransom, The (MacCrimmon's Revenge)
Rasmi (So Kalmery)
Ravens in Moonlight (Shoemaker, Lee Ellen)
Ready Made Boomerang, The (Deep Listening Band)
Red Frog Dreaming (Crose, Ron)
Red Sails in the Sunset (Midnight Oil)
Red Sands Dreaming - A Global Cultural Collective (Compilation)
Replugged (Compilation)
Return of the Space Cowboy, The (Jamiroquai)
Return to the Source - Deep Trance and Ritual Beats (Compilation)
Return to the Source - Sacred Sites (Compilation)
Returns (Acid Didj, The)
Rhythm Hunter: ô Coyote Eyesö (Lewis, Brent)
Rhythms from Outer Core (Ankala)
Rimijmara (Compilation)
Ring of Fire (Mirkaba)
Ritual (Roth, Gabriel & Mirrors)
Ritual Eternal (Def FX)
Ritual Ground (Solitaire)
Rosie's Freedom (Hudson, David)

Sacred Blueprint (Lauter, Daniel)
Sacred Memories of the Future (Cybertribe)
Sanctus (Nagorcka, Ron)
Search, The (MacLean, Dougie)
Second Pirate Session (Nurse With Wound)
Secret World (Ancient Voice, The)
Seeding the Clouds (Janusphere)
Serotonality (Dr. Didg)
Serpentine (Mazurek, Amey)
Sextett for Didgeridoo and Wind Quintett (Dreyfus, George)
Shadows on Stone (Molloy, Matt)
Shaman I Am (Zuvuya)
Shaman's Breath (Professor Trance and the Energizers)
Shamania (Zuvuya)
Shamanic Tribes on Acid (Shamanic Tribes on Acid)
Shock Corridor (Shea, David)
Simple Harmonic Motion (Spirit People)
Singing Stones (Stearns, Michael)
Sirens (Newby, Kenneth)
Solitude Is The Future (Compilation)
Solstice Gathering at Boulder Theatre '97, Tape 1 (Compilation)
Solstice Gathering at Boulder Theatre '97, Tape 2 (Compilation)
Soma (Roach, Steve)
Somewhere (Lights in a Fat City)
Songs From Aboriginal Australia (Compilation)
Songs From North Queensland (Compilation)
Songs from the Burnt Earth (Kent, Stephen)
Songs from the Northern Territories 1 (Compilation)
Songs from the Northern Territories 2 (Compilation)
Songs from the Northern Territories 3 (Compilation)
Songs from the Northern Territories 4 (Compilation)
Songs from the Northern Territories 5 (Compilation)
Songs From the South - Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits (Kelly, Paul)
Songs of Aboriginal Australia (Compilation)
Songs of Mornington Island (Budal Lardil)
Songs of the Aborigines and Music of Papua, New Guinea (Compilation)
Songs of the Kimberleys (Compilation)
Sound Column (Lights in a Fat City)
Sounds of Breath (Shozo)
Sounds of Gondwana - 176,000 years in the making, The (Compilation)
Soundworks 2: solo and duo works for didjeridu, cello, whirlies and voices (Hopkins, Sarah)
Sources of Power (Rose, Iain Sika)
Spirit in the Sky (Hudson, David)
Spirit Mother (McLeod, Bobby)
Spirit of Place (Didge, Johnny)
Spirit Talk (Coolangubra)
Spiritual Bonding, The (Obmana, Vidna)
Stand (Diop, Bu-Baca)
Standing Waves (Dempster, Stuart)
Sticks and Stones (Transmigration)
Stompem Ground (Compilation)
Stories from Eden's Garden (Cope, Kenneth)
Street Suite (Sacksteder, Karl)
Submerged (Liquid Didj)
Survival 2000 (Compilation)
Synaesthetic (A Positive Life)

Take Time to Dream (Robson, Mark)
Taking Liberties (Compilation)
Tangents (Tribal Drift)
Tantric Steps (Technova)
Termite Grooves (Giri, Ganga)
Terra Incognita (Gondwanaland)
The Best of Cusco (Cusco)
Thousand Year Dreaming (Lockwood, Annea)
Three Sisters (Offord, Colin)
Thunder Down Under (Lewis, Brent & Peter Wood)
Thunder Down Under (Lewis, Brent)
Tjilatjila (McMahon, Charlie)
Too Much Humbug (Warumpi Band)
Track to Bumbliwa (Wasinger, Tom & Harvey, Jim)
Traditional Aboriginal Music - Sounds From the Bush (Compilation)
Traditional Music Of Indigenous People (Compilation)
Traditional Music of Torres Strait (Compilation)
Trance (Roth, Gabriel & Mirrors)
Trance Mission (Trance Mission)
Travellers Dream - Busking with the Didgeridoo (Mayer, Alex)
Travelling (Gondwana)
Travelling Without Moving (Jamiroquai)
Tribal Alchemy (Scully, Nicki)
Tribal Journey (Nu Q & Joe Geia)
Tribal Music of Australia (Compilation)
Tribal Voice (Yothu Yindi)
Tutorial (Spoecker, Peter)
Twilight Earth - Second International Soiree (Compilation)
Two Stories in One (Reconciliation)

Uluru (O'Connor, Tony)
Undara Dawn (Hudson, David)
Under the Earth Tones: Ambient Didgeridoo Meditations (Didjeri Dudes)
Underground Overlays From The Cistern Chapel (Dempster, Stuart)
Uptown/Downtown (Tyner, McCoy)

Various Waves (Adams, Paul)
Vibrational Healing Ascension Current (Astarius)
View From the Plain, A (Adams, Paul)
Voice of the Earth (Jones, Gwen)
Voices of the Dreamtime (Lewallen, Ross)

Waitch (Walley, Richard)
Walkabout Koorunba (Walsh, Patrick)
Walkabout the World (Sirocco)
Wangetti (Hudson, David)
Warrier Magician (Mirabal, Robert)
Waves (Roth, Gabriel & Mirrors)
What Didjuridoo (Big Blow and the Bushwackers)
Where I Stand (Gaudious, Dominic)
Where the Road Meets the Sky (Didjeri Drive)
Where Wild Salmon Run (Native Ground)
Whitewash (MacLean, Dougie)
Who's Got the Keys? (Kangaroo Moon)
Whole Earth Didgeridoo (Spoecker, Peter)
Why Do Birds Sing? (Violent Femmes)
Wide Skies (Gondwanaland Project)
Wild Honey Dreaming (Lee, Riley & Matthew Doyle)
Wildlife (Gondwanaland)
Willywoman (Rose, Iain Sika)
Wind in the Grass (Benton, Romy)
Winds of Warning (Plack, Adam & Johnny (White Ant) Soames)
Windshift (Atherton, Michael)
Wiracocha (Rose, Iain Sika)
Wonder Dancing on Global Bop (Adams, Paul)
Woolunda / Ten Solos for Didjeridoo (Hudson, David)
World's Edge (Roach, Steve)
Wurrurrumi (Collaboration)

Yarramunua Red (Dryden, Stan)
Yidaki (Farrenden, Shaun)
Yidaki (Compilation)
Yidaki - a didgeridoo compilation (Compilation)
Yidaki 2 - a didgeridoo compilation (Compilation)
Yigi Yigi (Hudson, David)
Yoowintj (Walley, Richard)
Young Lutheran`s guide to the Symphony Orchestra, A (Keillor, Garrison)
Young Person's Guide to Phill Niblock, A (Niblock, Phill)


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